Storage in a small apartment: how to organize the space

Accommodation on a modest living space has several advantages: cleaning takes a little time, all you need is always at hand, but as soon as the question is about storing things in a small apartment… there is a desire to expand the space.

Women’s website “” will talk about how to find a place to store things even in the tiniest apartment.

Use wall hooks

Wall hooks turn any wall into your little apartment in the perfect place to store your belongings. Coats, bags, hats, scarves, keys and more can be placed on hooks that will allow you to save some space in the closet.

Besides, this trick used by designers to create interior in the style boho chic.

Use the space under the bed

The space under the bed excellent for storage. Everything you need can be folded into boxes or cartons.

The space under the bed is ideal for storing shoes, Ironing boards, treadmill, and more.

If you apply a little imagination and decorate the drawers and boxes, storing things under the bed in a small apartment will not only free up space, but will be an original design solution.


Use the bar to hang cleaning products

A great and original solution for storing cleaning agents, according to women’s website is the use of rail in the bathroom.

This approach will allow all cleaning products stored in one place.

Hang racks-organizers on the door (both sides)

Racks-organizers, hanging on both sides of the door, will allow to free space, to place and store things in a small apartment so they are always at hand.



Pull-out mini pantry next to the fridge

The short distance between the refrigerator and the wall can be used functionally by installing pull-out mini-pantry, which is ideal for storing canned and other nonperishable food items.

Install wall shelves

This decision will allow to place lots of things in a small apartment: books, photos, vases, dishes and more.

In addition, wall shelf will improve the sound insulation.


Use the magnets

Almost every home you can meet funny magnets on the refrigerator, however, the functionality of magnets is not limited. With the help of magnets you can create a surface for the storage of spices — enough to stick to the lids of jars of small magnets.

This solution not only frees up a shelf in the kitchen, but will be imaginative and design course.

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The presented ideas provide the ability to quickly, easily and with minimal cost to find additional space for storage in a small apartment. But if you apply a little imagination and creativity, you will find many original findings for the design of your apartment.

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