Style for women of color type Winter: tips on the selection of clothing

The color type “Winter” is the most vivid, dynamic and rich of all 4 types of appearance. Woman winter will not go unnoticed — after all, nature is not sorry for her, no color, no depth and richness of shades. However, in order for the gifts of nature beauty played all its facets and tints, its owner must choose the right colors and clothes.

What colors will adorn the color type “Winter”? Style what plan recommended for those women stylists? About this today and will tell you the website

Features of the color type “Winter”

“I’m eh on the light of all the sweeter, all ruddy and whiter?” — perhaps when you read these Pushkin’s lines, you are forced into cognitive dissonance? In fact, the great poet has described the typical woman-winter – woman with piercing looks, white skin, red lips and black as pitch hair.

Here are the key features that characterize the women of this color type.

  • Hair. “Winter” — a girl of contrasts. Therefore, among them there are two diametrically opposite types. First — the burning brunette with black, black as the wing hair. Second owner white platinum hair. However, the second type is a rarity. Eyebrows and eyelashes are black. From platinum blondes, ash-gray.
  • Skin. Winter ladies are mostly distinguished aristocratic white skin — porcelain, delicate as the Japanese geisha. There are among the representatives of this color type and dark-skinned girls, and even those who have a face covered with freckles. However, the shade of tan they are always quite specific — slightly bluish.
  • Eyes at ZIM can be almost any color, but they are usually very bright, radiant, and the color of the iris always! in contrast with protein.

Experts identify three winter sub-categories:

bright winter, cool winter, dark winter

  • bright or clean winter (clear winter) – bright (leading), cold (additional) color. In the appearance of such women is dominated by mostly cool colors (hair, eyes, skin), among which a few colors of medium intensity.
  • cool or true winter (cool winter) – cold (leading), vivid (additional) color. In the form of real (true) winters dominated by clean, fresh and strong colors.
  • dark or deep winter (deep winter) – dark (leading), cold (additional) color. The appearance of the dark ladies first violin playing deep, saturated colors (sometimes they can look thick and heavy).

Among the famous representatives of the type of winter it is possible to allocate Liv Tyler, Riana, Penelope Cruz.

The colors, the recommended color type “Winter”

The colors, the recommended color type Winter

— Base color of the wardrobe winter virgins — black. You can even (Oh Gods!) dressed in black from head to toe – the envy of others. Noble color emphasizes the noble appearance, the saturation of colors, depth and natural shades.

At the same time, “winter,” dressed in autumn colors, brown, look bored and look like you borrowed something from clothes from a friend with a warmer type of appearance.

Hanaa Ben Abdesslem (deep winter). Nature has given the model a very deep, bright and saturated, though, and dark shades. The girl is very cleverly plays with contrasts which further emphasizes its uncommon appearance.

— Juicy shade of bright rose, closer to purple, looks at the “winters” very impressive and appropriate. But the pink soft pastel you, you are our cool, should not be used.

Cold emerald, a deep rich hue of pine needles on the winter girls, the very sophistication. But the positive hints of fresh herbs, on the contrary, are contrary to their bright and exotic appearance.

— “Winters” lucky them is in classic red color — cold and bright (the appearance of other type this amazing but treacherous Kohler kills completely). Shades of copper and terracotta in clothing should be avoided.

Jacquelyn Jablonski (clear winter). The model knows that her bright appearance is particularly well accentuate the clean, cold colors and strong contrast.

Cold, deep, rich shade of blue decorate girl winter much more than the pale blue.

The “winters” are the colors that we all traditionally associated with this time of year — snow-white, dazzling, sparkling. But the warm shades creme brulee and ivory Blagnac winter type and extinguish its juicy nature of paint.

Sui He (cool winter). The girl has a rare beauty and exotic appearance. The dresses she chooses are rich, cool and radiant.

How to choose clothes and style in General, women winter color type

Appearance women winter quite exotic. So she can afford not permissible for other women the luxury of experiments. Complicated drawings, unusual contrasting combinations, intricate cut and style is to try everything it is and should be.

Choosing the top attire, you fatal ladies, should pay attention to the bright saturated colors. Win-win and always the current version — black bottom and a snow-white turtleneck or shirt. Blouse, background tint which matches the color of the hair with a vibrant floral print, large geometric shapes or interesting Oriental motifs will also beautify you, making a healthy share of the dynamics in the image. And yet, definitely get a red or blue silk blouse.

The base color is, as we have said — black. Black shoes, pants, skirts – in your case black not much happens. In the summer you can get hold of white pants.

Girl-winter can feel quite free in the choice of accessories. Bright contrast details, unusual creative solutions will benefit your non-trivial beauty. Of jewelry you should give preference to products made of white gold, cubic Zirconia. But from yellow gold, you have to give (if you still haven’t done). I advise you to look at the larger jewelry with bright gemstones. The classic pearl option for all occasions.

We have described the traditional winter type and gave advice on the selection of style and basic wardrobe based on that. However, every woman is a diamond with many facets and intersections. So you must tailor our recommendations according to their individual characteristics and to choose the style, worthy the brightest of the color type “Winter”.

The author – Julia Poison, site

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