Slimming for the lazy at home: is it real?

Today the site “” again invites you to talk about losing weight. But the article is not a rigid diet or exhausting physical exercises.

It is dedicated to all the lazy people who would like to lose weight, but without effort. Sometimes people for weight loss do not have the willpower and sometimes banal time in the day, especially in the dynamic rhythm of modern life.

So slimming for the lazy: what you need to do and what not need to lose weight with absolutely no effort?

Did you know that losing weight is possible without strict diets? Nutritionists and consultants on nutrition claim that too strict diets are often not only no effect in reducing weight, but also greatly slow down and weight loss, and metabolism.

And it turns out that for weight loss it is not necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym — and this is the perfect option for the lazy.

Below we offer you 5 proven and very effective ways to lose weight fast and effortless even for a month.

Buy the right products

In order to lose weight fast lazy, don’t have to follow a rigid diet. Today there are many recipes of delicious dishes, but to cook them to lose weight need of healthy products.

But if you do not think about your diet plan ahead of time, but for sure, going to the supermarket, always tempted by the smell of fresh baking or smoked, appetizing appearance of the cakes and sweets are easy and processed foods… no Wonder you want to lose weight and get rid of excess weight, because it is high in calories and not very useful food.

How to learn how to buy the right products?

The first “commandment” for the lazy — go to the store full! Make a list of food for a week, it is not necessary to be purchased in store for a whole month.

Consider the “lazy” meals that you will prepare on Monday, Tuesday, weekend, Sketch menu — so it will be much easier to navigate the store.

Do not take the cart — enough basket. Buy vegetables and fruits, look in the meat Department, and then in milk. Shelves with cakes and sweets are better to avoid — this technique will really help you to lose weight.

Advice from start around the supermarket with the produce section — they are, incidentally, usually located at the beginning.

Even if you’re hungry, imagine what a delicious salad you prepare at home. Buy more colorful gifts of nature (you can take both home on the market) — this will allow you to satisfy the appetite “eyes” and faster to lose weight!

Eat slowly

If you are one of those who fit rigid diet for weight loss, the diet itself can be no limit! Believe me, there are many more simple and gentle ways to lose weight lazy.

And one of the main rules: eat slowly, regardless of what you eat.

Want to experience the full taste of food and lose weight?

Then nicely cover the table even at home, even if you dine alone. Use not only fork but also a knife, cut food into small pieces and each of them chew.

This technique is for the lazy will not only learn the so-called food etiquette, but also to effectively lose weight. Because the signal of saturation enters our brain immediately, but eventually. It is therefore often recommended to get up from the table hungry — believe me, after 10-15 minutes you still feel satiety. But if chew food slowly and thoroughly (and it’s perfect for the lazy), you can get up from the table and fed, while eating a portion of 1.5-2 times less than your usual — and you won’t even notice! Diet for weight loss that is necessary, you will agree!

Drink more water

“Yes I am drinking enough” — you say and… you will be right! The water doesn’t count any other liquid — no tea or juices and especially sweet drinks.

Looking for how to lose weight lazy-just over a month? Suitable water diet: just drink water — pure, simple, sparkling, and preferably not too cold. The reception is great for the lazy — put near the work area a big bottle of water, not to forget about it.

Our body consists of about 70% water, and when it is not enough, disrupted the natural removal of toxins, upgrade blood and lymph, the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract and renal system, and, of course, impossible weight loss.

The truth is “I’m hungry — drink some water” has a scientific justification: often our brain confuses the signals of satiety center, and thirst center, and we feel like eating when actually the body is not enough water.

In addition, the water fills the stomach, and after drinking a glass of water before a meal, you will eat a much smaller portion of food and lose weight fast. No need to count calories or deny yourself favorite foods, just eating 200 grams lukewarm water before each meal (10-15 minutes) and even before snack. This diet for weight loss lazy approach even for working people, for it is not needed at home — drink an extra Cup of water and in the office.

Move more

We remember that this is the secret tricks for the lazy, and therefore does not encourage you to visit the gym 4 times a week weight loss is possible without it. Of course, this would be ideal, but intense exercise are not suitable for everyone, besides, many have no will power to after a hard day of work to go to training.

Start to move more for weight loss can be much simpler:

  • In multi-storey buildings (you have at home or at work) choose the stairs, not the Elevator — just don’t forget about it!
  • Get to work on foot, if it is located relatively close. In addition to physical activity, you will saturate the body with oxygen and will raise the efficiency.
  • Often clean the house. Yes, cleaning with a duration of 30-40 minutes can burn about 100 calories, and the house is clean and tidy.
  • Turn the music up and dance — it is possible to combine with the cleaning, but you can just actively move in front of the mirror and calories are burned and mood lift!

Remove the stress

By the way, about the mood: the easiest way to lose weight fast lazy at home to smile more! You know what prevents us to lose weight? “Bad” stress hormone called cortisol — it is responsible for the accumulation of fat in the body and its postponement. The question is not only in losing weight and the slimness: it turns out that cortisol promotes fat storage even on the walls of blood vessels, resulting in cardiovascular disease.

And yet — the more of cortisol in the body, the lazier we become and hepaticae!

To cope with high cortisol levels (and lose weight at the same time) helps positive thinking, stress relief and relaxation, exposure to fresh air and, of course, smiles and laughter.

American scientists have proved that losing weight for the lazy possible with the help of loud laughter. Effects of aerobics: actively involved the press, the pectoral muscles are even internal muscles around the organs and also burns calories (about 10-40 per minute — a little, but still). Besides, it stimulates the lungs, you inhale a lot of oxygen, and it stimulates the heart and blood vessels, accelerates blood flow in the body — in short, to lose weight fast even diet not needed!

These very simple methods for the lazy will allow you to bring your weight loss, and for them to fit in even a home setting. There is no need to work with a trainer, visit a nutritionist or to push yourself too — trust me, you won’t even notice it and started doing something substantial to reduce weight and the effect of weight loss will be achieved in a month!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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