Slicer for home: what to choose?

Appliances that are designed for mouth-watering cuts of any products, we are called not quite appetizing word – slicer.

Many people who heard that there is a slicer for the home, imagine a device that shreds something huge chunks-chunks. Actually the slicer-slicers (from the English. “slice” — the slice or piece) to cope with its task perfectly: the pieces that fall under the sharp knife of the slicer, work perfectly fine, beautiful and the same.

Moreover, the slicer teeth are actually all the products: it is carefully and finely cut bread and sausages, cheese, vegetables and fruit. The hostess noted that the cuts made by the slicer, looks elegant and delicious.

The women’s website “” just have to tell my readers about what slicer for home how to choose this device for those who want to have it in your kitchen or wish to choose an electric slicer-slicer to someone as an original gift.

Do I need a slicer in the home?

Opinion about whether change in the economy or it is absolutely useless appliance in the house was divided into two camps: some argue that these excesses, they, they can thinly slice the products, others say that home slicer makes great work in the kitchen.

  • Was able to appreciate the slicer lovers pizza, sandwiches. Of course, nobody will launch a device to cut sausage and cheese for a couple sandwiches. But users have adapted: cut slicer all in advance and placed in a container which is stored in the refrigerator. You need to make a quick sandwich? Got sliced products did. Everything is easy, simple and fast.
  • Slicer will help to lay the table at home. You will cut all you need. And you get all the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. And if you remember that there are varieties of sausages, the taste of which is felt only when accurate cuts, what to do at home is not always easy, the slicer will become an indispensable helper in the kitchen.
  • Helps a slicer for those who like to do homework for the winter – slicer in a few minutes to cut onions, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and other vegetables.
  • They also say that the slicer perfectly cuts any bread, even the one that crumbles when sliced or soft, just baked.

Whether you need to look for the which slicer is better to choose for a home, you probably decide after reading my article on the website ““.

The principle of operation

The main action part of this device – sharp-peotry electric knife. Therefore, those who decided to buy a slicer for the house must be prepared for the fact that the kitchen will appear the object of increased danger.

The principle of operation is quite simple:

  • You move the carriage with the product that you wish to cut, here and there, and a sharp knife easily it shares the same pieces, which then fall into the tray on the other side of the device.

Everything happens quickly and accurately, but do not forget that before you the knife, so remember about security. Here’s how to say about the principle of feedback on a home slicer.

  • It works like a chainsaw! I was even a little creepy to see an outdoor circular knife. The head was a horrible picture. But over time I realized that it’s not so bad. More precisely, it is not scary. The knife is at a safe distance, and to hurt him is virtually impossible. Now I’m not afraid as before, but don’t yawn, working with the slicer. Watch out for the kids! The slicer works so interesting that they do not delay. Svetlana.

So, how we understand. Let us examine in detail what is electric slicer for the home, what to look for, so you can choose the best slicer on the market.

What to look for when choosing?

The slicer consists of a housing platform for products, a sharp knife and a reception tray. The movement of the knife is driven by motor, which operates at a certain power.

There are several parameters which should be taken into consideration when purchasing a slicer.


One of the minor flaws of this device is its size. If you are going to buy a slicer, just make sure that for him was reserved a place on the cutting table. This is important. Those who hide the slicer in the far Cabinet, reviews say that it is not the case. To cut, to get lazy, to quickly deal with a utility knife.

Therefore, the choice for slicing should be given inpatient. This is the first advice to those who decide how to choose a slicer for the home.


Let’s begin with technical characteristics: the higher the power, the better for domestic appliance. But in the case of an electric slicer for home use power 100 W the wave enough. Necessarily look for stronger options, device if you plan to use it only at home.

The rotational speed of the disk

In ameresco good brands there are several functions of rotation of the disk, which contributes to a better performance of work. Soft food is best cut at a slow speed (cheese, vegetables), and solid – at higher revs (sausages).

But even if you got a good slicer for home with no function of speed adjustment, it is not so scary. For example, professionals work with lomerizine at the same speed. I think you’ll adapt to push products to the knife.


Given that a knife is a dangerous part of the slicer, the developers have taken good care of safety of use. In most models, in order to enable the slicer, the user must simultaneously hold down the 2 buttons on the case, only then the slicer starts to work. It is very convenient and safe.

There are also models where the slicer only works when button is held clamped. As soon as it is released the device stops working.

The knife ameresco hides in a protective case, and the products are pushed to disk either automatically or by means of a pusher, not your hands, which eliminates the risk to expose your fingers to the knife.

Knife material

Most companies make knives for home laterask stainless steel. Most high-quality slicer with German knives Solingen. Their release of the company Krups, Bosch, Siemens. Here quality speaks for itself. You can also find slicer with ceramic knives.

Most popular in life & slicers with blades of stainless steel. They have good reviews and choose the slicer for home with ceramic knives, according to does not make sense.


Knives in ameresco can be with straight or wavy edges.

  • Wavy knives are more versatile: easy to cut products of any hardness and density. These knives can chop soft fresh bread.
  • If you buy a slicer with a straight knife, it does not mean that it is bad. She also copes with its task is to slice the products. By the way, cheese is better to cut it with a knife with straight edges.

That is, the edges of nAWO can be arbitrary. But if the price difference between the models with straight or wavy sharpening of a knife is not essential, it is better to take with wavy edges.

Also, it laterask feature of self-sharpening knife, which is also very convenient.

Function “backlash”

This word is hiding a selection function of the thickness of the cut products. Many models of standard cut thickness from 0 to 17 mm. That is enough. Adjustable thickness of slicing by hand at all ameresco. She exhibited before you turn on the device.

Many models on the body exposed the recommended size for sausages (2-3 mm), cheese (3 to 4 mm), bread (11 mm). But it is not so significant parameter. With regular use, you will pillowcases to your favorite size.


Produce slicer metal body and plastic. On the functionality of the case material does not affect the price as.

  • Metal slicer is most often used in restaurants, cafes, large shops, where there is a large flow of cutting.
  • For electric home laterask quite suitable as material for the plastic housing. Known manufacturers of it is very high quality.

Better when you select a note on the body of the material, and the fact that the legs on the slicer was rubber. We saw the reviews about ameresco for home, where users complained about the fact that without the rubber pads on the legs slicer unstable.


Of course, choosing this device, it is better to give preference to trusted companies. We have already mentioned the German firms Bosch and Krups. It will be the best choice. In addition to these firms, this device also produce poles (Philips) and Siemens. Not everyone has heard about the technique Slatronic. If you meet slicer for home Slatronic, buy – will not regret.

Most reviews we saw about ameresco Zelmer and Bosch. Hence slicing these firms are very popular with Housewives. They received at least 4 points out of 5.

  • Sometimes users complained that the handle crumbled in the slicer (BOSCH MAS6200N).
  • In the slicer BOSCH MAS 4201 N quickly broke down flap, and the thickness of the slit does not correspond to the exposed size.
  • Also in the slicer BOSCH MAS 4201 N legs is no rubber linings. Slicer slips.

But a lot of positive reviews female site met on ameresco ZFS 0915/393 Doris Zelmer, Zelmer 294.6, Bosch MAS 4500, Siemens MS 78001. So in the final model, perfect power (140 W), has 4 speed mode, there is a light indication and this slicer can be embedded in kitchen furniture. But the price of the slicer for home Siemens higher than that of the furniture firms Bosch and Selmer.

So we tell you how to choose the slicer for the home. Finally I will give you some recommendations manual.


Slicer cuts all products, except solid frozen meat, meat with bones and fruit with seeds.

Wash the slicer a snap. The knife can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand and body is enough to wipe with a damp cloth. Of course, manufacturers are recommended to wash the knife after cutting each type of product, but users simply wipe the disc with a damp cloth.

Little tricks

  • Cut first fat sausage, then bread and cheese. You will not have to wash the slicer after sausage.
  • Cheese will not stick to the knife and won’t crumble if the disc wipe with a damp kitchen cloth.
  • Fatty ham, the sausage, place the fat side up.
  • If you want to make cuts at an angle, cut the edge with a knife first, and then substitute a product called slicer.
  • Carrots would be better to cut, if it is lower for 1 minute in boiling water.
  • If the knife is straight, the citrus is better to clean from the skin before cutting, but the wavy knife will cope with the rind on lemons and oranges.
  • Bananas, too, before cutting it is better to clean.
  • Knowing all the basic information about what a slicer, what to choose for your home, you can easily master this new appliance. Take a closer look to the slicer. It is quite suitable as a gift for a wedding, housewarming party or other celebration. Sure that those who receive electric slicer for home as a gift, will appreciate its capabilities and will always meet you, well, at least perfect for sandwiches and slicing fruit! That’s for sure!

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