Stretching: technique and exercises

In our post-Soviet understanding of stretching ( stretching) is an integral part of any workout. We pull the muscles at the beginning and at the end of any physical exertion. First to warm up, and then not to hurt those same muscles. But it is not that stretching has long stood out as an independent exercise.

What are the advantages of this load? What stretching effects and benefits? And what are its basic principles? Will tell women’s website ““.

The essence and principles of stretching

Stretching is a lengthening of the muscles through flexing, pulling and other actions. The result is the same muscle can be trained from different angles. Stretching has a beneficial effect not only on muscles but also on the joints. And plastic joints – the key to good health.

Properly grouped exercises help make the body more flexible, improves blood circulation, corrects posture, and relieves stress. I would like to note that those people who devote a lot of time stretching, obtained by muscle lean and not pumped.

Therefore, to perform regular stretching exercises not only pleasant but also useful.

Of course, there are a number of contraindications. For example, a variety of injuries, pressure, etc. In any case, no matter what exercise you choose you need to listen to your body.

Here are some of the principles of stretching:

  • Before you start to stretch the muscles, you should give yourself a light cardio. Dance, jump. So your muscles will Wake up and warm up.
  • Breathe calmly. If you’re in pain or uncomfortable, and your breath becomes very frequent or intermittent, you can release the pressure or stop the exercise.
  • Never stretch a muscle or joints up until you will not feel pain — it can cause damage to the ligaments.
  • During the exercise focus on the muscle groupthat you stretch.
  • All exercises should be smooth. Never in a hurry, otherwise you can get injured.
  • You can include stretching as in your workout, and perform a separate exercise during the day.
  • Stretching can be static and dynamic. In static poses, you need to stay on for 10 – 15 seconds, and dynamic, on the contrary, should be run at a good speed.

Stretching: exercises

I would like to suggest some stretching exercise that puts a load on the muscles and work them hard pull. We won’t reminisce about all known since high school versions stretching of the muscles. Let’s start with dynamic exercisesthat will help stretch your muscles.

Stretching exercise 1

This exercise allows you to stretch the muscles of the shoulders and upper back.

Stand straight with feet apart slightly wider than shoulders, hands up to shoulder level and squeeze the muscles. On the exhale, cross your arms and simultaneously jumped up, cross your legs. For example, the top first, right leg and right arm. Then on the inhale return to starting position.
And repeat for the other leg. Do 10 – 15 repetitions.

Stretching exercise 2

This exercise is also good to stretch the muscles of the shoulders and back.

Stand straight with feet a little wider apart, hands pull ahead so that your palms touch each other. Legs slightly bend at the knees and at a good speed, turn the body first right and then left. The hips remain stationary. At a good pace, you must do 30 – 40 times.

Exercise 3 stretching

And here we pull the muscles of the hips.

Stand up straight, hands pull in front of you, feet shoulder width apart. On the inhale take a deep step with your right foot to the side, hold this position for 5 breaths then lift up slightly and place your left foot behind your right, as in the lunge and return to starting position. Make 5 – 8 repetitions for each leg.

Exercise 4 stretching

Stand in a pose “Dog head down”, carefully pull back. Step forward with your right leg so that the foot appeared between his palms. Pull the left leg. Then expand the body right and raise your right hand up. Hold in this position. Feel the stretch the muscles of the arms and obliques. Slowly return to the starting position performing the exercise in reverse order. And repeat for the left side. Do 6 times for each.

Exercise stretching 5

This exercise not only allows you to stretch the muscles of the arms, but the muscles of the torso.

Lie on your left side, right leg bend at an angle of 90 degrees and lower the knee on the floor in front of him. Right hand pull back as far as possible. Ideally, it should touch the floor. Left arm straight and extended forward. On the exhale, right hand lowered to the left, linger for 2 seconds in this pose and inhale back to the starting position.

You must repeat 10 times for each side.

Static stretching exercises

And now from dynamics to statics. Some stretching exercises you can do on the job.

To include static stretching exercises of the torso (of which there are several variants). For example, you can sit down or stand up, clasping his hands at the lock and raised above the head, trying to stretch as high as possible, and stay in this position for 15 seconds.

Neck muscles we stretch by tilting the head in one direction or another, and rotating head in all possible directions.

Generally you can stretch anything. It can be even hands and feet. Perhaps, making yourself workout, you have to imagine what groups of muscles you need to focus. If back pain means, back; if discomfort in the feet — so foot. As exercises and variations of stretching very much, then it would be nice to define your goal!

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