Skirt with high waist: how to pick up on the figure?

The website “” continues to tell about fashion the things worthy to live in your closet. Today, our “main character” skirt with a high waist. How to choose and what to wear – please read on!

How to choose a skirt with a high waist on the figure?

High waist, even regardless of the specific skirt style, has a very important role here – it stresses the difference between the bust and hips, making the figure more feminine!

But still need to find a model to visually balance your particular body type. The website will share the tips.

  • “Hourglass”. This is the type of shape that allows you to wear any skirt with a high waist.
  • “Pear”. The problem here is to balance the inequality of volumes of thighs and Breasts. Coming to the rescue pencil skirt with high waist. You should avoid styles like “Tulip”, “balloon” — they are even more visually widen the hips.
  • “The Apple”. The main task of the skirt to emphasize the waist. With this task it is best to consult a flared skirt with a high waist or skirt – style, extending from top to bottom. But there is a catch: you have to be very careful with the “pencil” straight and short skirts, especially with a sufficient amount of bust. These models will further narrow the hips and make a more noticeable belly. A typical example is the early image of Verka Serduchka: this character looked extremely ridiculous in a short straight skirt with a high waist.
  • Rectangle (boyish figure). Again, better suited to flaring models that shape a more feminine silhouette. However, with sufficient harmony there are various version of the mini high-waisted “pencil”.

More tips on how to choose a short skirt on the figure, can be read in a separate article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.

What to wear with a skirt with a high waist?

The skirt of this cut suggests that any top tucked in, otherwise it defeats the whole idea of the Empire waist. What can you wear with these skirts?

  • Shirts of any style. Especially with straight skirts.
  • Blouses. While blouses with ruffles, “yoke” or other decorative accent at the neck in combination with the skirt visually enhance bust. Blouse boxy or “bat” is also visually expand the top part, creating a contrast with a slim waist, which accentuates the skirt.
  • T-shirts, knit tops. They also fill inside, under her skirt. This is an option for youth skirts that do not require rigor.
  • Short tops or bustiers. Very shocking, but in some situations, you may want to try! Of course, these things under her skirt are not made.
  • Short jackets. To most effectively beat the combination of the skirt with a high waist and a cropped jacket to wear the jacket open.

Shoes to skirts this casual

In principle, high-waisted itself does not set specific requirements for the shoes. However, it should be remembered that short skirts look better with a heel (especially if the legs are full). Also heel requires a pencil skirt.

Skirts with high waist are kept in fashion for several seasons and, it seems, are not going to disappear – so probably need to think about restocking your closet for such a thing!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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