Sexual incompatibility

“Hello, I have with my male sexual incompatibility. I have much more time to get orgasm than him. It seems to be okay, but there is one thing.

I love him, for me it is very important that he was OK, and I often reassure him, claiming that everything is fine, I feel good, and that’s enough. But later feel frustrated. How can we be? Maybe it’s a sign that it is better to leave? Irina

Irina, I must say that part of this is unreasonable, especially if in your relationship there are no other serious problems. This alleged “minus” – different times to reach orgasm – hardly an unsolvable problem. Adjust yourself to the fact that this small obstacle is given to You so that after overcoming it all became even better ?

Straight talk

I believe that much of the relationship between a man and a woman should be resolved, first and foremost, in the ordinary course of sincere conversation. If You have the case went to the bed to be ashamed of and to hide something is a big mistake. And what’s the point?

Much easier and more effective simply to tell: so supposedly and so. Save time ? And energy that You will need ?

Talk to him. Only in an appropriate setting that promotes candor. Tell him that sometimes he needs a little longer to hold back to give You pleasure. Add that this does not detract from his dignity.

Admit that without an orgasm You will accumulate dissatisfaction. Is it You ego that will not try for your girl? There are in fact ways.

He can mentally distracted to restrain himself when he feels the approach of orgasm. Or stronger to bring You before the actual act. If there was a quick orgasm, try to bring it back to a state of combat readiness ? , and then Your chances to get your serious increase.

It is not necessary to infringe, refusing what You need. Yes, You love him, but hopefully he feels for You the same feelings. So he Your satisfaction is as important as You.

If something does not work, you need to be patient. Try again. Not to force things, not to worry another setback. Remember that in some other area of Your relationship it’s all good. Hence, the incompatibility in sex You will overcome. But you need to make the effort.

Improvise and just love each other

Sex is, undoubtedly, very important. But in General, if You have one satisfied, if Your sex can’t be called “no” ? , then everything is fine. And some of the nuances, it’s a ground for experimentation and further attention to each other.

Options incompatibility may be different. This different “favorite” poses, especially if it affects a woman’s orgasm. This pace, when a woman has a slowly, and her partner quickly, intensively or Vice versa. But that is no reason to break up.

If the couple has love, she will always find a way to achieve it was good for him and her. The most convenient is to play mistress/slave. Here as if specially given the time and opportunity to do as partner would like as she is more suitable.

And most importantly just love each other. I do not ship myself with the fact that sometimes You can’t do something and that Your sex is not ideal. Chase these thoughts that You are not right for each other.

There is nothing perfect. Ideal – all a myth. Separate the “roughness” only prove that You’re real people with their preferences, behavior line. Look for compromises. Let it be “training” for compromise in everyday life, in everyday life.

The author – Igor Kolosov, site

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