Stevia: the secret Inna Volovicheva

Again, the “Piter” publishing house represents to your attention the book the Inna Volovicheva! This time it is “the Main secrets of my diet. The program “-40″ how to keep the weight off”.

You may have already heard about this wonderful natural sugar substitute, like stevia. Today Inna Volovicheva will tell you how to use stevia in the diet. Read!

Secret 5. Stevia

I recall that on the diet prohibited pies, cakes, cookies, candy, milk chocolate, glazed cheese, ice cream and many other sweets. But for the real sweet tooth there are some tricks! Let’s talk about tasty…

If your main problem is that you can’t live without sweets, then you need to look for, what to replace it. A familiar pattern: experiencing weakness and helplessness, the hands reaching for chocolate, in anguish and depression I want candy, and the courage and good mood — ice cream when it’s cold — warm tea with cake… and so on… But to limit yourself is very hard!

If you really REALLY want, it is occasionally possible to allow myself dark chocolate and honey (drinking cold water). Naturally, in small quantities and only in the morning. You can still buy a lot of different teas with flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, Jasmine… This tea will help to overcome the winter sadness, melancholy and a sense of a small festival. As you know, it should not be sugar!!!

But there is one miracle herb that can replace sugar and help with weight loss. It’s stevia — healthy natural sugar substitute and a tool for weight loss.

Stevia is an herb of the family hrizantemovym, which in the wild grows in small shrubs in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. One gram of stevia leaves is equivalent to 30 grams of sugar.

Stevia brewed alone or added to tea or coffee. Extracts of stevia are stored in the refrigerator for weeks. You can use them to sweeten drinks and cereals.

Stevia is used in the form of ground herbal powder, concentrated tincture, tea and supplements to other herbal teas. Tea from the leaves of stevia should drink one Cup twice per day. Stevia, added to tea, herbal teas with rose hips, spearmint, chamomile and other herbs gives them a unique flavour.

To prepare the infusion of 25 g of dried leaves of stevia (half a packet) pour 250 ml of boiling water, bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes, capacity is removed from the heat, cover with lid and after 10 minutes poured into a prepared heated thermos. Insist the mixture for 10-12 hours, the infusion is filtered into sterilized bottle or bottle.

The remaining leaves of stevia poured into a thermos and pour 100 ml of boiled water, 6-8 hours. This infusion is added to the previously obtained and stirred.

A decoction of stevia is prepared as follows: 25 g of dried leaves (half pack) in a gauze bag pour 250 ml of boiling water and boil for 50 minutes. Then strain into sterilized bottle or bottle. The broth does not keep long.

Tea made from stevia: 1 tablespoon of crushed leaf stevia per Cup of boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes, then strain.

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