Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp: treatment, causes seborrhea and its symptoms, prevention

The condition of the scalp depends on the health and beauty of hair. There are dermatological diseases that affect the appearance of the curls, provoke hair loss. One of these diseases – seborrheic dermatitis. Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp should be literate, since the progressive disease leads to baldness. How the Council treated doctors? Can you help the folk wisdom?

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  • 1 Types and characteristic symptoms
  • 2 risk Factors
  • 3 what is the danger
  • 4 Diagnosis: to what doctor to address, what analyses to hand over
  • 5 Conservative treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp
    • 5.1 drugs
    • 5.2 Physiotherapy
    • 5.3 Shampoos
    • 5.4 Ointments
  • 6 Home methods
  • 7 Food
  • 8 8 of the rules of prevention
  • 9 Reviews: “the Main thing is not to worry”

Seborrheic dermatitis is the disease of the skin characterized by disorders of the sebaceous glands. Is either excessive sebum production or inadequate. Changes and qualitative composition of fat: reduced levels of linoleic acid, which is responsible for creating an antimicrobial barrier. The protective function of the dermis deteriorate, the conditions for active reproduction of microorganisms. The result is inflammation, infection.

The disease can cause a lot of discomfort: the dermis of the head itch, dandruff appears, hair is not perfect, and over time, so active hair fall, and baldness is near. Treatment should start at the first signals. Seborrheic dermatitis attacks not only the dermis of the head. The disease can manifest on any part of the body where many glands secretion. Usually suffer from areas behind the ears, nasolabial triangle, thorax, area between the shoulder blades.

Types and characteristic symptoms

There are three types of seborrheic dermatitis: dry seborrhea of the scalp, oily and mixed. Differentiation of types of diseases is carried out according to characteristic features. Common manifestations in adults applies itching, dandruff. Sloughing is different in appearance depending on the type of disease. The symptoms of oily seborrhea of the scalp, signs of dry and mixed features is presented in the table below.

Table – Symptoms of dry, oily and mixed seborrhea

Dry seborrheaInsufficient production of sebum– A lot of dry powder of dandruff;
– periodic itching of the head;
– breakage of strands;
– split ends;
– “velosaped”;
– the appearance of scales;
– cracks in the dermis
Oily seborrheaHypervariable sebum– Large lot of dandruff (flakes);
fatty dermis;
– shiny strands;
– the rapid contamination of hair;
– severe itching
Mixed seborrheaA transitional formManifested symptoms of Ghost types

Seborrheic dermatitis can occur even in infants. About the disease talking “dirty” scales manifested immediately after birth. They usually disappear by six months. The disease in newborns is associated with the hormones contained in mother’s milk. The disease usually is diagnosed in infants who are prone to allergies. There is a theory that the violation of the immune system crumbs – the result of the experience of extreme stress mothers during pregnancy.Risk factors

The exact causes of seborrheic dermatitis is not established. But allocate the risk factors that trigger the development of the disease.

  • Genetics. Features protective functions of skin can be inherited. In patients with dermatitis in the family often have relatives with the same diagnosis. But not the fact that “legacy” will occur.
  • Hormones. When hormonal imbalance is disturbed the sebaceous glands, which provokes the development of disease. The hormonal due to the oily seborrhea that occurs in the transition to adulthood. A teenager undergoing puberty, with “raging” hormones, which leads to active secretion.
  • Fungus. On any dermis “lives” conditionally-pathogenic fungus. Under certain conditions that lead to the creation of the perfect microflora in the dermis (e.g., allergies, weak immune system), it begins to proliferate actively. As a result dermatitis.
  • Disease. Immunodeficiency, diabetes mellitus, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal disease, neurological diseases – all this leads to malfunction of the glands.
  • A weakened immune system. If the protective response of the body is reduced, there may occur a failure in the sebaceous glands. This leads to the development of pathogenic microflora. Immunosuppression occurs after the disease, when the lack of vitamins.
  • Stress. Strong emotions weaken the body provoke a breach of the secretory function. Much more dangerous “one-time” stress – prolonged depression.
  • Unbalanced nutrition. Poor diet leads to lack of vitamins and minerals. It affects the whole organism and the condition of the dermis including.
  • Environment. Especially dangerous are the changes in temperature. The rejection of headgear in the heat or in the cold can trigger the development of dermatitis.

It is believed to affect cancer can aggressive alkaline shampoos. If after treatment there was “snow” – go to the store for a new one.What is the danger

Seborrheic dermatitis should be treated. The sooner you consult your doctor, the better. The disease causes discomfort: scalp itching, scaly. Suffering and emotional state. Dandruff, crusts on the head, lifeless hair – seeing this picture in the mirror, it is easy to lose confidence and fall into depression. The disease is dangerous complications. The most common one of the three.

  • Baldness. The disease leads to hair loss. Usually hair loss in the fronto-parietal area. If the time to react to “velosaped” and begin the treatment, the curls will grow back. However, in advanced cases, the hair follicles are dying – “bald spots” remain for life.
  • Infection. Combed through the skin into the body penetrates the infection. It is fraught with the appearance of ulcers. If the inflammatory process occurs in balls deep dermis, acne scars. In infectious processes may be involved lymph nodes and vessels.
  • Allergies. Seborrheic dermatitis leads to increased sensitivity of the skin. On the background of the disease may develop allergies to shampoos, synthetics.
  • If seborrheic dermatitis is manifested not only on the scalp but on the face, in the absence of timely treatment may develop pyoderma. Even with successful treatment of purulent lesions of the dermis is highly probable that the scars.Diagnostics: to what doctor to address, what analyses to hand over

    Accurate diagnosis can put only a doctor. If you have problems with scalp need to consult a dermatologist. The doctor collects history, examines the patient, assesses risk factors and identifies the disease, the concomitant manifestation of which may be seborrheic dermatitis. Will have to pass a number of tests may additionally be required to consult an endocrinologist, gynecologist, neurologist. Diagnostic methods that allow the physician to make an accurate diagnosis, are presented in the table.

    Table for identification of seborrheic dermatitis

    Diagnostic methodWhy spend
    General analysis of blood– Detect allergies that trigger dermatitis;
    – an assessment of the overall health of the patient
    A blood test for hormones– Determine the level of hormones;
    – study the concentration of sex hormones affecting the sebaceous glands
    Analysis for glucose– Identification of diabetes;
    – without adjusting the sugar effective treatment possible
    HIV testImmunodeficiency changes in the secretion
    The immunityEvaluation of the immune system
    A study of the dermis under wood lampIdentification of fungus
    ScrapingDetection of pathogenic microorganisms
    Thyroid ultrasoundFor the assessment of thyroid

    When diagnosis is difficult, apply for a biopsy. To do this, take a small sample of skin and examine the material under a microscope. Biopsy helps to determine the exact nature of the damage to the skin, and to make a differential diagnosis (to exclude or confirm other dermatological disease).

    For the manifestation of the symptoms of seborrhea of the scalp in children younger need to contact your pediatrician. If necessary, he will give a referral to narrow specialists.Conservative treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp

    Effective treatment of the dermis of the head is possible only with an integrated approach to the problem. Therapy depends on the variety and stage of the disease, presence of complications. The complex of therapeutic measures can be prescribed only by a doctor, to cope with the problem impossible. Treatment includes:

    • therapy of diseases causing Hyper-/hyposecretion;
    • administration of drugs affecting the psycho-emotional state;
    • physiotherapy;
    • the use of antifungal ointments;
    • the use of therapeutic shampoos;
    • taking vitamin complexes and drugs for improving immunity;
    • diet.

    Sometimes the mild form of the disease, you can do a local therapy – the use of ointments, shampoos. During exacerbation of the disease and the presence of complications is shown a multi-stage therapy with use of hormones, antibiotics.Drugs

    Drug therapy of seborrheic dermatitis is complex. Drugs should be prescribed only by a physician: self-treatment is prohibited, otherwise you can harm your body and make the problem worse. Group of drugs that are usually prescribed by a dermatologist and are presented in the table.

    Table – preparations for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis

    GroupActionDrug names
    Vitamin-mineral complexesThe replenishment of essential nutrients– “REVITA”;
    – “Geksavit”
    Antifungal drugs in tabletsElimination of pathogenic microorganisms“Diflucan”
    AntihistaminesRemoving itching– “Claritin”;
    – “Effective”;
    – “Tavegil”;

    Drug regimens can be supplemented if there are complications. During intense inflammatory process shows the use of systemic glucocorticosteroids: “Dexametason”, “Diprospan”, “Prednisolone”. If joined by a bacterial infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics (“Erythromycin”, “Macroben”).

    Without addressing the factors that provoked the development of the dermatitis, effective treatment is impossible. The root cause brings about changes in the treatment plan. For example, if the seborrheic dermatitis is caused by a hormonal imbalance, prescribed hormone tablets. If the disease has caused stress sedatives.

    To the body itself struggled with seborrhea, he needs resources. For the condition of the scalp, the sebaceous glands and hair health answer vitamins E, A, b, D, sulfur, zinc. Choosing vitamin-mineral complexes, pay attention to what percentage of composition has on these substances.Physiotherapy

    To achieve results in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp will help physiotherapy. Reviews of people suffering from disease, demonstrate the efficacy of such treatment. The procedure selected by the doctor individually. They are aimed at eliminating inflammation, normalize sebum. Can apply:

    • cryomassage;
    • darsonvalization;
    • ozone therapy;
    • mesotherapy;
    • MIL-therapy.

    When seborrheic dermatitis are contraindicated physiotherapy, suggesting thermal effects on the problem areas of the dermis. Heat promotes the growth of fungus.


    Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis is not possible without local therapy. To fix the problem will help the therapeutic shampoos. It is necessary to use antifungal pharmaceutical compositions. Options from the mass market, even the most publicized, is not able to overcome the problem: they have only a cosmetic effect. If symptoms of dermatitis is negligible, then using store-bought shampoo can remove the dandruff, but the effect will be instantaneous. The problem is worse if you do not use the pharmacy tools. Their composition rich in active components. Chemical compounds are struggling with the fungus, lead to normal gland.

    Medicated shampoo seborrhea scalp it is recommended to use two to three times a week. The course is from one month to two, depending on the stage of the disease. Table will help you to find shampoos which are effective in the treatment of dermatological diseases.

    Table – Shampoos for treatment of seborrheic dermatitis

    NameThe active ingredientActionCost, rubles (data for December 2017)
    “Nizoral”Ketoconazole– Kills fungus;
    – eliminates the symptoms of dermatitis
    600 (60 ml)
    “Semipros”Ciclopiroxolamine– Does not allow the fungus to reproduce;
    – affects bacteria
    550 (60 ml)
    “Cinovid”– Climbazole;
    – zinc-pyrithione
    Fights fungus320 (150 ml)
    “SULSENA”Sulfur– Removes inflammation;
    – eliminates dandruff of any kind;
    – normalizes glands
    330 (150 ml)
    “Friderm Tar”Tar– Struggling with the microorganisms;
    – removes inflammation;
    – helps with the itching
    600 (150 ml)
    “Friderm Zinc”Zinc pyrithione– Eliminates itching;
    – removes inflammation;
    – eliminates flaking;
    – strengthens curls
    600 (150 ml)
    “Mycosoral”Ketoconazole– Eliminates fungus;
    – eliminates itching;
    – removes scales;
    – fights dandruff;
    – restores damaged hair
    350 (60 ml)
    “Keto plus”– Ketoconazole;
    – zinc-pyrithione
    -Eliminates dandruff;
    – combats microorganisms
    780 (150 ml)

    When dry seborrhea can not be used with alkaline shampoos. They have a drying effect, which exacerbates the situation. To cope with the problem of funds to help with a neutral pH. For oily seborrhea it is important to reduce the production of fat, so shampoos which are acid. There are tools that can be used in any form of seborrhea, for example, “Nizoral”, “SULSENA”. At the end of treatment should be to restore the hair regularly to make nourishing and moisturizing masks, to undergo health treatments in the salon. Medicated shampoos (especially with ketoconazole in the composition) dry curls.

    Trichologists recommend not to abandon therapeutic shampoos at the end of the therapeutic course. Seborrheic dermatitis, according to statistics, in most cases, returns. To relapse has not occurred, use shampoo every one to two weeks. Between applications pharmacy means you can wash your hair with any shampoo. But its composition must be a minimum of aggressive substances.Ointment

    To Supplement the action of shampoo can ointment seborrheic dermatitis. The remedy relieves symptoms of the disease. Ointments soften the “crust”, relieve irritation, heal. But they should be used only after consultation with a specialist, so as not to aggravate the problem. The list of available effective ointments presented in the table.

    Table – Ointment seborrheic dermatitis

    Type of seborrheaOintmentApplication
    FatZinc ointment– Apply to the affected areas;
    an hour later rinse with warm water;
    – apply 2 times a week for a month
    Salicylic ointment– Apply rubbing motions to dry the dermis of the head;
    – leave on for 30 minutes;
    – wash, using preventive shampoo
    DrySulphur ointment– RUB into the scalp;
    – keep 5 minutes;
    – rinse with warm water;
    – repeat the procedure daily for weeks;
    – take a break for a day, repeat the course
    CombinedOintment with tea tree and tar– Apply to the affected areas;
    – hold for 10 minutes;
    – rinse with no soap;
    – apply once a week;
    course – 3 months

    After applying ointments to the hair needs help. Particularly aggressive to hair sulfur ointment: it thins strands. If the doctor offers an alternative – agree, even if more expensive.

    Home methods

    There are many folk remedies treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. They do work, but if you include them in the overall scheme of treatment. Only using hand-made tools from dermatitis to get rid of impossible, especially if the disease progresses. But folk wisdom will help to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Before using the recipes, it is important to consult with your doctor.

    Choose traditional methods need correctly – with an eye on the type of seborrhea. Otherwise you can aggravate the situation. For treatment of dry seborrheic dermatitis use different oils – castor, fir, olive, sunflower, Flaxseed. They moisturize and nourish the scalp, help to get rid of blackheads, trigger regenerative processes in the skin. For oily seborrhea it is important to stop excessive production of fat. Does well-acetic acid, lemon, soda. To find a suitable recipe will help table.

    Table – Folk remedy seborrheic dermatitis

    A form of seborrheaToolCompositionPreparation/application
    FatOnion solution– A tablespoon of onion juice;
    – 2 times more of boiled water
    – Mix the ingredients;
    – RUB solution before washing;
    continuing the course of 4 months
    An infusion of marigold– Tablespoon of dried flowers of calendula;
    – 2 cups of boiling water
    – Pour the flowers with hot water;
    – leave on for 30 minutes;
    – to be rubbed daily for months
    Infusion of nettle– 100 g of nettle leaves;
    -a teaspoon of vinegar (6%);
    – 500 ml of boiling water
    – Pour the leaves with boiling water;
    – stand for about 2 hours;
    – add the vinegar;
    – treated with infusion of mind at night
    A decoction of oak bark– 3 tablespoons of oak bark;
    – Cup of boiling water
    – Pour the all-natural ingredient with boiling water;
    -boil for 20 minutes;
    – the composition of the strain;
    – wash the head with decoction every 3 days
    Face mask with tar soap– 20 g of grated lye soap;
    – a glass of low fat sour cream;
    – tablespoon of honey
    – Mix the ingredients;
    – to RUB;
    to hold 15 minutes;
    – rinse thoroughly
    Soda solution for rubbing– Teaspoon of baking soda;
    – a glass of water
    – Mix the components;
    processing the dermis for 30 minutes before washing
    DryMask of egg yolk– Yolk;
    – a tablespoon of castor oil
    – Mix the ingredients;
    – apply to the root zone;
    – wrap the head (polyethylene + towel);
    – keep 30 minutes;
    – repeat once a week
    Massaging burdock oilBurdock oil (pharmacy)– RUB a small amount of the substance;
    – wrap;
    – hold 2 hours;
    – wash with a shampoo;
    – repeat twice per week;
    – to continue the course of a month
    Calendula tincture– A tablespoon of tincture of calendula (pharmacy);
    the same castor oil
    – Mix the components;
    – RUB through the day

    A decoction of walnut leaves– 5 tablespoons of leaves;
    – 500 ml of boiling water
    – Pour the leaves with boiling water;
    – boil for 20 minutes;
    – strain;
    – dipped in the broth with gauze wrapped around the head;
    – create a thermal effect;
    – after 20 minutes, rinse
    Oil infusion of parsley– Tablespoon of parsley root;
    – 5 tablespoons vegetable oil
    – Pour the root oil;
    – heating the composition in a water bath;
    – pass through the gauze;
    – RUB remedy warm;
    – periodicity – every other day;
    course – 15 procedures
    Cream henna– Henna powder;
    a good nourishing cream
    – Mix the ingredients (1:2:7);
    for a week to do 2 treatments rubbing;
    course – 10 procedures
    Ointment from burdock roots– 2 tablespoons of chopped burdock root;
    – 300 ml of boiling water;
    50 g pork fat
    – Pour the root with boiling water;
    – cook on low until half is reduced volume;
    – strain;
    – add bacon (pre-melt);
    – simmer on a water bath for 1.5 hours;
    – apply the ointment 2 times per week;
    course – 3 months

    Infusions of herbs that are recommended for use in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis is not only help to eliminate itching and dandruff, but also improve the condition of hair. The disease makes curls lifeless, triggers hair loss and herbal ingredients to return the Shine, strengthen follicles, stimulate growth.Food

    To overcome seborrheic dermatitis, need to improve diet. It should be balanced. A single diet for seborrheic dermatitis no, but General rules must be observed.

    • Dairy products. They lead to normal digestion. This condition is crucial to restore secretory function.
    • The vegetables and fruits. They are rich in fiber, which has a positive effect on the digestive tract. Fruits and vegetables in the diet is needed to compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals. This – help the immune system.
    • Sources of vitamins B2, A, and E. Foods containing these vitamins, is especially important in dry seborrhea. Vitamins promote regeneration of the epidermis, responsible for the elasticity of the skin and curls. The menu must necessarily include liver, broccoli, fish, spinach, carrots, oatmeal.
    • “Harm”. Should be excluded from the diet of spicy, salty, fatty foods. It is recommended to significantly reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates: limit the amount of sweets and biscuits eaten on the day. Fast food, coffee, meats, sodas, alcohol is taboo.

    Eliminate from the diet foods-allergens: honey, chocolate, citrus fruits, strawberries, mushrooms. If during treatment there food Allergy, it will aggravate the course of the dermatitis. Often (especially in children) seborrhea develops on the background of allergic reactions. Then you need to follow a special hypoallergenic diet, which develops the doctor.

    8 of the rules of prevention

    To cure seborrheic dermatitis easy. But if you pay attention to prevention, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing the disease. Remember eight simple rules, and the problem will pass away.

  • Observe good personal hygiene. Seborrheic dermatitis is not contagious, but using someone else’s combs or headgear can result in trouble. So you can move the fungus. For a long time he may not prove himself, but when the body fails, will begin to actively proliferate.
  • Take care of hair. Frequent colouring and aggressive compositions, ignoring the protection of the hair, Curling loose strands – all this affects the hair follicles. With the weakening of the follicle may change the secretion of scalp that leads to dandruff.
  • Wear a hat in the cold. Once on the street it’s cold out, wear a hat. Under the influence of low temperatures, changing the process of sebum and can even change the qualitative component of the secret.
  • Don’t rule out the ultraviolet light. The rays of the sun, the worst enemies of hair. This axiom know all beauties. Ultraviolet escusive hair, making them lifeless. But to completely abandon the sun is impossible. Moderate “sun bath” is useful for the scalp. Under ultraviolet light, the fungus could not increase and multiply.
  • Avoid stress. Experience is not the best way affect the condition of the hair and dermis. The turbulence can even change the sebaceous glands. Try less nervous and problems with hair will not.
  • Eat right. Diet affects the health and appearance. Nutritious food, only healthy food and dermatological problems can be forgotten. If the menu will provide a complex of vitamins and minerals, the body will work like a clock. Including back to normal sebaceous glands. As a bonus – the shiny hair, fast growth hair, no breakage.
  • Exercise. Moderate exercise is necessary to strengthen the immune system. With high protective functions of pathogenic microorganisms will not be able to actively proliferate and provoke inflammation. Exercise positively affects the work of all organs and systems, improves blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Annually go through the routine checks. Regular trips to the doctor – a guarantee that the disease that can trigger seborrheic dermatitis, are identified and addressed on time. The medical examination to be held annually.
  • Exacerbation of seborrheic dermatitis usually occurs in cold season. In the autumn-winter period, it is important to pay special attention to prevention.

    The treatment of seborrhea of the scalp is a long process. To speed it up will help a massage. Make circular massaging movements with the fingertips every time when applying ointment, use a shampoo or a therapeutic hand-made tools. Massage improves blood circulation, making the sebaceous glands returns to normal, aktiviziruyutsya hair growth.

    Reviews: “the Main thing is not to worry”

    My mom a couple of years ago really helped to get rid of seborrhea treatment shampoo Keto Plus. the effect we noticed almost a couple of applications that sopanam. he and antifungal, and relieves all symptoms. the complex effect, is noticeable almost from the first application)


    Also suffering this nonsense (at the hairline on the forehead and on the temples, and sometimes on the eyebrows) is already 15 years for sure. My dad was also so, so right about genetics. During periods of exacerbation of this itching and flakes flying off the head… feel like a leper of some kind.
    To keep the situation under control, do not change shampoos; do not abuse daily wash; periodically spend on drink a course of the absorbents, which is very good helps; if absolutely unbearable, to the centers apply the tea tree oil (but I’m not quite sure about, they say it is toxic, but this is extremely rare). And the main thing — not to worry — in periods, sessions and lack of sleep this thing is much aktiviziruyutsya.


    And I have SD on the scalp is already 10 years old, the hair is noticeably thinned out. And even the young fall out hairs. I started 2.5 weeks ago System 4. there mask, shampoo and serum. Itching, dandruff immediately passed, a lot of new hair sticks tiny. yet like. Will see how things will) from nizoral, too bad, etc. only further scratched(


    At the expense of “folk remedies” I tried an onion mask to do. The impression of those yet burns as if the scalp is lifted from you, just hellishly. Then the whole scalp is red and inflamed. BUT it really becomes much less of this stuff, at times.


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