Skirt with sneakers: how to create a stylish image?

Modern fashion is full of paradoxical combinations, which, however, with proper selection of items can look very interesting! One of them is a skirt with sneakers. How to wear these things together and look stylish will tell original women’s website ““.

What skirts to wear with sneakers?

Shoes – shoes are definitely lax, so the combination of clothing with them will look youthful, fresh and informal.

You can get skirts, which are also reminiscent of the sporty style – for example, mini-skirts like tennis players.

However, there is a fundamentally different approach to imaging: the contrast, i.e., combining athletic shoes and feminine, dressy skirt! With these words actively used by designers and stylists, dress like a celebrity!

What skirts are good with sneakers?

  • Mini all styles – straight, “barrel”, pleated, ruffles, “flared”, etc. Wearing a short skirt with the shoes, you can’t go wrong!
  • A-line skirts long to the knee.
  • MIDI skirt, straight, knit, “sun”, “tat”…
  • Skirts MIDI length. This is the same contrast – for instance, tennis shoes and layered skirt of tulle!
  • With Maxi you have to be very careful – sometimes a slim figure looks a winner combination of knitted ankle-length skirt with slits and athletic shoes. However, elegant skirts Maxi length are irrelevant, because look bad with flat shoes.
  • Skirt with train, short front. This popular the last couple of years .. perfect for shoes!

It is not necessary to wear sneakers with skirts-Godet, strict “pencils” and straight skirt, completely covering the legs Maxi (exception can be made for the Maxi with slits or a translucent bottom).

Great importance is the style of the skirt, the fabric from which it is sewn…

For example, skirts, denim brand generic in this case, that is, the denim skirt can even be a “pencil” — and still look great with sneakers!

How to choose the right combination of skirts and sneakers on the figure?

Tailored to suit your physique, deciding to wear a skirt with sneakers, it is absolutely necessary – because any combination can only afford perfectly-glossy “Barbie” medium height with a slender (but not skinny!) feet.

And the “mere mortals” it is necessary to remember some recommendations from the website ““:

  • Shoes – shoes on a flat sole. Accordingly, the growth they do not add. So if you want your feet in the shoes look longer and you a little higher, then choose a short skirt! But with MIDI and Maxi especially be very careful.
  • Knee-high gaiters or visually enhance the length of your shins, that is the combination of “shoes + knee socks + short skirt” is especially effectively cope with the task visually to add to your growth!
  • On the contrary, if you’re tall and would like to be visually slightly below – choose skirts below the knee (and the puffier the skirt, the more she “takes” the length of the legs!).

  • If you think your legs are overweight or just “big-boned” — choose straight or tight skirts (regardless of length).
  • If you have broad hips (the type of figure “pear”) it is better to wear a-line skirts, flared or other flared model.
  • If too thin legs you can wear almost any skirt, but you want to avoid lush or trapezoidal mini. But widening towards the hem of the skirt up to the knee or MIDI-length is what you need!
  • Shoes-converse (that is, the model, covering the ankle) visually complete lower leg and shorten the leg, so wear them better than girls with slender legs and narrow ankles. The same effect can give the sneakers worn with high socks.

But of course, nobody canceled the personal sense of taste and, perhaps, fitting you like some totally unexpected combination of skirts with sneakers, which was interesting precisely because of its “incorrectness”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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