Signs to the wedding for the bride and groom: what you can and cannot do to make life happy

“Ah, the wedding, wedding sang and danced” into joining the married life happiness, love and prosperity. And all the wedding traditions that have evolved over the centuries, carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation, based on the unshakable belief that what will happen on the wedding day, and so goes the life of a young family. Grandmothers are the guardians of traditions are strictly monitored to ensure that we complied with all the wedding rituals and superstitions. And they are rich in all stages of the wedding – from buying the rings before the wedding night. What signs promise happiness or trouble to the bride and groom? What can I do to newlyweds on the wedding day, and that is strictly forbidden?

Good omens for the bride

  • The night before the wedding, the bride must sleep in inside-out nightgown (mother-in-law will love), and on the pillow, beneath which lies the mirror (always be beautiful).
  • Before the wedding, the bride must cry. It promises her happiness in the marriage. Specially to make the young to tears, can her parents, expressing touching words of blessing.
  • Wedding dress must be one piece that portends a strong marriage, unlike a sewn corset and skirt, the divine bride separation from the groom.
  • Dress dress of the bride, believing in an omen that the length of the dress determines the length of family life.
  • On the underside of the dress the bride sews a sprig of lovage (on tough love) and makes several stitches of blue thread (from the evil eye).
  • Happy omen is if the dress will help the bride to wear a woman remain in a happy marriage 7 years in a row.
  • Shoes young needs to close and the heel and toe. Well, if they are a day or two before the wedding several times preneseni. It to happy roads.
  • Good omens for the bridegroom

  • Happy considered to be a wedding ring, which was purchased by the groom. Ring with smooth flat surface – the key to a long family life “without a hitch”.
  • Prosperity will provide the coin, which the groom can put in your Shoe under the heel. It will be a talisman of material well-being of the family.
  • To make the bride’s house on the hands – so to fill the house with love, happiness and faithfulness.
  • The bridegroom, who eats at the wedding table a lot of sweets, will give the bride lots of sweet kisses and passionate love.
  • Bad omens on the wedding day

  • The bride is supposed to follow closely the bouquet to the end of the evening, he did not fall into the wrong hands (to give happiness), with the heels on the shoes (broken heel to a “lame” family life), my dress (if it breaks – to quarrels with her mother in law).
  • Colorful or embroidered patterns belt on the bride’s dress is the threat of future childbirth. Maternity will be hard to give birth.
  • To drop during the wedding or the wedding ceremony, any personal effects – self-fulfilling misery. For example, the handkerchief is to be a bride, a widow, a ring of misfortune in the family. If dropped the ring, and through it is passed a plain string, which will take over the entire film. After marriage it is burned.
  • The lost ring after the wedding the pair portend a major falling-out or separation.
  • Wedding car decorated with doll’s bad luck for the unborn child.He may be dead. The best decoration for your car are considered the ringing of metal bells or sleigh bells.
  • Scattered on the table or the chairs, where to sit the couple, chips or bottled water – to quarrels and scandals.
  • What you can and cannot do for newlyweds

  • Not young, yet not being in a legal Union to give each other pictures. Separation.
  • Not the bride and groom meet before the wedding. If the young before the wedding ceremony will see his future wife in her wedding dress – to be trouble.
  • It is impossible for the young to wear their wedding outfits without the charms and energy protection. The groom fasten a safety pin a head downwards under the boutonniere, the bride from the wrong side of the dress hem.
  • One cannot do a wedding with borrowed from the parents wedding rings. This means to sort out the fate of their family life. Strictly forbidden to do it, if the marriage of the parents did not work.
  • Newlyweds can not allow anyone to measure their matrimonial rings, even the most native and close people.
  • Not a young couple dancing on their wedding apart. Allowed dancing only with their parents, after which they must re-unite the hands of the newlyweds.
  • It is impossible to get young at the table on different chairs. They have two for one bench. But the dishes must be strictly at everyone. To try food or drink from the dishes to each other is prohibited.
  • Can the newlyweds in front of the house to break a beautiful plate for luck!
  • You can break the first glass of sparkling champagne to married life overflowed with happiness and prosperity.
  • Can a young couple before marriage to eat one chocolate to family life was sweet.
  • It can be a long ride after the wedding ceremony. It is believed that because the couple tangle the traces for the impure, who will not be able to find a way for them and ruin the family fortune.
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