Soda for face: mask, massage, bathing. How to use baking soda for the face

The website “” has repeatedly mentioned in different articles about folk remedies for face care. Today we decided to take a closer look, all the soda used in cosmetics. How is baking soda for face? What are the treatments really effective?

Soda can:

  • to wash;
  • to massage the face;
  • make masks, including medical.

Washing with baking soda

This procedure is particularly relevant if you have oily or problematic skin. Also soda can be applied in the spring or before winter when the skin needs special protection.

Wash with baking soda.

  • The easiest method is to dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water, stir thoroughly, to wash and to wipe his face. The skin itself needs to absorb the right amount of moisture. After 10-15 minutes, it is desirable to again wash with clean water.
  • The second method is washing or wiping the face soaked in soda water, throughout the day. By the way, if you hold the discs under the eyes for 10 minutes, then you can get rid of bags and puffiness.

Finally, a soda for the face, it is useful to apply along with your favorite means, such as a gel or foam cleanser. It is sufficient to add only a pinch in one portion by means of washing.

How often should I wash my face with baking soda?

Optimum wash 1 time a week. Thus your skin will be regularly cleaned of excess fat, toxins. Also soda will create a reliable protection from infection and prevent pimples, acne and other diseases.

If the skin is acne, inflammation, you can use the baking soda for the face more often, for example, through the day. But before this kind of treatment is advisable to consult a doctor.

In addition, washing with soda is worth a stop, if the skin will have a redness, irritation or discomfort.

Massage the face with soda

It is quite a pleasant procedure, whose main goal is to clean the face of dead cells, dirt and various bacteria. Also massage has a refreshing and soothing effect.

For massage, mix the baking soda and coarse salt (in equal quantities). You can add 1 drop of lavender oil which will make the massage more enjoyable.

Soft and smooth movements need to massage the cheeks, forehead and nose with your fingertips. Optimal massage – about 4-5 minutes 1 time a week.

After the massage, you need to wash with water and only slightly touch the skin with a soft towel.

Soft, smooth skin and excellent mood is guaranteed to you.

Mask with baking soda for the face

As from other products of the soda you can think of many masks.

The simplest of them is a purifying mask, to prepare which it is necessary to mix soda and water in equal amounts. Kept this mask no more than 10 minutes. But if it feels burning or other discomfort, then the mask should be washed off immediately!

For deep cleansing

This mask is suitable for oily skin, wide pores, which often clogs lot of dust and dirt.

It is necessary to mix soda and brewer’s yeast (one teaspoon). Also it is useful to add 1-2 drops of orange juice. Kept this mask for about 10 minutes, rinse it with water should be room temperature.

To improve color

Many women use the baking soda for the face along with different fruit juices. And rightly so! For example, the mask of soda and orange juice cleanses, tightens pores, refreshes and evens. For cooking you need to mix juice and soda in equal amounts and then apply on face for 10 minutes.

To power

There are a lot of really nice masks. Perhaps the most pleasant is a mask with honey.

By the way, recently the website described honey masks for different skin problems.

Consider another example of a hydrating mask with baking soda for the face. You need to mix well the honey and heavy cream in equal amounts. Next, add a pinch of baking soda. And the finished mixture should be applied to just cleansed face for 15 minutes. Then a good wash with warm water.

For moisturizing

This mask is great for girls with dry skin. Also it is recommended if you live in a region with a predominantly dry climate.

Mix the baking soda (1 tablespoon) and olive oil (2 tablespoons). The mask should be kept for about 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

How to use baking soda for the face, for medicinal purposes?

Use baking soda to cure many diseases. Let’s start with the hated comedones.

The black dots

You need to mix in soda, oatmeal and hydrogen peroxide (3%) – all for one tablespoon. If necessary, add a little water at room temperature.

The mask should keep for about 20 minutes. After you have washed off the mask with warm water, it is recommended that it is good to massage the face with fingertips. And you can then apply the pore tightening tool, or simply wipe the face with a piece of ice.

From the effects of hormonal imbalance

This mask is recommended for Teens and women whose skin has suffered due to hormonal imbalance.

To prepare the mask you need to mix a soapy solution and baking soda (one tablespoon). Mask should be kept for 10 minutes.

By the way, enhance the effects of baking soda for the face by using essential tea tree oil. Just add 1-2 drops in each therapeutic mask.

As you can see, soda is a simple and affordable way.

But! Do not use baking soda if the skin has small scratches or wounds.

Also you should not use this remedy if the skin is delicate or prone to allergic reactions.

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