Solarium: the benefits and harms of how to use the Solarium

The Solarium is good not only because it gives our skin a nice tanned shade.

It achieved a good cosmetic and therapeutic effect: clears the skin, warm up the muscles that promotes relaxation, are the lungs. And all this is due to the fact that the light energy has a beneficial effect on several processes in the body, for example on the metabolism that has long been used in the treatment of various diseases.

What is the benefit you can obtain when visiting the tanning bed?

  • To acquire a beautiful tan.
  • To reduce largely the risk of osteoporosis. More than one hundred functions of our body are dependent on sunlight. One of them is the synthesis of vitamin D. This vitamin is responsible for the uptake of calcium loss which occurs in osteoporosis.
  • To prevent cancer, reduce the risk of hypertension and eliminate problems such as psoriasis, acne and hair loss, as evidenced by a recent study of Japanese scientists. This requires a twenty-minute sessions in the Solarium during the winter period.
  • To help your immune system to cope with the abundance of infections if you are susceptible to frequent colds.
  • To help and when advanced, but not yet brought to chronic varicose vessels of the legs, and a raised mantle, visible capillaries on the hands and feet.

In all these cases, the Solarium becomes an indispensable tool of recovery.

Cons Solarium

But the artificial sunlight in excessive quantities can lead to many problems — the growth of tumors, disruption of the structure of the hair, discoloration of skin, loss of skin elasticity.

To avoid such problems, it is necessary to observe the following rules when visiting the Solarium:

  • Before a sun deck it is advisable to wash with soap and water and a half or two hours before the procedure or, if you wash immediately before the procedure, replace the soap to a more gentle liquid foam, not to destroy the protective fatty grease.
  • Do not use perfume or any cosmetics , some of them contain photosensitizing substances, and instead of sunburn can lead to skin irritation.
    The only cream that is allowed under the tanning — special cosmetics for tanning.
  • Consult your doctor if you are taking medications — some of them increase the sensitivity of skin and can cause sun Allergy.
  • Eye should wear glasses, and hair covered with a kerchief, so they do not fade and do not become brittle.
  • Do not take the sun’s rays completely naked, especially of the mammary glands. To neglect this rule is really dangerous, if you crossed the thirties.
  • After the session, drink a Cup of herbal fortified tea or juice, rich in vitamin C, take a shower, preferably with a gel for sensitive skin and apply to the skin moisturizing lotion.
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