Sea buckthorn oil for face: cleanser for acne and wrinkles

To use sea buckthorn oil for face is a real trend in home cosmetology. The tool is considered to be highly effective in combating age-related skin changes. Is this true? What are the properties? What are the benefits and could cause harm? Features of application of sea buckthorn oil in products.

Valuable oil product is obtained and fruits of the plant sea buckthorn. Harvesting is carried out in limited areas, in places of organized tree-planting. At maturity collect all the fruits indiscriminately, although most valuable from a medical point of view, the small berries of bright orange. Places workpieces are protected, arbitrary fee on such sites is considered poaching.

The composition and properties of sea buckthorn oil

The high value of sea buckthorn oil gives it. The plant belongs to a small group of medicinal crops that are rich in fat – soluble and vitamin-like compounds. This suggests that all the vitamins contained in the fruits, and hence in oil, presented in an easily accessible for the human body form.

The oil is obtained by extracting fruit, combining medicinal plants with the sunflower oil. The fruit is crushed, mixing the pulp of flesh and bones, the result is a combined oil agent with a high content of palmitic, linoleic and linoleic acids.

The most interest is vitamin composition of the fruit. According to some researchers, sea-buckthorn berries contains the maximum amount of vitamins and other important components, compared to other medicinal crops grown in Russia. So a specialist of the research Institute of medicinal and aromatic plants S. A. Vechkanova noted that the fruit oil of sea buckthorn contains the highest concentration of carotenes, carotenoids, Tocopherols, chlorophyll and organic acids.

  • Vitamin E. Among the vitamins is a leader tocopherol. The amount of it in its pure oil extract up to two hundred and forty-seven milligrams per one hundred grams of raw materials.
  • Vitamin K. the amount of vitamin K in the fruit ahead of black currants and rose hips.
  • Vitamin C In the product is several times higher than any other plant. In the raw material collected in Central Asia and the Kaliningrad region, contains three hundred to one thousand milligrams of vitamin C per hundred grams of product.

Also in the product represented by phenolic compounds, particularly flavonoids, is necessary to maintain the vascular tone and of the skin. There are vitamins and serotonin is an alkaloid with high radioprotective activity, inhibiting the growth of pathological tissues.

Application of sea buckthorn oil in traditional medicine provides for internal and external use. Inside it is used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Topically indications for use are burns, cuts and other skin injuries. The tool has a high regenerative activity restores the epidermis, effectively heals wounds and fights inflammation.

Contraindications for the external use composition does not exist. Medicinal properties repeatedly tested during the tests, including the burn center of Institute of surgery. A. Vishnevsky. The composition used for faster recovery of the skin after burns, demonstrating high efficiency and healing of burn surfaces to twenty percent of the skin of the body within fourteen days.

Antioxidant activity

Buzzword “antioxidants” appeared in our everyday life only recently. It unites substances, including food products and cosmetic means, capable to fight free radicals. The latter isn’t “terrible beasts”, and the result of the natural process of oxidation, which is in our body on a daily basis.

But the intensity of this process is different. At a high enough level of our own antioxidant system, the main body which is the skin number of free radicals is small, and there are no consequences not causes. But when on the skin are aggressive factors such as ultraviolet light in the summer on the beach, our antioxidant barrier can no longer cope with the load. Free radicals are becoming a lot, they disrupt the normal functioning of cells, cause aging of tissues and provoke pathological processes.

According to scientists, antioxidants must be used to reduce damage from free radicals. This will prolong the youthfulness of the skin, support the body and reduce the risk of cancer. Science has proposed several synthetic substances with antioxidant activity, but many of them were unstable, and by entering into reaction with other substances in the body, has lost its properties.

Antioxidant action is one of the useful properties of sea buckthorn oil. But its main value is that components in the body remain in stable form. This happens because initially, the product stable main antioxidant components: bioflavonoids and carotenoids, vitamins C and E.

Stable natural complex does not allow the elements to collapse in a period of metabolism in cells. Therefore, the face mask with sea buckthorn oil in home conditions are a powerful means of antioxidant protection of the skin.

Application in cosmetology

The composition of the fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidative substances, which is rich in sea buckthorn oil, makes it a valuable tool for cosmetic application. It include care, anti-aging mask, daily skincare for different skin types.

  • The prevention of aging. Recommended for aging skin, as a source of vitamins in an easily accessible form, the active ingredient for softening of the epidermis. For reviews, sea buckthorn oil for face wrinkles effectively smoothes fine, surface wrinkles, eliminates dehydration of the epidermis, improves its tonus.
  • The fight against acne, inflammation, blackheads. Means included in composite formulations for problem skin. Proven anti-inflammatory effect, a local antiseptic effect. Due to the suppression of the pathogenic microflora of the skin inflammation is faster, the skin is left scars.
  • The healing of skin lesions. Use oil for tissue regeneration after burns, injuries. It accelerates the formation of new tissues and heals not only from the wound edges, but also through education of young skin on the mid sections of injured areas. By type of action extract from fruits of sea buckthorn are similar to the drug “Dimexidum”. When the wound closes, you can proceed to lubricate it with oil to soften tissue and prevent scar formation, scar. Softening effect of sea buckthorn oil is higher than synthetic glycerin.
  • Diet, hydration of the skin. Sea buckthorn oil in cosmetics for face traditionally used for dry skin. It becomes the basis for a nourishing and moisturizing products for winter care.

The tool used in a pure form on the affected skin. For the treatment of injuries, burns, it is applied warm as applications. Recipes care masks always offer additional ingredients. Because of high fat content means its penetration into the skin is limited.

Nutrition dry skin

Effective and simple mask for dry facial skin, which will maintain it in the winter. It can be used in summer to reduce the harmful effects of UV light.


  • Heat a teaspoon of oil.
  • Add two teaspoons of sour cream, mix.
  • For this recipe best to use a thick cream, so the effect of the mask will be higher. It should be applied twice a week for twenty minutes.

    Tonification and hydration

    Including sea buckthorn oil in the composition isotonic means, you fill the skin with precious elements. They will preserve its beauty, elasticity, improve the complexion.


  • Heat a teaspoon of oil.
  • Add the yolk, if the skin is dry, or protein, if your skin is oily.
  • Both have a lifting effect, so after applying it is recommended to lie down for twenty minutes. They should be used twice a week.

    Prevention of wrinkles

    Sea buckthorn oil for facial wrinkles can be used to prevent or combat existing wrinkles. With a deep tool can not fight, but superficial, caused by insufficient moisturizing, smoothing.


  • Heat a teaspoon of oil.
  • Melt two teaspoons of honey.
  • Mix.
  • Apply the product in the form of heat. Honey is an active antiseptic, therefore, the composition suitable for the nutrition and protection from inflammation, oily and problem skin.

    A jar of sea buckthorn oil in the home medicine Cabinet will help you to quickly eliminate minor cosmetic defects. Lubricate them chapped lips overnight, in the morning to forget about the flaking and discomfort. Massaging the scalp and spreading hair, you will improve the structure of the hair, protect them from external influences and moisture loss.

    Traditional medicine offers to use sea buckthorn oil for face acne as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Research in cosmetology it is used as an ingredient in compositions for the care of greasy, oily, teenage skin. But the most valuable regenerative and antioxidant quality tools, its softening ability, effectiveness in the fight against fine lines and signs of aging. The oil extract of sea buckthorn is safe and has no contraindications when used externally.

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