Style for the color type “Autumn” – advice on the selection of clothing

Women born under the patronage of Autumn, truly luxurious. After all, a generous benefactress not sorry for them, no paint, no heat, no brightness shades, giving them royally generously and abundantly.

That is why autumn girls call of others mostly positive feelings seem to be particularly sensitive and full of life. Next to them is warm and cozy. They want to enjoy, they want to follow.

Well, in order to follow was really happening, to you, our brilliant Autumn must learn to translate their given the nature of the data in the correct form. Sense of style – that’s what we’re going to teach you in the pages of the website It is not enough to be in the fall and carry a precious radiant highlight, we still get to play it in all its facets and shades. Today on the agenda — the features and nuances of choosing your own style for the color type “Autumn”.

Features of the color type “Autumn”

Before we begin today’s lecture, let me once again voice the main characteristics of the very rich and full of colors of the four known types of tsitologii.


  • Skin. Autumn ladies rarely complain of skin problems: it is clean, not prone to defects, very gentle, usually, devoid of glow and not predisposed tan. Freckles are a typical manifestation of Kolarovo for this category.
  • Hair. Red autumn — a classic color-genre. However, toning gamma autumn, and quite variable — from copper-brown to dark brown with a hint of mahogany.
  • Eyes. The bulk of the autumn-eyed girl. Their characteristic dark brown, deep green, amber-brown eyes. Rarely, individuals with blue, gray, greenish-blue eyes.

Dark autumn, soft autumn, warm autumn (left to right)

Furthermore, in most categories are divided into separate subspecies. Thus, experts have highlighted the 3 main autumn color:

  • dark autumn (deepautumn) – dark (leading), warm (optional) color. In appearance women dark autumn is dominated by dark and warm tones.
  • warm autumn (softautumn) – soft (main), warm (optional), neutral color (dominated by the muted and warm tones), in appearance of representatives of which the contrast is totally absent.
  • soft autumn (warmautumn) warm (main), soft (optional) flavor, natural palette is dominated by warm, soft and thick paint.

Among the celebrities belonging to the autumn, we can distinguish Julia Roberts, Melin Farmer, Lindsay Lohan.

Now, with a clear conscience to move on to more substantive study of the foundations of the science of style “in the Fall. And we will begin, perhaps, with the color palettes.

Colors recommended autumn color type

The best warm natural tones autumn girls emphasize the following shades:

Palette for Autumn color types

White. Rather, its warm colors — cream, the color of sparkling champagne, soft vanilla, ivory. But kipelno white or cool pearl dim the splendor of the colors of “autumn”, to wear them, we strongly recommend that.

— Yellowish grey — siliceous, beige and grey. Cold and haughty, icy grey and metallic looks for the fall, to put it mildly, boring and unattractive.

— As the base colors of “autumn” recommended brown and beige. Almost all their shades look at them harmoniously and Golden, and rich brick, and copper, and coffee with milk. Black color to “fall” looks interesting.

Magdalena Frackowiak – warm autumn (warm autumn). Its appearance is dominated by warm, deep and dense colors.

— Autumn recommended Golden and copper shades of yellow — as opposed to the delicate dandelion.

— Shades of the red autumn ladies should prefer warm tones with copper shimmer brick shade. Cool classic red with caution.

Shanina Shaik – dark autumn (deep autumn). Model with a very bright appearance, which is dominated by dark, rich and warm tone. The colors in the clothes she selects.

— Choosing between shades of pink, “autumn” should stay on the mouth-watering peach and apricot tones. Exquisite and noble ashes of roses or icy pink on it will fade — like the natural colors of the autumn type.

— Especially effective on the ladies of autumn category look rich shades of purple: eggplant ripe, juicy plums, enticing blackberries.

The green gamma is among the especially recommended autumn. First and foremost, attention should be paid to deep, slightly muted shades of pine, olive, khaki.

Karlie Kloss – soft autumn (soft autumn). Model skillfully picks up the autumn colors with small splashes of the summer, thus emphasizing the naturalness and tenderness of her beauty.

— From the blue range recommended kerosene color. “Autumn” should avoid soft blue pastels.

Orange – in any proportions.

Recommendations on the selection of clothing

Girl-autumn — the sensuality. Therefore, it is wrong to suppress their natural colors too strict and homely things. Best with autumn color type blends folk style. Also recommended country-style Safari. Well, sports style — always a safe bet.

“Autumn” is multifaceted and complex nature. Therefore, it is not to face simplified designs and solutions. Clothing layering is encouraged, which can give interesting effects.

As for the color combinations, then the best choice will be medium intensity contrasts.

Bright autumn may afford different patterns — both small and big. Moreover, it will effectively look like a simple plain prints, for example, peas, strip, cage, and bright, exotic patterns, lush tropical flowers, tiger colors, folk motifs.

Recommended soft, voluminous, textured fabrics — velvet, suede, mohair, cashmere, wool, tweed, Jersey.

Of course, our advice is addressed to a typical “autumn” and should be customized for your individual image and paint. But, I think, with this task you can handle on “cheers” and will be able to choose your own style – a style that women of “Autumn”.

The author – Julia Poison, site

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