Skirts for fat women — tips for correct choice

Your delicious rounded figure absolutely does not forbid you to wear skirts. Moreover, with the help of this item of clothing can be beneficial to emphasize your femininity and to hide some flaws. How to choose skirts for fat women? And what advice would you give famous stylists? Find out in our article!

If you think to choose a beautiful and stylish skirt for the fuller figure is impossible, I hasten to please you. You are wrong! The designers have ensured that you could not hide his body under shapeless clothes. And enjoyed this classic piece of clothing and fashion.

What can skirts for full hips

When choosing skirts for full figures important is to avoid common mistakes. Safely pass by the bulky skirts of the bags so they do not hide the extra pounds (as is customary to believe many “chasers here”). On the contrary, they visually enlarge the figure, making it just a shapeless. Remember, your round shape is not a disadvantage. After all, ladies in the body, according to the majority men look particularly feminine and seductive. And fashion skirts for the full — no exception to the rule. On the contrary, this was an important recommendation of stylists for the ladies who care about their appearance.

With well-chosen skirts for fat women you can emphasize your strengths: beautifully to the contours of the silhouette and to Express their individuality in clothing stylish colors and the actual cut. Several successful solutions in the wardrobe, and your love to your reflection in the mirror for a long time will calm your nerves and enhance self-esteem. Even if you really want to be slim, but nature had a different plan, do not despair. Even today, you did not help kefir diet, but thanks to the “proper” skirts, you will look beautiful and luxurious. And their combination with high heeled shoes and loose stockings, bright colors will make your look even more slender and spectacular.

How to choose a full skirt woman

  • For ladies with type figure “pear”, which features surround the lower part of the body fit pencil skirt. It can be combined with adjoining or draped top.
  • The figure of “Apple” with unexpressed waist looks spectacular in the elongated blazers or tunics. Moreover, their length can be knee length and shorter.
  • Do not stay exclusively on dark colors. Saturated and bright colors are absolutely contraindicated not the full figure.
  • Contrasting prints are also not banned. Just make sure that the figure was not small.

Pencil skirt

Perfect complete lady. This style is delightfully heavy and slimming silhouette. However, he emphasizes the buttocks and calves beautiful, visually pull the stomach. Skirts for fat women this style is recommended for office, business meetings and special events. A plain skirt can be combined with blouses, pullovers, jackets.

The skirt is flared

Choose a skirt is A-line of light, flowing materials that are very easy to drape. The top of it should be made in the form of a rigid belt, elastic or drawstring with cord. This versatile style is offered as a long skirt for full and medium length.

Very romantic look all versions flared skirts, bell, Godet, shestikhino. With their help you can easily hide the hips and emphasize the waist. Include them in your wardrobe in any season, just by choosing different materials and colors. Another advantage skirts-bottoms — versatility. They go perfectly with both dressy and casual riding.

Skirt with high waist

Hides the tummy and elegantly the outline of the thigh. Wear long options straight cut or a stylish an amuse Bouche.

The wrap skirt

Jerseys option of medium length is also suitable for office attire. And the long skirt of translucent fabric is the perfect choice for the summer: to travel to the resort or walking in the Park.

Pay attention to the fabric

Designers recommend naselenie smooth materials. They provide a good fit and will not add to you additional inches. Totally abstain from corduroy and boucle.

Perfectly fit into the closet full of skirts for women from the jeans. They are suitable for walking, shopping and to visit. Wear a denim skirt often, as this material has the property that each time to “sit” on the figure better.

For the summer heat will be relevant light fabrics — crepe de Chine and Indian gauze. For autumn and winter time will fit knit and wool Jersey. Of them can sew or purchase a skirt knee length or Bohemian model in the floor.

Elastic fabric used in the sewing of skirts for special occasions. They can go out or go on holiday. These skirts usually have adjacent cut, and can be decorated with asymmetrical or smooth frill.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to choose several options of skirts, taking into account features of the figure. And feel feminine and confident at work, the party and the guests!

Skirts for fat women: video

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