Shilajit of stretch marks prescription cream from the pellets, the wrapping procedure and feedback about the application

Inappropriately appearing stretch marks make you think about how to solve the problem quickly and safely. Supporters of the people’s ways of skin care suggest to use mumie (Shilajit) is a natural product known for its healing properties. Recipe funds from Shilajit of stretch marks quite simple, have contraindications for funds are almost not available. You only find out how effective when dealing with striae on the abdomen and chest.

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The content of the article

  • 1 What are striae, and why there
  • 2 Description and useful properties of matter
    • 2.1 Unique composition
    • 2.2 Value for the skin
  • 3 Select a quality product: how not to buy a fake
  • 4 Recipes with mixtures of Shilajit of stretch marks and methods of use
    • 4.1 Home cream
    • 4.2 Wrap
  • 5 Contraindications and precautions
  • 6. Use during pregnancy and lactation
  • 7 4 secret skin without ugly bands
  • 8 Reviews and results

Physicians of the Caucasus and Central Asia are actively using mumie in therapeutic purposes. Medicinal power of this product the test of time: Aristotle used the substance to relieve the patients from different ailments. But will the means, which in the East is called the elixir of life, in the fight against stretch marks?

What are striae, and why there

Stretch marks or the striae formed as a result of rupture of dermal fibres — collagen and elastin. When such damage occurs, the body without thinking about the aesthetic feelings of the wearer “repair” injured by the “crossing” of the fibers of the connective tissue. As a result, the body lines appear with jagged edges and atrophic scars. They don’t cause pain, but cause worries about the appearance of the skin that has lost its former smoothness and elasticity.

Stretch marks appear as a result:

  • prolonged stretch to the skin — when the skin fails to adjust to rapid changes in the volume of the body;
  • hormonal changes in the body — which is a violation of synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Most often they appear:

  • during pregnancy and lactation — breast, belly;
  • when weight or with a sharp weight loss on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and other areas of fat deposits;
  • the athletes with the rapid increase in muscle mass — chest, shoulder girdle, inner arms, thighs;
  • in the period of rapid adolescent growth — in the lumbar region, and thighs and Breasts of the girls;
  • in diseases associated with metabolic disorders, the syndrome Itsenko-Kushinga, adrenal hyperplasia, Marfan syndrome.

Fresh stretching, formed less than six months ago, has a red or reddish-purple. Over time it brightens, becoming almost white.Description and beneficial properties of matter

Supporters of alternative medicine Shilajit is positioned as unique for its healing properties of the product. Mountain gum (or mountain balm) — it is so often called Shilajit, and for good reason: the substance produced exclusively in the highlands. Medicinal substance has the appearance of a thick resinoid mass, endowed with a rather sharp, unpleasant smell.

The process of formation of the mummy is still shrouded in mystery. It is only known that it takes several hundred years to the substance appeared in the interaction of soil, rocks, animals, plants and microorganisms.

The unique composition

Information on the composition of the product is also ambiguous: contained in Shilajit components may vary depending on the place of its production. Officially, the composition of the substance of more than 85 valuable for the body minerals (including magnesium, iron, manganese, gold, copper, silver), eight amino acids, as well as a substance endowed with the properties of penicillin.

The value for the skin

The unique composition of the product ensures it is useful for the skin effect. Regular use of mining tar:

  • stimulates the regeneration;
  • activates microcirculation of the blood;
  • nourishes the epidermis with nutrients, increasing its elasticity;
  • moisturizes.

Does Shilajit of stretch marks? Thanks to the curative properties of organ-mineral substance really helps to make old stretch marks less noticeable. Also substance can be used as a means of prevention to prevent their occurrence.

The healing power, Shilajit is used in the treatment of fractures and wounds, diseases of the digestive system, disorders of sexual function in women and men. A beauty appreciated and efficacy of the product in the care of skin, hair.Choose quality product: how not to buy a fake

Thinking about how to use Shilajit of stretch marks, you should better buy a quality product. During the reign of the Persian king Feridun quality mountain resin was tested empirically. In the treatment of fractures in small animals with a mixture of genuine Shilajit and rose water bones grow back together in about a day. In our days this method is irrelevant, but there are three important issues to consider.

  • Form of issue. The easiest way to buy the product in the form of tablets, capsules or powder, but these products contain only the extract of mountain balm. It is better to buy Shilajit in its purest form. However, to find that the resin is harder, but you can use the services of reliable online stores.
  • Appearance. Quality product — bitter taste, has a smooth, shiny surface. If a piece of the mountain of resin slightly mash with your fingers, it will become pliable and soft.
  • The solubility in water. A quality product is completely water soluble.
  • Unscrupulous sellers can give mummy a mixture of clay and sand, droppings of small rodents, sea buckthorn oil, canned meat and so on.Blend recipes from Shilajit of stretch marks and methods of use

    To use Shilajit of stretch marks at home in two ways: in the form of home-made creams and masks to body wraps.

    Homemade cream

    Make the cream is not difficult, however, to store it in glass containers on a shelf in the refrigerator no longer than two weeks. Pills Shilajit vs stretch marks you can use, but keep in mind that 1 g of natural rock resin can replace 50 tablets.


  • Stir 4 g mummy with one to two teaspoons of boiled water, cooled to room temperature.
  • Mix with 70-100 g of any baby cream (as well a body lotion).
  • Let the mixture stand a quarter of an hour, then mix thoroughly.
  • Application

  • To take a warm shower, treating problem areas with a scrub or after massaging fully, areas with stretch marks, hard sponge.
  • Apply the cream on areas with striae. RUB the tool follows a circular motion.
  • After two or three hours to take a warm shower to wash away has not been absorbed by the remains.
  • Apply the cream with mumie against stretch marks need once a day (preferably in the evening, before bedtime) daily. For prevention, it is sufficient to use two to three times a week. To the smell of homemade cream with mumie was not so sharp, you can add part two or three drops of peppermint essential oil or lavender.Wrap

    Mix of the mummy and baby stretch mark cream is easy, so this method is most often used when dealing with striae. However, a valuable product used for effective treatments with body wrap.


  • Make a cream with mumie (see recipe above).
  • In the presence of cellulite to enter into the two or three drops of any citrus essential oil.
  • Application

  • Take a warm shower or bath, in order to reveal the pores. To work problem areas of the body scrub.
  • Apply to problem areas composition of Shilajit.
  • The treated areas to wrap with plastic wrap.
  • Wear loose clothing that you do not mind dirty.
  • Relax for 40-60 minutes. It is desirable at this time to lie under a blanket. If the procedure is the composition of the essential oil, its duration is reduced to 15 minutes.
  • To take a warm shower.
  • Apply a stretch mark cream.
  • Carry out the procedure you need through the day, the full course consists of 12 sessions. While old stretch marks may require two to three months. After that is recommended to use the wrap once a week to strengthen the result. As evidenced by numerous reviews, the wraps of the mummy of old stretch marks is also effective.

    Contraindications and precautions

    Before using any tools with mummy are recommended to have an Allergy test. A small amount of product should be applied on the bend of the elbow, wait for a day. To use the train, if the skin does not show any undesirable reactions (irritation, peeling, rash). Wraps is contraindicated in:

    • individual sensitivity to the components of the composition;
    • pregnancy and lactation;
    • diseases of the vessels and the heart;
    • gynaecological pathologies;
    • high temperature;
    • infections;
    • Oncology;
    • disorders of blood clotting;
    • open skin lesions;
    • dermatological diseases;
    • the presence of a large number of moles on the body;
    • varicose veins;
    • the influence of alcohol.

    Mummy sometimes leaves on the skin the brown of the trail, to remove which will help lemon juice or milk to remove makeup.Use during pregnancy and lactation

    External use product has almost no contraindications and side effects. To use Shilajit of stretch marks immediately after giving birth and during pregnancy. However, there are a few warnings:

    • first you need to consult a doctor;
    • you cannot apply essential oils;
    • should abandon the use of Shilajit if you experience discomfort;
    • it is not recommended to make wraps during pregnancy and lactation.

    Lactation it is not necessary to apply the compositions with the mummy on his chest. When used on other body areas need to ensure that the product was in the mouth of the baby.4 secret skin without ugly bands

    It is better to prevent the appearance of stretch marks than to deal with them. The use of Shilajit is most effective for the prevention of stretch marks, so it is better to start to use the product with the appearance probability of their formation (for example, in the early months of pregnancy or during weight loss). To increase the effectiveness of home remedies with Shilajit by observing four simple rules.

  • To start the fight against stretch marks as early as possible. If the appearance of striae could not be avoided, it is better to start to treat them immediately. Fresh stretch marks can be gotten rid of fast enough, but hoary to clean thoroughly is almost impossible.
  • To use additional methods. The process of getting rid of stretch marks faster if in addition to funds from the mummy to use other methods. So, it will help skin to heal a cold shower, oil massage. While old stretch marks can not do without stronger methods, such as laser resurfacing.
  • Eat right. A balanced diet will provide the body with essential to restore the skin nutrients, vitamins.
  • To use Shilajit regularly. Home remedies to eliminate stretch marks should be used consistently, not from time to time, but in this case, you can expect a good result.
  • Efficiency of Shilajit in the stretch marks is confirmed by numerous reviews of those who this product has helped to restore the skin. But it is not necessary to wait for the result after two or three sessions — you will need at least ten treatments, complemented by self-massage, regular homemade body wraps.

    Reviews and results

    I’m 3 week use of Shilajit. And here are the results: on the chest stretch marks are much smaller, the thighs almost disappeared!!!!!!! This recipe helps! Only it is necessary to do so for one month, if the stretch marks are old. Girls, don’t be lazy — this is a simple and affordable way of getting rid of stretch marks.


    Shilajit of stretch marks completely will not remove, but just make them less prominent. I found the recipe of the mummy and the cream used in hips, where after birth, stretch marks appear. Bought at the pharmacy Shilajit, dissolved in 1H. L. water, wait until mummy has dissolved and added 1 tbsp of baby cream. Thoroughly mixed and applied on the places with stretch marks and carefully massaged. Did the procedure every day. The effect was noticed after 5 treatments, and even decreased cellulite.

    Ekaterina Kushnir,

    …Many inventions are invented by lazy people to make their life easier. I eventually realized that I was wildly annoying every time to wash the dishes after soaking the pills in the cream. The solution is simple – smear stretch marks lotion, take the pill Shilajit, and led her to the lotion to the desired concentrate, smeared, rubbing. All!


    Important after delivery to immediately begin to deal with stretch marks, girls, I rubbed the stretch marks mummy, he smells sharply of course and not very nice, but the effect is excellent! For partial neutralization of the odor, you can add a few drops of essential citrus oil.


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