Sore muscles after workout what to do?

The pain… Like many in this word for muscle strain merged… Today women’s site debunk the fear of the pain in muscles after exercise. On the one hand, this pain is like childbirth: who did not give birth, afraid of and who has – who has what to fear? Most importantly, all this passing moments. If you have sore muscles after workout mean, you made them come to life, and now it is a natural reaction. All of this is normal, common phenomenon, so the panic does not make sense.

We will not allow the complex chemical processes occurring in the body of the exercising person and the more you delve into post-workout symptoms. For us the main thing — to find all possible methods to ease the pain, if we do not have the strength to endure it.

A reminder for beginners: how to do, so you do not hurt?

In all know the measure, increase the pace and workload gradually, it is not necessary in the first lesson, do the splits or strive to keep up with the whole group. Many do not return to the gym because muscles hurt after a workout, under the influence of emotions, and as a result, overload and complete lack of strength. 50 pushups you will do, but only if you don’t scare yourself the first voltage.

The first classes as the first sex hurt first, then very nice. Just be ready: the voltage will appear about the second day after the first workout. Provided of course you are not been in the gym and pumped, though not at full force.

If sore muscles after workouts is not the first time – talk to the instructor, it may be worthwhile to change the set of exercises or to do longer period between workouts. Not passing pain indicate that the load is disproportionate to your strength and muscle tissue no time to recover from trauma.

Always coming to the rescue website advises: if pain associated with sprains, joint injury or torn muscle — it’s better not delay to consult a doctor.

What to do?

  • Stretching before and after exercise is mandatory! It would alleviate some of the stress and aching muscles after a workout will.
  • After school — warm massaging shower, and return home with warm (not hot!) bath for 10-20 minutes. So far so good, looking forward to the next day.
  • Woke up in the morning (if I could) and forced myself to do a little workout with the inclusion of stretch marks. Yes, it hurts, and it feels impossible to even turn the neck, but slowly warming up the muscles, you fill them with liquid and the pain gets washed out. The 15-minute mini-exercise will cause the muscles to tighten again and extinguish incipient pain.
  • If sore muscles after a workout, and you have today thousands of cases, it is possible to take a painkiller, but liking is not necessary. Moreover, the effect of the pill is not as good as the re-warm-up and massage.

  • By the way, do not take the time and do self-massage more often. Stretching the most sensitive places, you are kicked from the muscles accumulated in their chemical selection and let the clamped capillaries fresh blood that will not only reduce pain, but also allow the muscles to begin to grow.
  • If there is no time and artificial nails do not give promyat itself efficiently, turn to the expertwho knows why the sore muscles after workout, how to properly stretch.

In General, this pain need to learn to admire, because you now feel that your body – muscle taut string. Well, albeit under some layer it is not visible, but it will take time and admire his triceps and even thigh will not only in soul but in the mirror.

Times sore muscles after workout mean, they are, and even where you didn’t know! It remains to make seen them all. Little taming, only 3-4 of the workout and the resistance will be broken. The muscles will cease to compel and disturb. Tell them clearly: I want to be sick let sick, but now you will cause them to regain elasticity!

Now someone remembered that the stairs were more difficult than the climb, and at the thought that after a couple need to get up, go to another office and sit down again – heart, and another place. And they don’t compel – they still hurt! Then go back to the middle of the article and reread what to do if your muscles get sore after exercise and act. As you know – the beauty demands victims. In your case, 2 weeks of patience and attention – it is perhaps a victim?

The author – Nadezhda Cherkashina, site

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