Stress interview – what pitfalls to expect and how to behave

The content of an unsuitable employee of a good company is very expensive. For this reason, what delights do not go to the employers and HR managers to check employee satisfaction the way they want to see in the state! Stress interview is just this kind of refinement, to which many are not ready. But thank you, forewarned is forearmed!

If after the interview you came out in full fury and with only one phrase in mind: “What the hell was that?!”, it is likely, congratulations, you have just visited the stressful interview. And it’s good that you come out without water on the face or coffee on the dress.

What is stress interview?

Stress interview interview in which the candidate trying to disrupt, to put it in uncomfortable conditions, or just asking questions to which he obviously is not ready.

Forgive me the great Dante, but perhaps the stress interview can be compared only with the seven circles of hell… What kind of trials await us?

The first circle of hell – time
What do they do?

Make you wait for the beginning of the interview, the Manager can walk around you with a business view, each time promising that “I will begin.” Or you will see that the person who conducts the interview flirts with his Secretary or drinking coffee at the machine.

What do you do?

Your behavior depends on the position for which you are applying. Wait you will still need to leave, slamming the door, with the words, “wish you have such customers like you!” definitely not worth it. To hint that, well, I realized that these are gimmicks stress interview, it is also not necessary.

You can wait for 15-20 minutes. If you are applying for the position of ordinary worker, then it is likely to be enough and the employer will still interview.

If you are applying for a managerial position, then it will make sense to politely apologize, say you understand employment interviewer, but the time you have planned for this meeting is coming to an end and more waiting for you, unfortunately, can’t.

If done correctly, you are likely to wait anymore and will not have, and if you still won’t keep in the doorway, then just immediately call, apologize and offer to reschedule the interview for another day. But not the fact that the next interview will not be stressful ?

The second circle of hell is being rude
What do they do?

I say frankly that they don’t like you that your profile unprofessional and uninteresting. You can say I heard that you left your last job because the boss slept with/carried out frauds, etc. Can get to the point sometimes! Accusations, rude comments, a sharp “poking” — all this is guns of roughness on the stress interview.

What do you do?

Remain calm. Ask them to point out your mistakes, if you are in something reproach, then, that you have learned for the future. Not adopt in any case the manner of communication of your interviewer. Stay with dignity. Be prepared for the fact that somewhere will have to admit their mistakes, but you don’t necessarily have to be in all right, the employer likely understands ?

The third circle of hell – personal issues
What do they do?

The most common way in a stressful interview to rile you up. To be tactless is not difficult.

They ask unpleasant questions which ethics ask not eligible. Either formulate these questions so that you are lost and do not know what to answer them.

  • “How often do you have sex with your husband?”
  • “And you once cheated on her husband?”
  • “Why are you still single?”
  • “Whether you are considering a more intimate relationship with the boss?”
  • “You have something with the skin you have bowel problems?”

What do you do?

Option 1: you can joke, then you can safely laugh off these questions, you can even (in theme!) to ask a counter question to the interviewer, let it be a stress interview and for him too :). For example, the answer to the first question might be: “how often a company will let me?” “How often will I go home before midnight?”. Doing this in a joking tone, it was immediately clear that this is a joke.

Option 2: you don’t know how to joke. Politely tell the interviewer that such details of your personal life unrelated to work, that you would prefer not to answer these questions.

Remember, what is important is not the answer to the question and your response. If you are able to maintain composure and endurance, you will be able to answer any questions.

The fourth circle of hell – the uncomfortable conditions
What do they do?

On a stressful interview with you can start chatting on the go, talking on the phone. Your interview may constantly interrupt calls that the interviewer will respond. You may be asked to fill out paperwork, leaving the corridor without even a single chair.

You are asked to sit on a chair that is broken (but you, of course, not warning). The room in which to conduct stress interview, a very strange, dirty. You smoke in the face. In short, a lot of what you can hit, be prepared.

What do you do?

Remember that so check first and foremost your self-esteem, as well as the patience and skill to get out of uncomfortable, but “slippery” situations.

However, it is likely that some uncomfortable situation at such a stressful interview — this is the real condition of the company and your interviewer is just testing how far you will be able to work in such conditions.

If you really are not satisfied with something, politely ask to change the terms. For example, a conversation on the move: apologize and tell me what you would like to work in this company, and you would like to show myself as employee; if this is a bad time for this, it is possible that the interview should be postponed.

The fifth circle of hell – “good and bad COP”
What do they do?

Remember, in the old American detective is a bad guy who will do everything to put pressure on the accused, a jerk to him, and then come the second and skim with such behavior colleagues. The accused by that time will be depressed and weak, and kind of approach it will be possible to pull anything.

In stress interview they can work at the same time. One will pull up another, to interrupt, to ask controversial questions and give different estimates to your answers.

What do you do?

The main thing to remember is that you should not join the assessment of any of interviewsa, you for yourself, not for them. In this situation, even “bad” can ask the right questions, and “good” can provoke. So don’t fall for the bait.

If they will act at a time, don’t be fooled, moving to you with a “good” and talking to him as a friend in order to relax after the attacks of “bad”. Risk failing stress interview.

The sixth circle of hell – senseless and merciless stupidity
What do they do?

They give you a lot of very strange tests, quizzes, papers, etc. You need it all to fill, the number of paper continuously added. That as an option.

What do you do?

Fill. That might be true or might, test your ability to routine work, which you have on this post. You can also check respect to the company: stating unwillingness to fill the whole paper pile, you are in contempt of the requirements of the company.

The seventh circle of hell – sacrifice
What do they do?

In stress interview strongly hinted that to work you will need to change the hairstyle, the make of the car, eye color, gender, etc.

And you can just ask “and what are you willing to work with us?”. Maybe even with a hint.

What do you do?

Do not respond to provocation, first and foremost. Rate what you say: if you are asked to change the image (and you, for example, … goth!), and you want to obtain the position of administrator of the prestigious beauty salon, it is a logical requirement, and has nothing to do with stress interview.

But if you are asked to cut their hair, because like the boss, here’s something to think about.

If you think that the demands that they put forward illogical and unreasonable, then politely refuse, adding that you can do something additional, but related. For example, “No, to cut hair I, unfortunately, can not. But sometimes I can work on weekends/conduct oral presentations/organize cultural events.”

Not be amiss to add that you want to work in the company, and understand that sometimes you have to sacrifice something for the common good, but the haircut/sex change etc. are unlikely to help the company achieve greater prosperity.


  • A good company allows for a stressful interview only specially prepared people. And you should not think about what they will think if you behave in one way or another. It is still visible, so don’t try to copy or be someone you are not.
  • Don’t pretend in any case. Not the fact that you get to what you need to the employer. If he asks you to wear short skirts because they have so decided to communicate with customers, it’s time to tell you about my principles. And we can use this to make a joke, if you know how. If you are not sure what you know, it is better not to try, even worse ?
  • If you come to a stressful interview in the company “Horns and Hoofs” with a staff of one and a half diggers and dubious office, then you know that the Director of this conglomerate probably just been reading intelligent literature, while so do not know anything about the recruitment of staff. Or he megaplan to build at least a second Microsoft or Coca-Cola and he is looking for a chief assistant. But this is unlikely.
  • So if you are told that you have passed this interview, think twice whether to stay there with such inadequacy of the head?..

    Still, the stress interview is not the most common form of staff selection. Use it only when really necessary to identify the level of stress tolerance. Out of idle interest (citing the fact that every job is stressful) it is not carried out.

    A very high level of stress is only for executives, customer-oriented managers and certain other categories of workers.

    So if you can’t pass a stressful interview, you should think what YOU need to work. In the work the questions arise and the situation worse. Let no one pour coffee, but to cancel the delivery last night, despite the fact that you have a lot of obligations to other people – it’s easy! And then you remember that nice feeling spill coffee on the dress and leg…

    But now, you’re armed! If you have already visited on a stressful interview, we wish it was only a lot of stress on your work!

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