Soap nuts for Laundry: reviews

Our ancestors at the time for delicate and woolen fabrics used the dog soap and saponaria officinalis (the popular name of soap root). In order to make a soapy solution, the root of soapwort was filled with hot water, boiled and soaked in this water washing. Especially soapwort rescued in time of war, when there was a shortage of soap.

But as many recall, hands soapwort pinched hard, and irritation of the skin remained, but the grass had a strong antibacterial effect, not only washes well, but and disinfecting wounds.

In our time, soapwort soap and dog forgotten, no one cultivates these plants and not instead of soap and powder. Instead of our family of products we offer “overseas saponaria” imported from tropical countries soap nuts for Laundry.

Soap nuts have the same properties as soap. But to use nuts more convenient and practical. Yes, the saponins – soapy substance that foams — in the fruit of a tropical tree contains more.

We have already told you how to use soap nuts for washing hair, and today let’s consider in more detail whether they are better than powder?

Soap berries-nuts for washing

Soap nuts are called fruit capodistrias tree sapindus. The name “nuts” fruits was due to similarity of appearance with walnuts. Are balls, diameter 1.5 to 2 cm, covered with wrinkled cracked skin. It contains foaming agent is saponin. In the shell of the fruit of the tree which grow soap berries, this substance is the most – up to 38%. So the soap nuts are more effective in soapwort and other plants such actions. Also easier to collect, easier to transport and store.

Enterprising businessmen of India and Pakistan has launched mass production of soap nuts for washing and shampooing, and now the fruits of sapindus are sold in almost all countries.

How to wash?

Soap nuts can be used for washing hands and for washing in the machine. The most common ways are the following:

  • Sprinkle the handful of nuts in a fabric pouch. Hand-washing in a basin with hot water and shake well to foam, or to send a bag of nuts in the machine. After washing, nuts are not thrown away, but used as long as they have a saponin.
  • More efficient cooking broth. About how to cook it, we reported in a previous article on soap nuts for washing hair. Add some ready broth in the compartment for powder, the other – to throw their clothes in the drum machine.
  • Which way will fit you, unknown. The first is faster for “lazy”, and the second can be called universal – the broth is suitable for washing and for washing hair.


    Reviews about soap nuts for Laundry can be found a variety. The General enthusiasm is not found.

    Many, having experienced the nuts in action, only use them, citing the fact that they are in any case better than chemical powders. Others believe that soap nuts for Laundry – this is only a new-fangled thing for pumping money: washing after use of nuts is not sparkly clean, and stains are not mysteriuous.

    The website will introduce you to the most informative reviews about the soap tree nuts for Laundry:

    • I purchased soap nuts, mukorossi for washing clothes and shampooing. Tried them in hand-washing. As mentioned in the instructions, put 7 nuts in a bag, dipped in warm water, he stood there for 15 minutes, stirring the water and started to wash baby t-shirt with a spot of jam. Ter heavily, the stain is only lightened. Rubbed on top of the bag with soap nuts. The stain didn’t wash out! Generally the remedy. But the head I wash them to much. Only for a long time. Victoria
    • When I made a concentrate of soap nuts for washing, we can assume that he met with them again. Added 100 ml in capacity for powder in the washing machine, start washing at 60 degrees. Effect – super! Foam was much linen wisterias and smelled clean and fresh. So I suggest to use soap nuts for washing — reviews of those who have not got them to wash, I consider it unreliable. Girls just have not found the correct application. Karina
    • I also did not appreciate initially, nuts. Stains do not wash out, linen was not fresh. Then I found my mistake. In the bag you should add 10 – 15 nuts, not 5 – 7, as they say in the instructions. The machine load is not full, and half. In this mode, pouch foams well, and washed all wonderful. Larissa
    • I cook the broth and stored it in a jar. My head, use for hand washing and even add in a dishwasher. Before washing the broth well heated, intensively shake and add 50 ml of 70 in a basin with hot water. The water is also stirred well and soaked for an hour in the washing. If there are stains, the broth is poured right on them. After a time, wash by hand or sent to the Laundry. And. Still better than a powder, especially considering that such washing does not require additional rinsing. After hand washing I do not wash clothes. Elena

    Summing up all we found the reviews about soap nuts for Laundry, you can make the following conclusions:

    • Soap nuts can be a good alternative for children’s Laundry and also to wash the things those people who are allergic to chemicals contained in washing powders, but perfectly clean Laundry is not remain long dirt, spots, the white stuff does not wash out and don’t glow white;
    • Hand wash using soap nuts is less efficient than a machine;
    • Laundry with soap nuts in the washing machine more efficient, to use the decoction of soap nuts, and not to use the pouch;
    • To improve the properties of soap nuts for washing can, shattering them in half or pieces before plunging into the pouch.

    This is important

    Focus on a few important points.

    What sort Laundry better?

    Today popular 2 varieties of nuts, mukorossi and trifoliatus. For washing is better suitable nuts grades of mukorossi.

    How to determine what the nuts already wash?

    If the shell will stand out enough saponin, the Laundry will not be effective. To determine the suitability of nuts to use, inspect them. Fresh nuts have a shiny shell, dense enough – 1 – 2 mm. After a few times of use, the shell becomes thinner, dull and is soft.

    As far as the nuts?

    The average bag of 10 nuts is enough for 4 washing machine. If you wash a couple times a week, then 1 kg of nuts should be enough for about 9 months. Don’t forget that nuts, pre-dried, can be used multiple times. Dried nuts are a must – they can just turn sour. Therefore, each time after washing you need to hang out on the clothesline right in the bag, and then reused.

    A little about heating elements

    By the way, the soap nuts can not protect the heater in the washing machine from limescale, which is formed due to hard water. Soap nuts don’t soften the water. So scale the machine will need to fight.

    Effective in this matter will be acidic agents (vinegar, citric acid, Apple juice, etc.) that periodically need to clean the heater.

    Add the acid directly into the washing machine when washing with soap nuts is impossible. The acid will neutralize the saponin, so the Laundry will not be washed off.

    Thus, for those who are looking for what to replace washing powder, can you recommend soap nuts for Laundry. This safe environmentally friendly product, which is not bad, but not perfect, does its job.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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