Secret love: 3 reasons why the relationship on the side bring more fun than the family

Relationships classified as “Secret” arise between people because of different circumstances, the cause of which is not always cheating. Secret links appear not only on the background of family relationships, but also when a novel might not be understood by society he envied, ridiculed or banned. Of course, secret love creates certain difficulties, but they are nothing compared to the adrenaline that stirs the blood and makes more and more want a new dose of the “secret” of happiness. Why the love that men and women are forced to hide, so attractive, and the novels the secret bond of relationship stronger than the stamp in the passport?

The charm of secrecy

Secret relationship at least once every experienced in my life. Anyone happen office romance with the boss, someone began a romantic relationship with a married neighbor, who was hiding forbidden love from my parents, and someone from her husband. Secret communications were always spicy page in the history of the world and of course without them would be insipid modern life. That’s why people are willing to take risks, to encrypt Dating, to hide passwords and access to personal contacts and to revel in their feelings in secret, so that, God forbid, the secret is out. But love difficulties only give values that went with the stress, risk, cunning and wit. Secret love is like an adventurous adventure, which the majority of lovers recall with delight and trying as much as possible to prolong the charm of secret meetings, “stolen” rendezvous and forbidden relationships.

Three reasons secret passion

Professor of social psychology, American Madeline Fugar who wrote the book “Social psychology of attraction and romantic relationships”, dismantled a secret love for make up and withdrew three main reasons that make it so attractive to most people.

Reason 1. Gambling

A passion for secrets and mysteries literally instilled from childhood. Game of scouts and spies, the mysterious adventures of the movie heroes and detective investigation in a book novels – the soil on which grew up not one generation. However, childhood ended, and with it the exciting spy game. In order to compensate for their shortage, people tend to fill their lives a secret romance over forbidden love. Ambiguous hints, languid looks, encrypted messages and Dating relationships stealthily turn in a quest game, where secrecy and the weirder, the more interesting. Hence the passion of lovers sexual experiments with the risk of exposure. In addition, one of two secret brings together, makes accomplices and strengthens relationships “criminals”.

2. the cause of The novelty and freshness of the relationship

“Stolen” love prolongs passion. In such relationships, people can’t drink love to the dregs. They do not feel complete saturation of each other, because in the circumstances they have all restricted the time, and love, and sex. Scientific studies show that “legalized” the relationship of sexual satisfaction to reach a maximum during the first year, then they decrease, going to a quiet love, friendship, partnership, or even low degrees of passion becomes the reason for the completion of the novel or of marriage. While the secret communication is incomparably longer hold at the peak of passion, bringing into relationship the unpredictability and novelty.

Reason 3. The illusion of freedom

The lovers, whose relationship must not be disclosed or sealed with the stamp in the passport, consciously or subconsciously, believe themselves to be free. They love each other, but can afford alone more than the official couple, which is dependent on the condemnation and censure of others. Some people the sense of freedom inspires and reserves the right to choose, which no longer exists in family relations. Of course, if a person is in love, it does not prevent him to be faithful and to dream about the official status. Moreover, according to statistics, from secret love marriages are strong and durable. However, it sometimes happens that the secret relationship becomes a convenient excuse for loving individuals or for those who are shy of such partnership or is not serious.

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