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And again the summer holidays and travel. You have children and you want to spend a holiday in their company? The most important factor for any type of holiday is its safety. That means a safe holiday with your child? How to anticipate, as not to miss any important detail? Let’s deal with the “Beautiful and Successful”.

Every parent has the right to decide where his child to spend holidays, whether the travel in Russia or abroad.

Start cooking is with the kit. The younger the child, the more kit. Do not be lazy to collect everything on “the war”.

Here is the approximate composition of your kit, which you should take with you for a safe holiday:

  • Antipyretics (Nurofen, Paracetamol, Panadeine, Saridon, Solpadein, etc.);
  • Antihistamines (Diphenhydramine, Suprastin, Tavegil, Diazolin, etc.);
  • Gastrointestinal agents (Smectite, Rehydron, Mezim-Forte, Activated carbon, etc.);
  • Ear drops, eye and for the treatment of rhinitis (Sulfatsil sodium, Naphazoline, Cold, Drops, Normaks, etc.);
  • Antibacterial agents (Iodine, sterile bandages, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, germicidal plasters, cotton wool);
  • Treatment for throat and chest (Ingalipt, Stopangin, Rotokan, Bronholitin, ACC, Doctor-IOM, etc.);
  • The broad-spectrum antibiotics (flemoksin, Sumamed, etc.).
  • Funds from burns and sepsis (Panthenol spray, Ointment Vishnevsky and other means).
  • In force majeure situations every minute counts, so a first aid kit should contain a wide range of products. It will be nice if you never will use drugs, and drugs, but to arm them worth it, especially if you are traveling abroad and your knowledge of English leaves much to be desired.

    Safe stay abroad

    The main areas are Finland (1st place according to Rostourism), Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, UAE, India, Tunisia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, China.

    If your child is not yet 3 years old, is a hundred times think before to pack your bags for the border. The flights, the change of atmospheric pressure, climate, temperature is not easy even for an adult.

    As a rule, tours abroad range from 10 to 14 days, but during this time the body just gets used to the new sensations. Doctors suggest to go for the best effect of improvement for a period of 21 days.

    • For your safe stay with the child beginning to explore the country to which you are traveling. Read books, articles, Internet reports about common diseases in the country which need vaccinations before you travel. For example, in India, Thailand and some other countries you can easily get malaria, cholera, hepatitis, fever or a food infection (I hope that still you will not choose these countries for vacation with a small child!)
    • Don’t take a trip child who is still sick or not recovered.
    • Do not buy your baby food, water, sweets for a safe holiday. Can’t drink tap water, and in some countries even to brush your teeth with it. Do not visit the bazaars and crowded places. Keep your child safe from the crowd.
    • For a safe holiday drink with your child before you travel any probiotic, you will be advised by the pediatrician within 1-2 weeks.
    • Don’t lose your child out of sight for a minute. Stories about “accidentally” drowned in the pool, fell off a slide, broke his leg, choked — familiar to many. Follow the child closely, do not let one anywhere. There are many hotels kids club. Think before you leave a child in this one. It often happens that the animators don’t know the Russian language, have teaching or medical education.
    • Be careful with the sun. Protect delicate baby skin from burns, putting the cream with a protective factor of 35.
    • Follow the food. Never served salads and undercooked or questionable-looking food. Ideally, if possible pour boiling water over the plates and cups before to put food in it. In hotels badly washed dishes, it for anybody not a secret. For a child, choose a children’s menu where everything is carefully cooked and roasted. If the child is still very small — bring baby food with you.
    • Never doubtful of the tour, the child (and you don’t go out!). No insurance and if something happens, but yourself to blame no one will. Consult your guide and purchase the tour only from their tour operator.
    • Night do not leave the air conditioner or adjust the temperature. After the sun and the sea in the cold to get sick easier.
    • Do not meddle themselves where not worth it, and teach your child to avoid to climb, which is not worth it. Don’t want to scare anyone, but, unfortunately, there are many tragic stories that have occurred with kids on vacation.
    • For a safe holiday do not allow your child to stay long in the water, whether the sea or pool. Do not let the child alone at the sea and do not leave one in the pool. Here’s a simple example: a little girl, not knowing how to swim, broke one of the “air cuff” and began to sink in the pool, and my mother at that moment went to the other end of the hotel for a beer.
    • Safe holiday and alcoholic excesses were incompatible. Lose control — lose your guard, you lose control of the child.
    • Take it with you on vacation means against mosquitoes and any other insects. Mosquitoes in the tropics and tropical countries — malaria vectors.
    • Observe your child. Not fanatically disparage, but simply observe how vigilant the parent. The condition of the throat, chair, temperature, etc.
    • Try not to use public toilets in the hotel. And ask the cleaner to thoroughly clean bathroom and toilet.
    • Consult with your pediatrician about your trip to another country. A pediatrician will take into account the physical and mental condition of your child and well tell you how to make a vacation with the child safe.
    • Always carry plastic cards with money or cash. Let you they will not use, but they will give you the confidence that in an emergency you will be able to pay for medical services.

    The miracle did not happen and your child is ill abroad

    Sometimes it happens, and very often. So before you go abroad for a safe holiday be sure to arrange medical insurance for all travelers.

    Carefully read everything that is written in it, especially the fine print. Ask your travel Manager about force majeure situations and how the insurance is valid in such cases. The fact that different tour operators offer different services and medical insurance is also divided into several types.

    If your child is ill on a holiday abroad, your kit will certainly help you out, but the situation may be different. And sometimes requires hospitalization.

    If you have insurance to you in the room will come an English speaking doctor and make all necessary appointments or send your child to the hospital. All the necessary phone numbers of the doctor and the Consulate indicated in your tourist voucher.

    If you are traveling independently, without a permit, then all the expenses you will have to take.

    Stay safe in Russia

    In Russia safe holiday requires compliance with all of the same conditions as abroad. But to get insurance you do not have, although you have the right, for example, to insure yourself and your baby from accidents on holiday.

    You need to take a trip insurance policy. It operates throughout the Russian Federation.

    Still not too lazy to take a medical card of the child to the doctor in the clinic. In extraordinary cases, the child’s card can help doctors. It contains much health information that parents are simply unable to remember. And contact with insurance policy and card of the child under some sudden diseases at any hospital.

    Safe stay with the child when the parents are responsible for the safety rules, monitor their children and carefully choose a country hotel and General place to relax.

    Have a good holiday!

    Author Christina Chuprinina, site

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