“Sick love”: what to do?

There is a stereotype that love definitely hurts. It is particularly prevalent among adolescents, which differ in emotionality and perception of everything that happens around them.

In the hearts of boys and girls of this age are sometimes born sick love is not just a feeling of affection towards another person, and real dependence on him. To deal with such experiences can fully grown people, if they are very sensitive natures.

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” today decided to share with readers his opinion and the views of psychologists on why there are such feelings, are they a disease and whether it is possible to get rid of them.

Sick, crazy love: how to put such diagnosis?

As one of the characters of the popular sitcom “Univer”, love is an irrational feeling. In other words, a sense of tenderness and affection to one or the other person to explain logically impossible.

Very often hurts from love happens in cases that have no relationship to pathology.

And yet there is a distinct difference between a sick feeling and a love that just hurts: in the latter case we are talking about one-off forms. When a person falls sick with love, he suffers constantly.

The pathological sense, according to the observations of psychologists, can manifest the following symptoms:

  • The desire to constantly be near the object of desire.
  • The strongest jealousy, unwillingness to share favorite nor friends, nor colleagues, nor even his relatives.
  • A willingness to tolerate him any bullying. Even if a loved one is constantly humiliates, banishes or resorts to physical violence, he still gets forgiven.
  • Feeling severe pain from understanding his indifference.
  • Doctors call this feeling love neurosis. They say that this pathological attachment usually occurs in people with a predisposition to it.

    How can a man get love?

    The website sympaty.net believes that saying “I am sick with love” wrong. In the case of pathological, fanatical affection the right to say “I support this person”, because here it is not all about love. The so-called love neurosis often strikes people with unstable mentality. Therefore, it is a kind of mental disorder.

    Who usually suffers from bigotry toward other people?

    Psychologists have analyzed many such cases and came to the conclusion that a sick, unrequited love is the lot of those who felt its deficiency in childhood.

    Not getting the right amount of warmth from their parents and other relatives, a child in adult life, begins to experience a strong desire to love someone else to give care and warmth, which he did not get himself.

    To cope with a heavy feeling of uselessness and loneliness is especially difficult for gentle, lyrical nature, which are most often women. They often talk about sick love as about the main problem of his life.

    I must say that the symptoms of love neurosis in people prone to it, often manifested in adolescence in the form of fanaticism. Of course, girls fall in love with actors and singers quite often and this can not be called a disease. But when their fanaticism grows to the absurd, the painful nature of these feelings becomes apparent.

    Bigotry can be expressed not only in relation to celebrities. Many people love to madness is a very ordinary person. Love so much that literally not allow him to breathe. In this case, both suffer, but the problem can be addressed only in love with himself. There is a principle: “Rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning.”

    Sick love: what to do?

    The very first step on the road to recovery from addiction is the realization of the existence of the problem. It has the same nature that alcoholism, drug abuse, and gambling.

    As a rule, based on people trying to hide from the realities of life. He is afraid to engage in a real, normal relationship. So for getting rid of addiction he needs to overcome the fear of true life.

    There are a lots of ways to do this:

  • Socialize more with people, often to get acquainted. Forget sick love is easiest in the company of understanding friends or just like-minded people.
  • Learn to love and accept yourself. A sick, pathological love is a condition that almost always arises in people with extremely low self-esteem. They think that they are not worthy of these feelings, hence there is unceasing emotional pain. Effective pill from such a pain can be only in love with himself. Psychologists advise: take a piece of paper and try to write on it all its advantages. For sure, among others there are “loyalty”, “selflessness” and “empathy”. Alone of these qualities you can love yourself. But each person has other positive traits.
  • To transfer your feelings and concern on those who really need it. How much on earth creatures, which is so necessary to their just noticed! Stray dogs and cats, orphans, people who find themselves in difficult life situations. Imbued them with pity, you can quickly shake off the painful, fruitless love, and to provide all possible help to them.
  • To refer to spiritual practices, to find inner harmony. Meditation, prayers, recitation of mantras is a great cure for mental illness. They help to transform pathological, unhealthy feelings of emotions that bring people only good.
  • To understand that love cannot be a disease or a punishment. Real, true love, is a tender and noble feeling, which causes a person to desire the object of his affection happy. Truly loving man his feelings don’t cause any pain because they are light and bright. This desire from time to time to admire the object of attachment (even remotely, e.g. via the Internet), to know that he’s fine, he doesn’t keep grudges.
  • People who suffer from the sick of love, our website advises to take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds, the breath, exhale, and then call your loved one and say, “I’m leaving. Be happy,” and erase his number from memory.

    Of course, to cope with his ailing love, and learn to experience a Mature, constructive sense is very difficult. This is hard work on yourself, which involves meeting a person with their most hidden fears. And to cope with this task really. The main thing here is the desire to get rid of pain once and for all.

    Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

    “Sick love”: what to do?

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