Stereotypes, or unclaimed women do not exist

“You’re not a kid”, “Find yourself someone”, “your mom and I don’t want to grow old alone, not being able to nurse grandchildren, “don’t be flippant!” — these phrases are very familiar to many girls around the world. But if in most countries the society for quite a long time departed from the old traditions, and girls older than 27 can easily build a career and achieve different heights in your life, the Chinese society remains true to them to this day.

Unmarried girls at the age of 27+ in China are called “Sheng Nu” — “unclaimed woman.” This is akin to the label, the stigma that falls on the girl from society, forcing her to live under the continuing psychological pressure. The consequence of such loads become nervous breakdowns, personal disorientation and other socio-psychological problems.
Parents of girls who have attained 27 years of age, try the most active way to help his daughters: acquaint them with potential husbands, post online profiles with photos daughters, pointing to marriage as the goal of Dating, and much more. Often neither the mother nor the fathers of girls don’t even want to hear the opinion of his daughter, still standing on his own, being guided by the spirit of passing time. As a result, many girls were planning to marry, are simply forced to take this step in order to meet the expectations of their parents and society in General.

The world famous cosmetics brand SK-II held an impressive rally #changedestiny, which was attended by unmarried girls at the age of 27 years. The company SK-II conducted interviews with each participant, asking questions on topics with regards to their life views and positions. The girls were finally able to Express their opinions about marriage and the modern world and to appeal to parents to ensure that they tried to understand and accept the position of their daughter.

After that, one of the urban areas, the company has put up hundreds of photos of participants, each of which was signed by the daughter’s appeal to her parents: “Mom and dad, I don’t want to get married in order to be married. I don’t want to live this life”, “I just need time to find the man I love”, “Look around you — the world has changed. We have changed everything. So let’s take a look at the world differently?”.

On the day fixed for girls came to this area with their parents to show them a variety of portraits, characters and opinions that exist today not only in Western countries but also in China; to show parents that their daughter is not “special”, not “not like”, as usual, the modern man, with his views and desires, which is today absolutely completely normal.

“Now we understand”, “If she’s nice and she’s happy — we will not insist on marriage”, “We will always support her!” — these words spake the parents of the girls, commenting on the campaign, SK-II, walking between the posters, stopping in front of them, and reading the next message from the girl, faced with the strongest social challenge, providing her the irresistible pressure.

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