Should I make a wrap with capsicum of cellulite?

Despite the fact that the wrap capsicum has many contraindications and side effects, in people, this method of fighting with cellulite is very popular.

Everyone is attracted by the “instant disappearance of cellulite” even after one wraps capsicum, reviews talking about this. Besides, medication “on the Advice” dispensed in pharmacies without prescription and is cheap.

Today on the website “” we’ll talk about how to make wrap capsicum of cellulite and whether or not it is very effective for weight loss.

Eye drops: what’s in it?

Warming all very popular among athletes (to warm up the muscles), as well as people suffering from pain in muscles and joints (relief of pain syndrome).

Note the effect of the drug on the skin:

  • Warms up.
  • Relieves pain.
  • It improves blood flow.
  • Relaxes the muscles.

What substances that are included, can help to remove the cellulite, the hated orange peel on the skin?

  • One of the main active components of the drug capsaicin. It is a synthetic analogue of the substance which is isolated from hot chili peppers. Getting on the skin, capsaicin dilates blood vessels, therefore improves blood flow. However, as with any hot wrap, there is a feeling of heat, burning, and tingling.
  • Also the composition contains Dimexidum (dimethyl sulfoxide). About how it affects the skin, we wrote on the website. Recall that this is a great guide that delivers essential nutrients deep into the skin.

Assume that these substances included in the composition of capsicum can be effective to fight cellulite on the skin.


Despite the fact that the feelings that arise when applying ointment, can not be called pleasant, it is on the warming effect noticed by those who decided to make wraps with capsicum to get rid of cellulite.

  • The pain was searing and terrible. I quickly washed them away under a cold shower. No longer dare so hard on yourself. Eugene.
  • I wanted to enhance the effect and decided to combine the wrap with exercise. Bake enormously. Perspiration only enhances the effect of capsicum, but to sustain it is impossible. Ludmila.
  • And I quite tolerable. Are capsicum with caffeine, wrapped and even at night all leave. The next morning the skin becomes very smooth. Faith.
  • The main thing to endure the first hour – then let go. Very, very happy! Valya.
  • If it burns, wipe the skin with vegetable oil – as a hand removes. Katya.

Judging by the reviews, clearly answer the question of whether to use capsicum to get rid of cellulite impossible. One this drug really helps, and they leave positive reviews about the wraps capsicum. Other a long time can not forget the feelings that caused this procedure, and discourage those who wants advice on whether to make wraps with capsicum of cellulite.

Capsicum cellulite: recipes

You may come across various recipes that use all of cellulite. But they have a lot in common:

  • no one recommends that you use the advice from cellulite and for weight loss in its pure form;
  • capsicum take quite a bit (no more than 1-inch strips or pea);
  • before wrapping and after it suggest to not eat or drink for 2 hours;
  • so as not to cause skin burns, eye drops definitely wash off with cool water after 15-60 minutes after application – depends on how many people can stand the “torture of fire”.
  • as its composition already contains capsicum warming substance, is not recommended to mix it with the prepared anti-cellulite creams and ointments can cause skin burns.

We offer you some of the most popular ways to use the advice of cellulite.

Cellulite cream with capsicum

The easiest way is to add quite a bit of ointment gel, cream or olive oil.

  • Received cellulite cream is rubbed into problem areas to remove the “orange peel”.
  • It can also be used in anti-cellulite massage.
  • The remnants of the cream to remove from skin with water or vegetable oil.

Wraps capsicum

To achieve the best results in the fight against cellulite can be, if you do the hot wraps.

Capsicum and caffeine for body wraps

The most popular option – wraps capsicum and caffeine.


  • Caffeine 2 capsules;
  • All the stripes of 0.5 mm to 1 cm (pea-sized)
  • Children cream – ¼ standard tube.


All mix, apply a thin layer on the skin, turn around food film.

Pre-skin you need to prepare for the wrap. About how to do it properly, talked in the article about a more gentle method of combating cellulite Wrap blue clay.

Recall that the skin need to steam, cleanse with a scrub, RUB until the appearance of redness. Film turns gradually in several layers, starting from the knees and lifting up.

Attention! Not recommended to use eye drops for body wraps belly, as those treatments can aggravate gynecological diseases. Wraps with this burning ointment is better to make the thighs and buttocks.

Capsicum, caffeine, papaverine and honey

Also popular is another recipe wraps from cellulite capsicum, caffeine, papaverine and honey.


  • Caffeine and papaverine – 2 ampoules. (You can take the caffeine tablets – 2 PCs).
  • All no more than a pea;
  • Honey – 3 tbsp

Capsicum will have a vasodilating and warming effect on the skin, caffeine will moisturize and increase elasticity, papaverine displays the excess liquid, the honey will soften the effect of capsicum and saturate the skin with nutrients. Use this mixture of cellulite you need in the same way as in the previous recipe.

Capsicum and white clay

With white clay you can also make wraps, the reinforcing effect by the addition of capsicum.

  • Pre-clay should be diluted with warm water.
  • To add a little capsicum and apply on problem areas.

You can enrich the composition of the ground coffee or honey.

To create a greenhouse effect wrapped up the problem areas with cling film and warm.

How often do body wraps?

Despite the fact that for the treatment ointment is recommended to put on problem areas 2 times a for 10 to 14 days, to use eye drops cellulite suggest at least – through the day.

  • Pay attention to the advice that was bought! The one in orange packaging – fusion. From him, the body burns it add less, but the one in motley, not so hot. Did in the evenings every other day. The skin began to look better, but the volume in centimeters 4 went for 10 wraps. Larissa.

What you need to be ready?

Despite the fact that the beautiful half of humanity are very pleased with the results of the wraps capsicum of cellulite, reviews of doctors on the use of drugs not for medicinal purposes is not so optimistic: there is no special need to use medicines is not recommended!

In the instructions to capsicum not a single word about the fact that it is used in the field of beauty, so use it for cosmetic purposes should be cautious.

Inspired by positive feedback about the effect of capsicum on the skin, many try to close their eyes to all side effects that may arise from this procedure.

Normal eye drops from cellulite should not cause swelling of the skin, swelling and burns. Valid only burning and redness of the skin. If you experience adverse reaction, you either had too much ointment, or you have individual intolerance to the drug. You need to wash all the body and take any antiallergic medication. The reaction must be held within 8-12 hours.

  • To determine acceptability of unit test for allergies. For this eye drops with the applicator is applied to the bend of the elbow and watch the reaction. If itching or urticaria (rash), to use the drug for getting rid of cellulite impossible.
  • In any case the advice is not applied to damaged skin.
  • Don’t do the hot wrap capsicum during menstruation in order not to provoke internal bleeding.
  • It is not excluded aggravation of gynecological diseases.
  • Wrap capsicum causes an increase in blood pressure and increased heart rhythm.
  • It is impossible to do these wraps for varicose veins.

Still, if you want to use this method to combat cellulite, be careful with capsicum.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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