Shatush coloring: all about the latest technique of hair coloring

“” notes the trend: the relevance of tonal color, especially in bright colors, is gradually disappearing. With the filing of “red carpet” and fashion shows today, the entire world begins to seek things in relation to natural beauty. Just such a natural effect gives the painting Shatush (FR. chatouche), when the hair is dark at the roots, and strands across the length randomly and look bleached as bleached in the sun.

No matter how you call this method of painting hair, “cashmere staining”, “French weave” or “weave Shatush” – its meaning remains the same: the hair look natural, the color seems deep and rich and gently shimmers from dark to light shade, and the hair looks textured.

Who should do weave technique Shatush?

Shatush great dark haired and blond girls, as well as those who dyes her hair too often, as in this case highlighting the roots for a long time, not too dramatically apparent.

In addition, Shatush or cashmere staining is perfect for those who want to make the hair visually more volume, looks best with long or medium length hair.

Among other things – promise master – effect Shatush will help to align the color on the entire length of hair in that case before it was not too successful staining.

Shatush-dyeing: technology and features

In the procedure this kind of coloring, usually applied one to three colors. The individual strands are lightened, and additional colors are used in order to effectively highlight and shade. Hair coloring in “sun-bleached” color takes place outdoors, there is no use of foil.

The steps in the procedure

  • The wizard separates hair into strands, width of about two centimeters each, fixing clips and necessive each strand (due to what subsequently will possible aesthetic effect of shading).
  • In the process Shatush-staining on the roots of the hair the paint is applied darker than the base color of the hair is 1.5 tone, but sometimes manage without darkening the roots.
  • Further strands on the entire length of the irregularly shaded with lightening means. Here the main rule: the less symmetrical, the better.
  • At the last stage, the hair are washed and are toned main shade. In that case, if your color will be well to shade the bleached strands, can and does refuse the last stage.
  • Many girls are repulsed by the single word “bouffant”, from which emanates the destroyed structure of the hair. in a hurry to make you happy: Shatush colouring or painting is possible without this procedure is not very pleasant.

    In this case, the application of “bare hands” or by using brushes with special technology “wire strands”. But it’s more delicate work, requiring not only expertise, but also a good experience to master.

    Lightening should be prepared based on individual hair condition, length and type and, of course, with an eye on your preferences and expectations. From all this also depends on the duration of exposure brightening composition on the strands. The wizard can visually monitor the condition of the hair, therefore, it is impossible to overdo – once the desired result has been achieved, the paint is then washed off.

    In Shatush colouring you can use natural dyessuch as henna or Basma, and production tools instead of chemical paints. All of these subtleties that intelligently correlates between a good master and allow you to create a truly unique effect – one of a kind “figure” painting.

    In the end, the paint on the hair like a feather, which allows the staining is not too sharply contrast with the “native” hair color in the regrowth of the strands. Update color about every three months, and the “upper” tone to keep using toning shampoos.

    To lighten strands, you can select a range of shades from Golden to red, and the hair can be chocolate, brown, light brown, honey, wheat, hazelnut, or even beige. All of these hints are now at the peak of his popularity.

    Perfect Shatush-painting perfectly blends with a natural tan. But if a trip to the sea this season, you do not Shine, excellent fit and Solarium!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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