Seafood salads: 7 recipes with avocado, arugula, chicken and other components + reviews

Seafood salad – a win-win for the party is able to surprise guests with an excellent taste. Preparing it is simple, fast, and looks incredibly impressive! And the seafood is very useful. In short, there are plenty of reasons to adopt recipes seafood salads.

10 min 2 servings. Very easy to prepare

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  • 1 Use of gifts of the sea
  • 2 3 secrets of delicious dishes
  • 3 seafood Salads: recipes without mayonnaise
    • 3.1 With avocado
    • 3.2 With arugula
    • 3.3 With vegetables
    • 3.4 With chicken
    • 3.5 Warm
  • 4 Two festive version with mayonnaise
    • 4.1 pineapple
    • 4.2 With red caviar
  • 5 Reviews: “Try squid and prawns”

Squid, shrimp, mussels, scallops and octopus used to be considered a delicacy, but now they appear frequently in the daily menu. Do not have to live on the coast to all to try: seafood can be bought in any major supermarket. Seafood you can cook anything you want (soup, main dish), but the easiest thing to do “sea” salad.

The use of gifts of the sea

Seafood is an incredibly healthy product to the same diet. In seafood more protein than meat, they are much easier to digest. To enjoy seafood as often as I want, rejecting concerns about harm to the figures. Diets based on squid, mussels, shrimp meat are the most useful.

Seafood you can get polyunsaturated fatty acids, all important for the body vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of seafood has positive impact on health, and even appearance. Read more about benefits will tell the table.

Table – the Benefits of seafood to the body

Shrimp— Support the work of the heart;
— beneficial effect on the thyroid gland;
— improvement of metabolism;
— antioxidant action
Squid— The development of muscle fibers;
— normalization of metabolism;
— improved the gastrointestinal tract;
— withdrawal of excess fluid
Mussels— Strengthening immunity;
— beneficial effect on the circulatory system;
— liver support
Octopus— Normalization of the nervous system;
— strengthening immunity;
— improved vision;
— slow the aging process;
— adjustment of cholesterol

To get the maximum benefit, mix in dishes of different seafood. Do not have to buy the ready mix (as a rule, it is not the best quality): make a “cocktail” itself.3 secrets of delicious dishes

Make a salad with seafood at home is easy: added for seafood or any other ingredients made and ready. But if everything is so simple why does not always work good? To avoid culinary mistakes, remember the three secrets.

  • Proper preparation of seafood. Before the seafood gets into the salad, they are subjected to heat treatment. For a long time to cook and to fry them is impossible: this tender the meat becomes tough and tasteless. Fresh mussels and squid are cooked for five minutes, shrimp will be ready in six to ten minutes (depending on size).
  • A good combination of ingredients. Of course, in the kitchen welcome bold experiments, but only if you are confident in their culinary abilities. Otherwise, stick with the classic combinations. Seafood well together, harmoniously “sound” with tomatoes, avocado, arugula, and lettuce. If the recipe you want to add a bow, take only the sweet varieties, or replace the delicate leeks.
  • The choice filling. The salad combines fresh vegetables and seafood? A win – win dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Like Asian flavours? Then, of course, soy sauce! You can make a mayonnaise dressing: it will emphasize gentle “sea” taste.
  • If you are using frozen seafood to prepare a salad, make sure they are really raw, and then subject to heat treatment. Cooked frozen seafood enough to defrost stew in a pan or boil in boiling water for literally two minutes.Seafood salads: recipes without mayonnaise

    Salad recipes with seafood mayonnaise without refuelling will appeal to those who are watching a figure and adhere to proper nutrition. The food is low-calorie but filling. Greens, vegetables, seafood – this combination provides lightness and fresh taste.

    With avocado

    Features. The recipe of salad with seafood and avocado can be adapted to any seafood, but best of all with the vegetable combine the shrimp meat. The salad can be made quickly – in ten minutes you will be able to submit it on the table. For meals, you can use shrimp meat in brine: this would happen even faster. The recipe will be a real “lifesaver” in the case came unexpectedly guests.

    You will need:

    • shrimp meat – 200 g;
    • avocado is one thing;
    • iceberg lettuce – the number at its discretion;
    • soy sauce – a teaspoon.

    The stages of preparation

  • Boil the seafood. Cooked frozen you can just thaw.
  • Tear lettuce leaves with your hands. Put in a deep container.
  • Slice the avocado slices.
  • Assemble the components. Season with soy sauce.
  • Love the unusual flavors? Add to that the ingredients sliced orange wedges, but do not overdo it with quantity.With arugula

    Features. Diet salad recipe with seafood and arugula will appeal to those who are watching their figure. For food select seafood to your taste. Instead of arugula you can take any salad plant, but with the “mustard pot” turns out delicious.

    You will need:

    • seafood – 300 g;
    • arugula – a small bunch;
    • cherry six pieces;
    • cheese “Edam” or other – 40 g;
    • lemon juice – one teaspoon;
    • balsamic vinegar – one teaspoon;
    • olive oil – three tablespoons;
    • pepper, salt – to taste.

    The stages of preparation

  • Fry the seafood in a frying pan until tender. Cooked frozen keep the fire not more than three minutes, so as not to “rubber”.
  • Cut the tomatoes in half.
  • Put in a salad bowl of washed arugula, seafood, cherry tomatoes, grated cheese.
  • Combine lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, oil. Pour the dressing ingredients. Stir right before serving.
  • Fry in a pan a clove of garlic, and then oil fry seafood – the taste will be more spicy.

    With vegetables

    Features. The recipe of salad with seafood and vegetables can be easily adapted to the ingredients that’s in the fridge. Any combination of seafood and vegetables to make tasty.

    You will need:

    • seafood – 300 g;
    • red onion – one head;
    • Bulgarian pepper – one thing;
    • tomatoes – two pieces;
    • olives – a handful;
    • lemon – half of the fruit;
    • olive oil – two tablespoons;
    • greens – a small bunch;
    • salt, pepper – to taste.

    The stages of preparation

  • Slice the vegetables: onion – half rings, pepper strips, tomatoes – diced.
  • Boil the seafood. Connect them to the vegetables, season with salt.
  • Add a bowl of olives. Optional – any greens.
  • Connect the juice of half a lemon with the butter. It’s the gas station.
  • As a dressing you can use balsamic vinegar. He emphasizes the taste of the seafood, and allows them to use their “marine” notes.Chicken

    Features. A hearty dish that does not harm the figure. Step-by-step recipe for seafood salad and chicken allows the use of any seafood, but especially beneficial to “sounds” in this salad is a shrimp-calamari duet. Many people are afraid to combine seafood and meat, but chicken and seafood – classic cooking that is found in many dishes, such as paella.

    You will need:

    • seafood – 200 g;
    • chicken fillet – 200 g;
    • cherry, three pieces;
    • lettuce – a small bunch;
    • red onion – one head;
    • olive oil – on the eye;
    • lemon juice – to taste;
    • spices – optional.

    The stages of preparation

  • Fry the seafood. Place on a napkin to glass butter.
  • Saute diced chicken. Use seasonings to your liking.
  • Tear lettuce, chop the onion rings, cherry tomatoes into halves.
  • When the seafood and the chicken has cooled, combine everything in a deep casserole. Add the lemon juice to your taste, season with oil.
  • Veggie lovers can add to the list of ingredients cauliflower. Cut in half the buds must be fried. The salad will be even tastier!


    Features. A dish with a bright memorable taste. Recipe warm salad with seafood is easy to repeat. You can independently choose the seafood or to buy a ready mix product.

    You will need:

    • seafood cocktail – 300 g;
    • tomatoes – two pieces;
    • large Bulgarian pepper – one thing;
    • olive oil – three tablespoons;
    • lemon juice – a few drops;
    • greens – on request
    • spices – to taste.

    The stages of preparation

  • Saute the defrosted seafood in a pan – just a couple of minutes, to not become “rubber”. You can use any spices – salt, herbes de Provence, ground pepper.
  • Cut the vegetables into wedges, brush with oil. Send in a preheated oven (temperature 200°C). Baking will take approximately ten minutes.
  • Connect the ingredients. If you wish – add greenery.
  • Connect oil and lemon juice dressing is ready.
  • The main difficulty in the preparation of warm salads – serve while it’s still hot. Advice from Housewives to make preparation of a “warm” ingredients in parallel.

    Two festive version with mayonnaise

    For the holidays salads with seafood usually prepared with mayonnaise. If you watch your diet, make the sauce yourself. The process will not take much time: you need to whisk the egg yolks with the olive oil, mustard and lemon juice. Absolutely no desire to “Tinker”? Alternatively you can use sour cream or yogurt.

    Try to modify using the gifts of the sea, familiar from childhood with the salad with crab sticks: mix them with cabbage, favorite seafood, egg whites, egg yolks, corn and a mayonnaise dressing. Some Housewives instead of Chinese cabbage add rice – it turns out no less delicious.With pineapple

    Features. Salad turns out very tender due to the combination of products. The dish will not go unnoticed at the festive table.

    You will need:

    • prawn meat 250 g;
    • canned pineapple – half of the banks;
    • boiled eggs – two pieces;
    • mayonnaise – to taste;
    • salt on the tip of a knife;
    • green is not for everybody.

    The stages of preparation

  • Boil the seafood until cooked, peel, put in a salad bowl. If large shellfish can be cut.
  • Cut the other ingredients in any form.
  • Connect all components and season.
  • In a salad you can add grated or processed cheese available in the fridge of solid cheese varieties, with the consistency and taste will be more tender.

    With red caviar

    Features. Version of the festive salad to impress your guests. Components can be laid out in layers as in the recipe, but you can mix everything and serve in a plate.

    You will need:

    • red salted fish – 300 g;
    • squid – 300 g;
    • red caviar is one of the Bank;
    • canned corn – half-banks;
    • boiled eggs – five pieces;
    • mayonnaise sauce – to taste.

    The stages of preparation

  • Prepare the squid: boil, peel, cut into thin strips.
  • Whites and yolks grate separately.
  • Cut the fish cubes.
  • Spread the ingredients in layers: squid – yolk – corn – salmon – protein – eggs. Do not forget each layer is smeared with sauce.
  • The salad, which combines seafood and eggs, commonly called “Imperial” or “Royal”, because this dish is definitely not for every day. There are many options for salad “Royal” women use different seafood, add the cucumbers, processed cheese, potatoes, but a prerequisite – calf.

    Experienced Housewives are advised to keep in the fridge a jar of mussels in oil. So you can cook with seafood salad at home in just a few minutes that helps, if guests at the door. Mussels from the banks, the leaves of any lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and you’re ready to serve a gourmet meal.

    Reviews: “Try squid and prawns”

    Last year in Riga tried an amazing salad: poached shrimp + grapes (seeds removed) + fennel + mayonnaise. M-m-m, I guzzle!! Be sure to try!


    Seafood (Squid, shrimp, octopus, mussels, set-2 sets, no less) to cook to readiness, to cool. Avocado 2 pieces peel, cut into cubes. Pour dressing. Preparation of filling – juice of 1 lemon mixed with 3 tablespoons of sugar and a salt(1-3 teaspoons),garlic to taste(2-4 cloves) crushed garlic crusher-the entire mixture to whisk, gradually pour in to the same olive oil and stir it. Ground black pepper to taste. Greens-to taste. Refueled, give a little brew. Very tasty. I once avocado is in error bought mango. Now with mango salad is much tastier to me. Now buy mango 2 pieces, clean the skin, remove the bone and cut in cubes. 1-2 cans of olives to add (to drain the water, throwing in a colander).


    Try squid, shrimp, fresh carrots and egg. Shrimp and calamari boil. Shrimp peel, squid shred, carrots to RUB on a grater, preferably strips, Oh and eggs too, boiled and cut. Salad mayonnaise and salt to taste. You can even add cheese, lettuce more tender it turns out. Bon appetit!


    Peeled cooked shrimp, bell pepper (sweet) and apples. All about equally. You can season with olive oil and a little salt. Make this salad a few years, so much.


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