School fashion clothes: beautiful, elegant, practical

School is the source of all kinds of trouble and costs for caring parents. But in addition to books and stationery, each student need school clothes! The website wants to offer ideas school of fashion clothes for those parents who understand that dressing the child in lessons, they are not just choose something durable and for the weather, and instilling in him the ability to make good and appropriate to look to develop his sense of style, fashion and beauty.

Clothing for school dress code: fashionable ideas!

Dress code encouraged (and sometimes strictly required!) in most schools, is placed around bored, but still a valid formula: light top, dark bottom. In particularly severe conditions (for example, on a solemn ruler) – white top, black bottom.

The classic solution to this problem for girls:

  • Top – a blouse or shirt. To play not on the color and cut – nice ruffles on the blouse front or at the cuffs, lace fragments, etc. For special lines it is better to have the blouse is of good thin fabrics – chiffon, silk, and for everyday wear use shirts or blouses of cotton. Synthetic for a long school day is not good – it is cooler in cold weather and hotter in the warm, it accumulates static electricity and “not breathing.” Except white color, please note the pastel range – the high schooler of any age should have a range of beige, pale pink, pale blue, etc. blouses that can be worn all skirts, shirts and jackets. Traditional prints – a thin strip-“ribbed”, Flirty polka dots, perhaps a small flower.
  • Bottom – skirt or classic trousers with an arrow. With pants more or less clear. But in skirt closet it is desirable to include at least three things: a pleated skirt to mid-knee or slightly above, straight skirt +/- 15 cm from knee and skirt from some fancy fabric type velvet or taffeta for an extraordinary school events.
  • Additions – jacket (better to have two dark and light), or knitted vest knitted vest, tie. Also should have a few solid turtlenecks, pullovers and sweaters – they are perfectly combined with strict school clothes, fashionable now.

Very good (for both boys and girls of any) to have in a school closet classic pant three-piece suit: it can be worn as a whole, and you can use its components to create other images – changing shirts, sweaters, jumpers etc.

Fashionable school clothes will not be called, but the suit can handle any situation – and on Christmas night, and on a critical exam.

The boys have to think about two or three pairs of pants: casual, dark and light, and festive – perhaps a more “adult” style – wider at the casual, slouchy shoes, arrow of good fabric. Trousers need a couple of coats may not be set (the suit), but compatibility should be! Universal version – black and white jacket. Both can be worn with any color pants!

Also get boy pullover for winter (of its gate should be visible shirt collar), sweater vest (warm and strict!), a few turtlenecks.

In principle, this basis is not the latest trend school clothes, but it is always relevant, as it is repelled from the adult business style.

Lax options the school of fashion clothes

But childhood is childhood and all 9 school months in suits not getting through. How to diversify school wear fashion ideas?

In principle, a single “business” part in the image below of the free walking he became a school – for example, jacket or jacket (it can be worn with jeans and a knitted dress, with a coloured skirt).

Similarly, classic pants and boys and girls combined with sweaters, longsleeve, turtlenecks, and in the warm time of the year – and-a-tops, t-shirts…

How to spice up a school uniform?

But all the above ideas can be implemented, to think out and diversify, only if your school has not entered school uniform! What kind of school clothes can be when all the kids go in prescribed suits and for free experimentation with style is possible to obtain a note in the diary?!

One way out is to have your child wasn’t quite so “valuewise one-egg” with classmates, creative imagination is directed to accessories and details.

Well, if you can change the shirt under a suit or dress, apron.

The website will help you to choose the color of the shirts or blouses under a standard uniform colors:

  • Blue – pale blue, pale pink, beige, pale lilac.
  • Bordeaux wine-red – pale yellow, light grey, beige, maybe pink is the right shade.
  • To green – grey, beige, pale green, muted yellow, mustard, orange.
  • To purple – pale pink, lilac, beige, light orange.
  • To brown, grey and black will suit any color.

Details that can be changed – hair clips, wraps and headbands: they can pick up on tone shirt, suit, or one of the colors present in the formed print (in the case of, for example, cell-Scotswoman, where the strips consist of several colors). Acceptable “prank” — colored tights. The older girls can experiment with jewelry – brooches-pins, a watch, bracelets, etc.

Boys and girls should adopt different ties and belts in style!

And, thinking about school clothes, don’t forget about the shoes: in addition to classic shoes-“Oxford” school uniforms may suit moccasins or loafers, and girls should have at least a pair of ballet shoes and “shoes” with low heels.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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