Sport during pregnancy – what types of activities permitted

Modern women lead very active lifestyles. Not only that, many of them work and run the household, most still devote free time to sports that allow you to keep the body in good shape. However, when the woman is no longer alone in her body new life arose, what about the training? The answer to this question can give women website ““!

Let’s start with the fact that the permission to exercise during pregnancy can give only a doctor who watches the pregnancy.

If there are no contraindications, sport during pregnancy helps to increase endurance, improves cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory system. Physical exercise may reduce the risk of postpartum complications, simplify the process of pregnancy and childbirth reduce the risk of lacerations during childbirth.

Do not forget about the benefits to the fetus. Sport during pregnancy improves cell nutrition and circulation. This leads to the fact that the fruit, getting a sufficient amount of the desired substances, is developing correctly.

Doing at least a little load physical exercise, a pregnant woman reduces the risk of stagnant processes in the body.

However, after reading about the benefits of sports during pregnancy, be attracted to him, beyond measure is not necessary.

Pregnant women are sometimes scared of changes that are waiting for their bodies during and after pregnancy. They put the sport in and of itself, seeking in whatever was to get rid of the slightest fluctuations of weight and sagging of the muscles, absolutely not thinking about the consequences. And female site speaks to such perseverance: “No!”

Sport during pregnancy: what is forbidden

Women who led an active lifestyle before pregnancy, it’s hard to give it up and during a piquant situation. However, some sports during pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated not, and sometimes the load is to reduce or even to stop doing certain sports at least for a period of nine months.

Consider the list of prohibited sports:

  • classes with a high degree of injury (Boxing, horse riding, karate, Aikido, skydiving, volleyball, basketball, skating, etc.);
  • exercises associated with stretching of the muscle (step, dance aerobics, stretching, skiing, etc.);
  • exercises, which are based on swings, sudden movements, bending the back (swimming as a professional sport), running long distance or sprinting, Cycling, diving, water skiing, jumping, tennis, etc.).

As for Cycling, during pregnancy it is better to replace his machine, to avoid the possibility of falling.

Jogging will benefit, but keep in mind that the duration of training should be set by your doctor.

Swimming – the perfect sport for pregnant women. That should be excluded – so it’s diving, Snorkelling.

In General swimming relaxes muscles, relieves stress and leads the body in tone. In addition, swimming trains the muscles of the pelvis, which will make it easier to move labor. Besides, swimming is a great way to keep fit and to quickly recover a prenatal state of the body.

What if the doctor does not permit, and I want?

It would seem that you chose the safest sport during pregnancy in your opinion, and the doctor refuses to give permission for class. Well, you should know that at the slightest complications of pregnancy doctors sometimes being overly cautious and recommend only limited to special exercises for pregnant women.

In this case, the decision depends only on pregnant women but to jump into the pool head is not necessary. Please note for activities such as yoga, gymnastics for pregnant women, Pilates, swimming.

Special yoga for pregnant women will allow you to safely keep your body in shape, prepare your respiratory system for childbirth. Moreover, it is useful to the fetus due to improve blood circulation, and will teach a pregnant woman to control your breathing during labor.

Gymnastics for pregnant women also includes a complex of special exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, alignment, posture, muscle development, participating in the birthing process. Popular exercises on the fitball, which, moreover, is widely used during labor and ease the pain.

Selecting the sport during your pregnancy, take care of their appearance. A pregnant woman should look well-groomed, and her clothes additional requirements of quality and comfort.

Remember that it is best to devote to the lessons of the second trimester of pregnancy, when risks to the fetus are minimal.

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