Spit twist: how to braid itself, a master class

Today the spit is at the forefront of fashion. They filled the streets and catwalks, they consistently and regularly flash at events of all kinds and sizes (from fancy parties to parent meetings in kindergarten), they are full of covers of glossy magazines and main pages of beauty blogs . Do not stop to weave braids nor the stars of world scale, nor recognized bloggers, or ordinary mortals. Ie weave braids today, everywhere, everybody.

There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that many of us (even the most ardent and loyal fans of all sorts of tangles) could be a solid Allergy to this fashionable and is actively exploited throughout the trend. But sympaty.net encourages you not to give up prematurely and not say firm and categorical “No” to the classic spit. We offer a good enough alternative – twist-braid. More simple and rapid in execution, it is not only not inferior to their “big sister” in beauty, but also manages to bring to the process of weaving a sense of novelty and spontaneity, and the end result is a touch of freshness and glamour. About how to weave this braid, see below.

Where the Shoe pinches….

Looking at the Anglo-Russian dictionary, we learn that in English the word “twist” means “to twist” or “twirl”. And it was this movement formed the basis of weaving braids-the twist. As well as the basis for the eponymous dance, which enjoyed great popularity among young and not so young people in the 60-ies of XX century.

Sympaty.net offers you, our beloved readers, to discard the false conventions, to forget for a moment about the usual, making a fair amount of mouth spit from the three strands and to indulge in intoxicating weave in the best tradition of rhythmic and catchy twist.

Weave the braid-twist: a master class

Before you begin weaving twist-braids should be paid high attention to the creation of radical volume (in the areas of the temples and neck). So the hairstyle will look more daring and unusual. On freshly washed, slightly dried hair, apply some mousse, paying particular attention to the roots. After a full treatment of the roots will doushite hair to completely dry.

Some practical recommendations:

  • Not on your Nelly not braid his hair blond hair until they are completely dry. Otherwise, your braid runs the risk of losing the desired volume, and this will agree, will significantly erode the final result.
  • To give volume to the hair it is best to use mousse it will secure your hair, utagulov in this strand.
  • During the weaving twist-braids do not aspire to accuracy. In this case, a slight negligence will play you.

Note: the twist-braid is so wonderful and that looks equally good as on clean hair, so the hair is not very fresh mytaste. So if you suddenly get invited on a date or you’re just sorely slept on the job – with this option netting will save you and the whole situation.

In fact, the statement:

1. To make the braid (as in our photo example) the middle and slightly necesite the back of her hair. The front strands can be pre-podite Curling irons large diameter.

Note: the parting can be straight or oblique (as well as its direction). Here you can give vent to your hair and taste preferences.

2. Flip all the hair over one shoulder. Separate a section of hair at the base of the parting, divide it into two equal parts.

Note: to make we will be called strands front and back, because in the process of weaving they will occupy such positions relative to the face.

3, 4. Get far (back) under strand proximal (front) and loop them together so that they are reversed.

5. Grab the free hair from the total mass and attach it to the back right. Continue to twist the strands around a circle, changing their places. Thus, the rear lock have to do a complete 180 degree rotation.

Holding the strands with your hand, grab a fresh piece of hair and add it to the front strands. Once loop locks, but now on 180 degrees by swapping them.

6, 7. Continue weaving according to the principle: 1 rotate 180 degrees – 1 added strand. At the same time – the more, the greater thickness should be carried oblast hair. In the end you must weave into a braid all your locks.

8. When this happens, start to twist the two existing strands of hair between them.

9, 10. Fingers to gently lift the hair (in imitation of the fleece) at the base of the braid – this will secure them and will not disintegrate with time. Then with your fingers loosen the braid by pulling the strands are woven up a bit. If you want you can release a few curls at the sides. Secure the hair lacquer.

Epilogue, and several useful recommendations

I hope that our today’s virtual master class will lead you to the most bold and daring experiments, because this “twisted wire” technology allows you to create a very unusual and interesting hairstyles (just look at the photo selection below).

In addition, this method of weaving many other benefits. After all, the braid-twist is ideal for almost all hair types: straight, wavy and even curly. And it has no special requirements for a threshold length of hair. An excellent result is obtained as for long hair and medium length hair and even hair, decorated in a short Bob, or Bob (bangs ? ). But most importantly — this braid to add volume to even the most liquid to the hair.

Good luck with your twisted and cunning nettings.

The author – Poison, site ToKnow365.top.

The article used a photo from the website hairandmakeupbysteph.com

Spit twist: how to braid itself, a master class

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