Stretch marks during pregnancy: why appear and how to avoid

Many women appear stretch marks during pregnancy. They are considered almost a “distinctive” sign of parous women. About exactly why they appear and whether to avoid that, we’ll talk on the women’s website

The time when the light will be a welcome baby is the most wonderful time in a woman’s life. And even the fact that stretch marks appear during pregnancy many women do not stop them before the decision to become a mother.

Stretch marks can make even the most unattractive beautiful Tits or flat tummy. But we want to make your skin look perfectly!

Stretch marks during pregnancy: causes of

Blame for all the changes that occur in this period, the body lies in hormonal imbalance.

“It was all so beautiful, — says Natalia. — First pregnancy, first expectations, first ultrasound and the first…stretch marks that started appearing on my body. And they appeared in the beginning of pregnancy, when the Breasts were more sensitive. I was upset. At the pharmacy I was advised to buy a cream for stretch marks during pregnancy. At first I thought it was just pumping money, but still got a special cream based on oils of cacao fruits. Apply it on the damaged skin of the chest and abdomen. I will say one thing that the new stretch marks I have. And those that were not increased in size, only the color changed. Steel lighter. So, girls, the cream helps. Only start to use it at the stage of pregnancy planning”.

Why this happens, and whether it is impossible to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Due to the fact that the skin begins to act the pregnancy hormone – progesterone, increases its sensitivity. The hormone prepares the body for pregnancy and childbirth, making the muscles and skin tissue softer, smoother. This gives them the ability to stretch out, adjusting to the size of the growing fetus.

Thus there is internal tension of the connective tissue — the appearance of stretch marks and protects the skin from significant external damage. In some places the fabric stretches so much that does not stand up and bursts. On the site of the tear forms a scar.

Stretch (in medicine they are called striae) is nothing like internal scars that are formed underneath the top layer of the skin at the site sausage gap. It is because they are under the skin, to deal with them very difficult.

To avoid stretch marks during pregnancy will help prevention is the best means yet to be found.

Particular attention should be paid to the issue of prevention of stretch marks to those of the female line is present this problem, as well as those who are faced with stretch marks during a previous pregnancy.

How to start preventing stretch marks?

Prevention starts with simple things:

  • weight control;
  • a regular daily skin care in risk areas: hips, buttocks, Breasts and abdomen.

During pregnancy comes to the obligatory weight gain. Will be very good if he’s not going to grow in leaps and bounds.

Gradual and slow weight gain will reflect well on the health and future of the child and his mother, including reduced risk of stretch marks on the skin.

And if we further take care of the skin, the risk of getting stretch marks during pregnancy is significantly reduced.

Natural oils for stretch mark prevention

Though science does not prove that the cream for stretch marks during pregnancy and daily use of moisturizers to reduce their appearance, positive reviews confirm this.

By the way, the action of olive oil was tested by not only a famous actress Sophie Marceau, but also many ordinary women.

“When I first received confirmation of her pregnancy, immediately knew that I was going to do prevention of stretch marks. Because my mom and my older sister who gave birth, they were. And looked very ugly. Especially from my sister. They were dark, almost purple color and covered her Breasts and abdomen. I chose for myself the usual olive oil and every night RUB it into the skin of the abdomen and chest. I knew that the worse this will not be exact. Not to say that stretch marks I had, but they were so small at the bottom of the abdomen, and such light that they are generally not noticeable. So the oil acts. Elena, 23 years”.

Indeed, the skin during pregnancy is not only elastic, but also very malleable to the effects. This feature is used for the prevention of stretch marks. The active ingredients included in moisturizers, fall into the well-dilated capillaries, and then into the General circulation. It is therefore very important to use only tested products for stretch marks during pregnancy.

These properties are olive oil and cocoa butter. They are best applied after bathing when the skin is steamed and cleaned. Just one or two times daily below the skin became elastic.

Some women who have started to use natural oils, they say that very long wait until the butter is absorbed into the skin.

In this case, it is recommended to use special creams for pregnant women. They are easily and quickly absorbed into the skin, maximally moisturizing it with natural oils within them.

Honey massage stretch marks

“I used during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks normal honeyto 2 — 3 times a week doing honey massage. The result is no stretch marks at all! Karina, 25 years”

A good way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy – honey massage. But it should be done very cautiously during pregnancy.

The first thing advises start — to check the sensitivity of the skin to honey. To do this, a few drops should be applied to the area of skin and wait a few minutes. If redness does not occur, then we can proceed.

  • Good warm water rinse those areas of the chest, abdomen, buttocks, which will be applied to honey.
  • Dry the body and apply the honey.
  • Chest and stomach gently massage in a circular motion, but the buttocks can be massaged sticky hands, lifting them up, giving the cotton.
  • Residues should be washed off with warm water. On the skin apply a nourishing cream. Very well, if it will stretch.

Stretch marks during pregnancy require mandatory prevention. By doing so, you will reduce the risk of their occurrence.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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