Stretch marks breast: remove old and prevention of new

Stretch marks on Breasts although not dangerous to health, but unpleasant for any woman. The recommendations, which will be discussed at the women’s website will help make them less noticeable for you and others, and with the help of some modern cosmetic procedures for stretch marks on chest you can get rid of at all. In this article we will talk about which tools you can use during pregnancy, as well as those methods that are recommended to anyone looking for a way to remove stretch marks on the breast resulting from hormonal changes in the body.

Stretching and creams for treatment during pregnancy

Of course, the best remedy is preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, which we have been told on the website.

But even when you during pregnancy appeared first stretch marks on breast, will help to prevent the emergence of new special creams against stretch marks, whose operation is identical – they are all as moisturize the skin, increasing its ability to stretch.

Let’s take a look at the reviews of those who have experienced their effect on me.

  • Starting from the 3rd month of pregnancy, I used Mustela Vergetures Double Action (Mustela). Pleasant smell, good absorbency. Then I bought the cream Galenic Elancyl (Galenic Elancyl). Too good. In General, when no need to go anywhere, smear the breast and belly with olive oil. The action is the same, only much cheaper. Katya.
  • Better baby cream means do not exist!!! Julia.
  • My girlfriend (a doctor) advised me to use simple baby cream, and any brand olive oil. I did not listen to her. Where there! The first pregnancy! Me that money for yourself a pity? Bought an expensive. In the end, stretch marks on Breasts appeared. Immediately switched to baby lotion and oil Johnson’s Baby. All new stretch was not until the end of pregnancy. Alina.
  • Girls, say so. Was pregnant 3 times. And all three times it works well. First pregnancy — Galenic Elancyl. Everything is super! Second pregnancy – Mustela. A bit fatty compared to Galenic. And then someone gave Baby Teva is complete garbage. Do not use spreads. I did not like. Katya.
  • “Our mother” I do not like the stretch-mark cream, and here Avent . Lily.

You should note that there is no ideal cream for stretch marks. Because each woman’s skin is different. Someone best helps baby cream, and for others only the cream expensive brand. All individually.

In addition, the stretch-mark cream is not cheap. They need to use daily, because one tube or jar is enough for about 10 days.

Since the breast has no muscles, during pregnancy have a responsible approach to the choice of bra.

Increasing size of Breasts become heavier, begins to SAG. This factor too can cause the appearance of stretch marks, so it is important to choose a bra that will support the chest, protecting it from overload.

Stretch marks in adolescent girls

In the period of puberty, when there all the same hormonal changes and the skin loses its elasticity, the girls can also develop stretch marks on the chest.

Especially affected by the appearance of those teenagers, which is a sharp leap in sexual development. Breast size increases quickly. The skin on it stretched, in some places it becomes thin, can not withstand tension and tearing. Therefore, adolescent girls stretch marks on the chest.

They can also appear in other places (stomach, thighs, buttocks) in weight gain: the amount of subcutaneous fat increases and the most stretched areas there is a replacement of skin tissue with connective tissue. These places stretch marks.

The first tip is to moisturize the skin of the breast using a cream for stretch marks or folk remedies. They make the skin elastic. The result will be much better when do your breast massage.

Very often pregnant women and teenagers do not want to use special makeup, having stretch marks on breast.

How to get rid of them at home?

Stretch marks on Breasts: a folk remedy

For teenagers and those who do not recognize any makeup during pregnancy, and at the same time attended to the removal of stretch marks on the breast, we propose to use folk remedies. By the way, this is a pretty good alternative to the expensive cosmetics.

Natural remedies will prevent the appearance of new stretch marks, but unfortunately will not eliminate already appeared.

Massages with oils, which increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin will help prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the breast, but they also must be carried in a specific pattern.

  • For better penetration of the oil, you need to clean the pores on the chest. For this offers a natural scrub made by nature itself – loofah. Will be even better, if you buy soap with loofah — natural substance that is produced from the same plant family Cucurbitaceae. The fruit of the loofah shaped like a long green cucumber. Of them are made of hard sponge. Now add in a loofah soap from natural oils. She plays the role of a scrub: cleanses the skin, opening the pores, while improving blood circulation. For pregnant women should choose soap with shredded loofah. Its action is gentle and effective. Oil, which is part of the soap with a loofah will have the first impact on on their Breasts.
  • After you prepare the skin of the breast, you need to spend a morning massage oil. In addition to the most popular and affordable of the oils from the fruit, cocoa and olive oil, good Shea butter. It is made from the fruit of the African tree vitellaria awesome, more precisely, from the kernels of the fruit. The fats of this oil moisturize and soften the skin. In addition, they affect the synthesis of collagen fibers and have a regenerative effect, heal existing skin damage. And as we know, stretch marks appear on areas of damage to the connective tissue framework of the skin – the dermis.
  • And the final step is a formal contrast shower and again, a massage with oils. First we warm the breast with warm water, then cooled it cool. Of course, it will be good if the water you guide a circular motion. So the breast skin will open the pores, and that is what we need to ensure that the massage oil was more effective.
  • To obtain a noticeable result, the procedure should be carried out in three stages of 2 – 3 times a week. Before you apply the oil, it is necessary to clean the skin.

    • Morning. Work soap with loofah. Massage with Shea butter.
    • Evening. Contrast shower. Massage with any oil.

    Lotion based on carrot oil and Shea butter

    Judging by the reviews, is in demand among those who are looking for how to remove stretch marks on Breasts, milk, carrots and any vegetable oil. It is easy to prepare, and stored it in the fridge for a very long time.

    For its preparation you need to squeeze the juice from one carrot. If you don’t have a juicer, carrots grate on a grater and squeeze well. Add the tablespoon of oil. The resulting lotion to RUB into the skin of the breast once a day.

    • “I didn’t think stretching will be my problem during pregnancy. When I saw the chest on the small strips immediately decided that it is better to address them now than to see their Breasts, painted with red-violet stripes. Chemistry to stuff your body didn’t even write that a cream for stretch marks safe, so I decided to cook the funds itself. Purchased over the counter almond oil, stocked up on carrots. Prepared lotion, which is rubbed every evening in the chest. New stretch marks! Yes, I did a contrast shower for the chest. First, it is well cooked the Breasts for nursing. Second, it turns out, is also prevention of stretch marks. Marina”.

    Modern methods of getting rid of stretch marks on Breasts

    If people’s methods of dealing with stretch marks will help prevent the appearance of new, for the old treatment is better to use modern methods of removing stretch marks on Breasts – mesotherapy and laser resurfacing.

    If leasemaster under the skin are medicines, which soften the resulting scars – stretch marks. The sessions of mesotherapy for a long time – about six months, as a month is recommended no more than 2 treatments.

    Unlike mesotherapy, laser resurfacing is quite a quick procedure, but more expensive in cost.

    Laser treatment for stretch marks give any ago. Skin with laser resurfacing is smoothed, stretch marks become very light and unobtrusive.

    Systematic care, using the latest cosmetic or traditional recipes, a contrast shower before the massage, reduce the risk of stretch marks on the chest. How to get rid of them, you will decide.

    The main thing to remember is that all treatments are effective only when you hold them regularly and not throw.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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