Secret admirer: who could it be, how to behave with him

The website “” today going to talk about this common situation, as the emergence, out of nowhere, an anonymous admirer. So, one day, you bring into the office a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the note is missing the sender’s name, and just a hint of “sincere and heartfelt” feelings.

Also, you can find an unsigned letter under the door, SMS to your own phone or e-mail in your Inbox. Congratulations, you’ve got a secret admirer!

Calmness, only calmness!

The appearance of a mysterious admirer, of course, brings into your life the variety, pleasant and intriguing moments. Colleagues jealous, in meetings with friends and just talk about who it could be.

But most of all you want to know who he is your secret romantic admirer?

Don’t try to elicit from the courier brought a bouquet, who is this mysterious sender. Serious floral stores have in its Arsenal a special service anonymous delivery of flowers, and for the sake of his reputation of their employees even under torture will not reveal the sender’s name.

What is his “crack”?

Where “grow legs” of this secret courtship, you can guess, if you remember, what meetings you had last time, and with someone of the opposite sex you were familiar with.

If the first anonymous bouquet or news came a few days after this event, the circle of “suspects” is narrowed significantly.

Perhaps you gave someone your business card or phone number? Or someone asking questions about you your friends friends of the porter on the entrance to the office building?

A sure sign that a secret admirer or a fan is a friend of your close environment – this is if the advances are on all fronts: he knows your phone number, email, home address, work place and day of birth.

Angry pick up artist

“Strategy” secret admirer – very common and even “prestigious” form of seduction, widely practiced in the community of charge. warns: if you want to know who’s your secret, but very insistent admirer, I think, is not whether you have quite recently a situation when you “dissed” some insolent.

Pikaper as a rule, such girls do not forgive. And the best punishment for you (and for him – proof of his superiority) is to seduce you at any cost.

Anticipated development of the plot is as follows: he’s showering you with flowers, gifts and messages one night meets you at the exit of the office, again with flowers and a wide, adoring smile, and on the shirt he says: “I’m your secret, ready for anything, a fan.”

It dawns on you, you thaw, admire his persistence and originality, and forgive him of his misbehavior in the distant night, and you’re all his! A t-shirt then he will not throw out – very much an effective method of seduction.

Who else can be your secret admirer:

  • Same the victim of a prank your friendsas you do. They thought that you two make a great couple, and they set it up. Next they will try “accidentally” to bring together.
  • My own husband or young man, who thus decided to check out your relationship, your level of credibility. Well, that is also possible, to surprise you at the time of “unmasking”.
  • A man obsessed by delusions. Analyze the situation: not too persistent your secret, hidden fan, do not slip in his writings, rudeness and threats, not whether someone behind you at night. In this case you may need the help of absolutely other plan.

When secret boyfriend materialized

If a secret admirer is confident in himself and his feelings, once he finally invited you on a first date. To go to a meeting or not – your private affair, but you didn’t have to. Just remember that during the first meeting you can, how crazy will rejoice (if he can be whoever you’d like), and a terribly upset and disappointed.

If you don’t want to know who this secret admirer of yours (unlikely, but then ? ), you will only pleasant memories about this period of life.

And perhaps this is the most beautiful and romantic beginning of a Real Relationship, which in the future you’ll be proud to tell your kids.

You deliberate decisions!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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