Stuttering in adults: causes, treatment at home

Stuttering in adults and in children manifests itself in the form of stretching sounds, inappropriate repetition of the same syllable and other deviations from a natural rate of speech. This defect greatly complicates life.

Stuttering person is trying to communicate less with others, withdraws into himself, feels insecure in almost all situations. Women’s website “” found that stuttering is a disease which is not easy to get rid of. Why appears the defect is and how to fight it, read this article.

Stuttering in adults: causes

Scientists are still arguing about the factors that trigger this disorder. The disease can appear in people of all ages, but in children, as a rule, it is treated faster and easier. According to the observations of doctors, people whose relatives suffered from stuttering, suffer from this speech disorder three times more often than those who do not such cases.

Hence the conclusion that stuttering may have a genetic nature.

Another factor in the emergence of disease is gender: men suffer from such problems more often than women. This is due to the peculiar structure of the brain of representatives of a strong half: the corpus callosum, connecting the hemispheres, men have less developed.

Stuttering in an adult as well as child, may also trigger some mental trauma. Fear, fear, guilt or fear of possible punishment – all these emotions can make a person stutter at any age.

A similar defect occurs more often in people with low self-esteem, is very insecure. Also stuttering is one of the symptoms of neurosis, greatly aggravating the disease.

The mechanism of stuttering is associated with convulsions of the muscles of the various bodies responsible for the pronunciation of words. Depending on which part of the speech apparatus suffers, there are several forms of stuttering:

  • Tonic, in which conomie and vowel sounds too stretched. Between words in this stuttering appear unnatural pauses, and also within syllable break the sounds that need to talk together.
  • Clonic – shape, manifested by multiple repetition of the same syllable or sound.
  • Combined combines the features of both the above forms.

A feature of stuttering in an adult is that inner speech remains perfectly normal: I write and think Zaika is absolutely free, without any difficulty. This fact is the main argument in favor of the possibility of cure, although the treatment of stuttering in adults is a lengthy and complex process.

How to treat stuttering in an adult

Standard therapy of stuttering is conducted in 3 directions: medication, speech therapy and psychotherapy. Drug treatment of stuttering is mainly used to eliminate spasms of the muscles of articulation. With this aim, the following drugs:

  • Anticonvulsants and antispasmodics, the most popular of Magnelis B6, Magnelec, Tolperison, Actinerval, vitamins of group B.
  • Sedatives: Gromazin, Afobazol. Can also be assigned to drugs based on plant – Novopassit, Valerian extract, motherwort tincture, a herbal sedative fees.
  • Speech therapy treatment involves a course of lessons with an appropriate specialist. Correction of stuttering in the therapist’s office is directed to the production of correct speech techniques and can include the following types of occupations:

  • Breathing exercises, which helps to cope with the problem of improper breathing control.
  • Exercises for the organs of articulation. Just like breathing exercises, they give visible results with regular executing for an extended period.
  • Modeling of complex speech situations to develop the skill of free communication with other people.
  • Speaking about how to cure stuttering in an adult, one cannot ignore the psycho-neurological techniques of combating it. The most effective methods of treatment of disease can be attributed to hypnosis. A few hypnotic sessions experienced doctor is able to convince the patient that he can safely and freely to utter any words and phrases. In mild cases, hypnosis gives a very quick result.

    In addition to conducting the hypnotic sessions, the doctor may teach the patient methods by which it will be treated at home.

    Stuttering in adults: treatment at home

    Techniques home therapy for stuttering is essentially a set of techniques used by speech therapist and psychotherapist, can be accessed in all conditions.

    It is desirable that the home therapy was only controlled by the continuation of professional treatment of the disease. But sometimes at the stammering man simply is not possible to visit a doctor. In this case, a home treatment of stuttering for an adult is the only way to get rid of the disease. A course of such therapy may consist of the following areas:

  • Eliminate feelings of anxiety, fear of communication. This stammering person will help auditory training. This technique of self-hypnosis allows a person to get rid of nervous tension and to believe in themselves, and for treatment of stuttering in adults and in children a belief in yourself is key.
  • The development of the habits of proper breathing and exercise of the speech apparatus. To do this at home, it is sufficient to perform special exercises which can be easily found online.
  • Work on correct pronunciation. Recover from stuttering adult would help the exercise a smooth pronunciation of words, which, for example, include reading aloud and singing. Vocal lessons are generally one of the best home ways of dealing with stuttering, because it is a simultaneous exercise of the muscles of the respiratory system and organs of articulation. In addition, singing helps to relax, relieve stress, improve mood.
  • Modern psychotherapists claim to cure stuttering hardest those adults who believe that they cannot help. Therefore, those who decided to get rid of cramps and spasms during the pronunciation of words, you first need to believe that this is possible, and then tune in to success and start to work. Practice shows that stuttering in adults who wanted to learn to speak normally cured once and for all.

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