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Femininity and elegance in the clothes was nice. But sometimes situations arise where the stud and edges are quite irrelevant: for example, when I want to run in the Park with the dog, play ball with your child, to go to the forest for mushrooms or ride a bike… And then there is the need to be comfortable, but at the same time interesting design clothes. The decision – cargo style, which will tell the website

What is a cargo style?

The word “cargo” means “cargo”. Surprised? But the fact is that the origins of this style – in working clothes, in particular, the one worn by the movers.

To this mixed style of “military” and a little – Safari style (“” already blogged).

The main idea of this style is comfort while driving.

Things are designed to be comfortable, while being not stretched “bag”, but the result of interesting thoughtful cut. Here are a lot of natural fabricsand synthetics used when it is justified – for example, waterproof jackets or Hiking jackets models pants.

Clothing style Kargo

The main “trick” of clothes in the style of Kargo – cut.

Lines and clear silhouettes, geometric , for example, are characterized by classic shirting gate (and not only on shirts but also on “runescapemoney” dresses and tunics), plenty of pockets, valves, etc.

Pockets everywhere and in large quantities – on pants, shirts, jackets, vests, etc. frequent items – fasteners-zippers, buttons, “drawstring” (e.g., bottom of jackets, breeches, to indicate the waist in dresses).

As for the clothes, the “business card” style – breeches-Kargo.

This is a very convenient design thing – breeches to mid-calf (sometimes in the pants to the ankle), and a drawstring closure or elastic bottom leg, with large pockets not only on the top and on the back of the thighs, but also on the leg.

Very variable in this style shirt cut. So, in addition to classic shirts and shirts Safari shirt on the principle of sewn dresses (with buttons the whole length or only at the gate).

Actively used the principle of an asymmetric cut , for example, this is evident in the skirts. Skirts are sewn as short (for example, “rough” smell), and long (they also often make a drawstring closure on the bottom, like pants with pockets).

All of these things can be combined with a simple knitted t-shirts, tops, longsleeve, turtlenecks , etc.

And complemented by such a variety of clothing with scarves and neck scarves, bandanas, baseball caps, and duffel bag style fans are often replaced with all kinds of rucksacks.

Colors, prints

Kargo – style for active holidays: walking, Hiking, sports, physical work. And so the main colors are typical of this style – the so-called “non-staining”: khaki, gray, brown, olive, sand, asphalt… But to them as “dilution” can be added, and a bright and light pastel shades, for example: shirt, top, longsleeve, accessories, scarves or bags, etc…

Mostly things style solid cargo. Although there are also prints, for example, “protective” spotty coloration (“Hello” from the military style), “sailor” strips , etc.

And, of course, no sequins, rhinestones and other things of glamor, the charm of this style in the other!


Convenience means comfort in everything, including shoes! All clothes style cargo combined with sports shoes – sneakers, sneakers.

However, in an urban environment where such footwear is not always appropriate, is to replace her sandals with wide straps, lace-up on a stable wide heel or platform boots, loafers , etc.

And it will be good if the shoes will also be made of natural materials!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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