Small crossbody bag: what to wear?

Comfortable and stylish little crossbody bag is an essential accessory for fashionable urban women, women active and confident! These handbags go well with skirts and with dresses and with jeans, so I’m sure there are all readers of the site!

What are the little bags over your shoulder?

Bags with long strap or chain that is worn over the shoulder, are rarely large is a compact model for the city. Among them, both evening and office or almost sports model.

By construction, the shoulder bag can be divided into the following groups:

  • “Postal worker” — rectangular with a large flap which almost completely covers the front of the bag with a wide comfortable strap. Worn on the shoulder or aslant — one-shoulder. If the handbag shape is nearly a square, then this model is called “military bag” or “tool bag”. This is a practical bag of casual style.
  • Torbock-transformer. Popular model: the fully expanded form is a rectangular bag with long thin strap and folded in half – something like a clutch!
  • Envelope. Rectangular bag with a triangular or trapezoidal valve. Conventionally, the envelopes are the large kind of clutches.


  • The classic clutch on a chain (on how to pick out a clutch and wear website already told).
  • Flat bag. The classic model – in the form of a vertical rectangle, with several zipper-“lightning” on the front part.
  • Torbock hippie. Bag sack patchwork, embroidery, applique, or woven of wool yarn in style of hippie, ethnic. Come in different sizes including small, which is so comfortable to wear over the shoulder!
  • The “saddle”. Small round leather bag.

Of course, this list small women’s bags shoulder cannot be considered complete and final, because the designer’s imagination inexhaustible, and every season you can find something new and extraordinary!

What kind of images can be supplemented with a small women’s shoulder bag?

Mainly, the overall style of each image specifies the material from which made the bag. For example, you should know that:

  • Leather (or pleather) bags are good for most combinations of clothes: they are suitable for light and thick fabrics, knitwear, knitting, etc. in addition, they will fit almost any style. Leather bag – an indispensable addition to business clothes, this is the perfect solution if you need a bag to outerwear.
  • Textile bag – already a sign of a lax identity: for example, sacks printed or applique will fit the kits in the style of boho, hippie, ethnic.
  • “Octalink” and “instrument bags” is good for the youth style they are combined with jeans, jackets, down jackets, hoodies and bombers.

If you can’t figure out what to wear small women’s crossbody bag, we can offer ready-made options:

  • A walk in the Park — the boyfriend jeans, plaid shirt, converse, bag-“saddle”.
  • To gatherings with friend in a cafe — knit Maxi skirt, loose sweater, ankle boots, bag-envelope.
  • For the evening at the club — short trapeze dress, heels, clutch, chain.
  • To work — pencil skirt, blouse with short sleeves, flat shoes, “the envelope”.
  • Out – the bell skirt, a blouse, a jacket with sleeves to the elbow, “boat”, the clutch.

Assume that you have and own ideas of what can be combined small shoulder bag!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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