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7 Jan all Russia celebrates Christmas on this day was born Jesus Christ. The holiday is ancient, and before the revolution was considered much more important than the New Year – so I celebrated with a scope, and at the signs of Christmas knew.

Signs Christmas has a special significance, because Christmas will pass, and year are set. In this life there is little interest in crop of peas, but some signs and customs are quite modern. Female site will tell you about these signs.

What to do on Christmas day for luck and prosperity

Gala dinner on Christmas day should be started only with the appearance of the first star in the sky. Remember – “until the first star is impossible!” Oh, and then have to keep my eyes open to not miss any of the Christmas signs!

All day on 7 January is best to go visiting and receiving guests. It is also important to communicate need for Christmas only with those people who can bring you happiness.

Christmas is a wonderful time for shopping, large and small. Buy something nice for Christmas – a great omen and a sign that the purchase will serve you faithfully.

At Christmas, we decided to light a lot of candles, lights, fireplace – if you have it. Candles attract to your home warmth and richness.

Definitely need to light a special candle in honor of deceased relatives, then they will definitely help you in the coming year, will attract into the house luck and prosperity.

If you have Pets, at Christmas, they have plenty of feed, then the year will be satisfying, a good in financial terms.

What not to do at Christmas

There are things that Christmas should not do – if you believe the signs, they can bring misery into your home.

If you decided to have some fun hunting to do this from Christmas to Epiphany (19 January). At this time, the nature protects the animals, so killing an animal is considered a grave sin.

On Christmas day the girls can not guess – wait, you have all holidays to come!

Also at Christmas you can not clean the house, to farm and to sew.

At Christmas you can’t drink the water, so clear all the mineral water. There’s coffee, tea and other great drinks. Honestly, luck is a bit strange, but it is better not to drink water than the entire year to suffer it is not clear what ?

Monetary signs for Christmas

The first money sign of Christmas – it’s tradition. The cake is baked a coin, and who gets the slice with the coin, waiting for the great monetary fortune in the New Year.

On Christmas eve (January 7 to January 19) view on the nature. If the sky is often filled with stars or often snows, or on the trees, lots of frost, the year will be rich, satisfying, profitable.

If the day of Christmas it is snowing – a very good omen and promises a good year.

If at Christmas in the sky flaunts young month – year will be very bad financially.

If you invite guests for Christmas, let’s see who the first will come in your house. If you are a woman, then all women your family will be hurting.

Weather Christmas signs

It is believed that on Christmas eve the sun goes on summer and winter — the cold, that is, the days become longer and the cold stronger. Warmed!

If 6 January, Christmas eve, will be the storm – that spring will start early this year, before the first greens.

If Christmas day will be warm, then spring will be cold.

That’s all the Christmas signs. Have a good Christmas! Let the coin end up in your piece of Christmas cake ?

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