Sex in unconventional places

“Hello, Question Igor. Don’t consider myself insecure, but I can’t accept that my man, with whom we already live together, constantly forces me to have sex in unconventional places.

I love that he is so clingy, but on the other hand I’m worried: why not? Does it meanthat he is not satisfied with only me, and he needs other women? And is it normal? We have been not teenagers. Thank You, Lisa”

Lisa, I would like to say that You have quite a normal man ? And his desire to have sex in unconventional places is not to say that You one is not enough for him. On the contrary. As a supporter of sex in non traditional places will have their arguments.

About morality

First on morality. Anything immoral that a couple will have sex outside of her apartment, no. Well, not on the steps of the same kindergarten on Monday morning, he offers You ?

If he does not want to during sex in unconventional places You noticed, but at the same time I saw ? , that’s OK! And what it says not a stormy youth (and the lack of the usual places for sex) on the contrary is doubly valuable.

If you two only care about their own feelings, not plunging into shock by many people ?, then there is no more immorality than do you have sex with him in his apartment.

Why sex in unconventional places is important

Now, as to why You should be happy, not upset ? Time he wants You not only at home, then, consciously or unconsciously, is trying to diversify with him your intimate life. See You in other faces.

Maybe he unconsciously satisfies their own need, sitting at the most men are drawn to other women. But it’s better this way and not otherwise, as You know.

Sex in unconventional places is a touch of romance in your relationship, but with the romance in married couples is always a deficit. It’s the adrenaline rush. This is additional intrigue in your relationship! This is an opportunity to experience something new!

Take care of it and about yourself, not about what I would say to passers-by, if you suddenly “stumble” on you (nothing to wander where they don ? )!

And one more thing, unless you count that I’m getting ahead of myself. This – memories! Sooner or later, all of us gradually, unfortunately, out of love and zeal, and such antics, remain in the past.

So You will remember all these cases. Think for yourself that You are stronger will be remembered for: sex in the marital bedroom, where one and the same superimposed on each other, or those relatively few places where due to its unusual number you pulled Your better half? Something ?

And so You have all “passed” in unconventional locations, on high, from me to You talisman:

On this planet, even in the cat family there are no such graceful creatures!

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