Skin care after 30 years at home masks, scrubs, peels, daily routines

After 30 years begin an irreversible aging process. Having wrinkles, the skin becomes dry, the face loses its elasticity. But the complex proper daily care of skin after 30 years are likely to remain attractive in a more Mature age.

Morning daily care

In 30 years in the female body reduces the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and disturbed lipid barrier. The skin condition worsens, the person becomes dry, wrinkles appear. During this period to care for skin after 30 years in the home need to use moisturizers and tonics daily. Every morning should begin with a cleansing and pre-makeup routine.

  • Wash thawed or boiled water. Never wash your face with plain water from the tap since it contains chlorine, which dries the skin. Use a clean melt water or mineral water without gas. At least come pre-treated with a filter boiled water. If you are the owner of dry skin, according to the recommendations of the experts, it is better to wash with a cleansing lotion or milk.
  • Toning of the skin. To make up for the lack of moisture will help tonic, handpicked for your skin type. If the face is shiny, wipe it off with a weak solution of green tea with lemon juice. Also, give the skin tone and tighten pores will help the ice cube. Freeze the medicinal herb tea or berry juice daily before applying the cream, wipe cubes face.
  • Application of the cream. Moisturizer must meet not only age, but skin type. In the spring and summer before leaving the house instead of the usual cream, apply with UV filters that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

During the day for extra hydration sprinkle the face with thermal water or mineral water without gas.

Evening skincare

In the evening you need to devote a little more time than in the morning.

  • The removal of makeup. Clean the face from makeup must. Your regular foam or gel. To care for combination skin after 30 years is better to use a micellar water. In its composition no alcohol so it doesn’t dry the skin.
  • Deep cleansing with a scrub. It removes not only dead skin particles, but also stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the face will be smooth and radiant. For oily skin peels done once in 3-4 days to dry — once every 2 weeks. To achieve maximum effect is possible if the person stew.
  • Applying a night cream. Do not use any cream 2 in 1. It is better to buy separate day and night. It is possible to replace oil intended for skin after 30 years. If your face is inflammation or pimples, use with salicylic acid.

In addition to the daily care of the face, remember that the condition also influenced the power of bad habits and a passive lifestyle. Not only the facial skin after 30 years, but the entire body requires special treatment and care. So it’s time to abandon the harmful and fatty foods, alcohol and Smoking. Daily exercise will improve the mood and tone of the body.

Salon methods for deep impact

To improve the internal condition of the skin and correction of fine lines beauticians suggest periodically doing a few procedures.

  • The chemical peeling. Renews skin cells and gives the face a healthy look. Peeling is an ideal tool for prevention of aging and eliminate wrinkles and lines. To carry out this procedure you need in the winter, so the sun’s rays could not burn and so the damaged epidermis.
  • The injection of hyaluronic acid. The composition enters directly into cells and immediately acts on wrinkles. For maximum effect it is required from 5 to 10 procedures. Injections smooth the skin, remove not only wrinkles, but also inflammation. No moisturizing cream, even the most expensive, not capable enough to moisturize the face.
  • Fillers with hyaluronic acid. Help to cope with the scars, remove wrinkles, add volume to lips, cheeks, and nasolacrimal furrow. With fillers it is possible to adjust the shape of the face and to correct the asymmetry. The effect of fillers is saved 6-24 months.
  • Massage of face, neck and decollete. Reduces the tone of muscles and increases — weakened. Massage allows you to adjust the shape of the face, reduce wrinkles and smooth folds. Improves blood circulation, the cells receive more oxygen and nutrients.
  • The hardware cleaning the face using ultrasound. Safe salon treatment for aging skin. Cleaning the skin of impurities and inflammation produced on the subcutaneous level. At home this effect is impossible to achieve. After a deep cleansing, you can use special masks for the face in 30 years.

At this age have not yet requires a major salon-type beauty shots or plastic correction. However, it is not necessary to wait until the skin will rapidly aging. Several cosmetic procedures every six months and you will forget how old you are.

Care depending on the problem

Beauticians advise to use special masks and serums, as they deeply affect the skin and after a month of constant use give visible effect. When purchasing specific tools, pay attention to what problem it solves, and not only on the age.

  • Wrinkles and loss of elasticity. To get rid of this problem will help mask and serum with the peptide. Such funds to restore the facial tissues at the cellular level. Skin care individuals who are over 30, should include funds with hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful hydrant. Mask with collagen — a real lifesaver for women. After the first application will return the skin a healthy and refreshed look.
  • Inflammation and Shine. Clean the pores of funds to help with kaolin. The most effective mask that should be applied every 2-3 days. Other days are fairly light cream with vegetable oils, chitosan or seaweed.
  • Dull complexion. Use a scrub, it will restore the complexion and return him Shine. Secure the resulting effect will help the concealer or powder with reflective particles.
  • Hyperpigmentation. At home quite difficult to get rid of old age spots. But you can try. To do this, include in its programme for the care of the skin good serum with arbutin, salicylic acid and vitamin C. this means positive feedbacks not have side effects.

10 simple tips professional beauticians

  • Every 3 days apply a mask appropriate for your skin type. Dry is best suited with a moisturizing or anti-stress effect, for oily — an anti-inflammatory.
  • Change your makeup depending on the time of year. For winter buy a special “frosty” series for the summer — tools with UV filters.
  • On dry skin apply the cream is more abundant than combination or oily.
  • Select the makeup should be age appropriate, as a means for young skin simply will not allow Mature need power.
  • Care is necessary not only for face but also for neck and décolleté.
  • All the creams, masks and scrubs apply only along the massage lines.
  • To prevent puffiness night cream use to 22:30.
  • One reason for the rapid aging of the skin — sunburn. Therefore, while in the active area of the sun, use a cream with UV protection of at least 50.
  • Drink green tea, it eliminates free radicals.
  • Pay more attention to their nutrition. A beneficial effect on the beauty of the juices of cabbage, celery and parsley.
  • Popular recipes of masks

    Folk remedies only consist of natural components and have a beautiful effect on the face, giving him his healthy complexion and smooth out wrinkles. The effect often exceeds the result from the application of industrial cosmetics.

    Cranberry juice for oily skin

    Help remove inflammation and Shine. Before applying any masks rasparte face to great effect. In a pan make a decoction of chamomile or nettle, after cooking add 5-6 drops of essential oil (for oily camphor—, dry — shek, for normal — geranium). Lean over the vessel, on the head, throw the towel, for 15 minutes poparte face. Do not lower head low, can burn the skin.


    • 1 chicken egg yolk;
    • 1 tsp of cranberry juice;
    • 1 tsp low fat sour cream.


  • All components of the mix.
  • Apply on a steamed face.
  • Hold up 15 minutes, rinse with a weak solution of tea.
  • The effect secure a nourishing cream. Apply it all over face.

    With grapes for wrinkles

    Grapes — a natural antioxidant, which helps to smooth the face and remove wrinkles. Suitable for any skin type.


    • 50 ml of liquid honey;
    • 50 ml of juice of grapes;
    • gauze.


  • Mix all the ingredients.
  • A small amount of the mask apply a piece of folded 3-4 times Marley.
  • Attach to the face.
  • After 15 minutes clean your face with water.
  • Gelatin for dry skin

    Dry skin requires special care, it is most subject to rapid aging. So after 30 years start to actively moisturize, nourish with vitamins and minerals the epidermis and saturate with moisture.


    • 1 cucumber;
    • 12 ml of brewing green tea;
    • 10 ml of aloe juice;
    • 10 g of gelatin.


  • Grate the cucumber on a fine grater to get the pulp.
  • Mix with tea and gelatin.
  • In an ovenproof dish place the mixture on a slow fire. Bring to thick.
  • Cool to lukewarm and add the aloe juice.
  • Apply on face for 20 minutes.
  • Do not rinse, gently remove the tape. Rinse your face with cool water.
  • Scrubs and peels for aging skin

    These procedures must be part of a comprehensive skin care after 30 years. Scrub gently clears away the top layer, and the peeling promotes deeper impact and eliminate age spots.

    Coffee with cheese

    Easy to scrub homemade. Eliminates blackheads and oily Shine. It is recommended to apply no more than twice a week. For dry skin — one every two weeks.


    1 tbsp soft cheese 9% fat;

    1 tbsp ground coffee.


  • Mix cottage cheese and coffee.
  • Lightly put on clean skin.
  • Hold for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Soft Indian Gama

    Cinnamon provides gentle exfoliation, not traumatic skin, but acting a bit deeper than the scrub. Lemon juice provides an acidic effect on the upper layer of the epidermis, scraping dead skin cells.


    • a quarter of a banana;
    • a quarter teaspoon of ground cinnamon;
    • tablespoon of lemon juice;
    • 2 teaspoons of yogurt.


  • Mash a ripe banana into a puree, mix it with cinnamon.
  • Add fresh lemon juice (not store) and yogurt.
  • Apply the mixture with a thick layer on the face. Massage.
  • Lie like this for 20 minutes.
  • Yogurt can replace sour cream in the winter, as it provides strong hydration for dry skin. After the procedure within two hours do not go outside, even in warm weather. The skin is exposed to external influences due to open pores and quickly become contaminated.

    Deep peeling

    Actively affects the top layer of the skin, removes scars. Do not use if you have sensitive skin or rosacea (dilated blood vessels).


    • 15 ml of ammonia (or camphor);
    • 15 ml of boric acid;
    • 15 ml of glycerol;
    • tablet gidroperita;
    • coal-tar soap.


  • Soap RUB on a grater.
  • Mix with the remaining ingredients to achieve a creamy consistency.
  • Apply the mixture on face and wait until dry.
  • Rinse soaked in 10% calcium chloride cloth.
  • After 15-20 minutes rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  • Periodically review your makeup bag and look through money on a new one. Follow the drinking regime for the saturation of cells with moisture from the inside. Remember that scrubs, scrubs and facial masks after 30 years require regularity. Timely care will save your beauty and stop time, and a flawless appearance will be a reward for effort.

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