Style for women Summer color type: actual advice

The color type “Summer” is the most typical for the Russian latitudes, and generally for Europe. However, despite its prevalence, the color is not as simple and straightforward as it seems. Because in his framework it is possible to many – the most diverse and unexpected variations. Yes, and some muted and claboussement of natural colors makes choosing clothing for summer girls difficult and the associated with certain difficulties.

Today the site for women will teach you to choose the shades and colors that will highlight one special charm, sophistication and aristocracy that distinguish you from other kolorowych types. Together we will find your own style – the style women of the color type “Summer”, and tailor the image for you taking into account your individual characteristics and natural tones.

Features of the color type “Summer”

Summer virgin — gentle, graceful and… cold. Not in the sense that they are arrogant and atemporality does. Just nature gave them mostly cool hues, comparable to the colors of the seasons – bright and juicy, but a little muted due to the blinding sunlight.


  • Hair. As a rule, women with a type of “Summer” — fair-haired. However, this category gets quite a wide range of colors: blonde curls can be both light and dark. The most typical representative of this kolesovoy category – Nordic beauty with ash-blonde hair. Anything that has a copper reflux — this is the warmer of the Opera.
  • Skin. Summer girls, the skin is usually bright. However, it can have a delicate pink color or be almost transparent, porcelain. Some examples of this color type is slightly more fortunate (or less – depending on what position fit) – nature has endowed them slightly saglabati skin a light olive shade. However, even the tanning of these ladies has a slightly bluish, cold undertone.
  • Eyes. Women of this type can be found in almost any color of eyes: blue, gray, and green, and Orekhovo-green. The only exception is the brown shade: brown eyed girls-summer does not happen in nature.

Experts allocate three separate summer subcategories:

light summer, soft summer, cool summer

  • light summer (light summer) – light (leading), cold (additional) color. In the appearance of these women, noble and sophisticated — very low color contrast, paint – slightly cool and relaxed.
  • soft summer (soft summer) – soft (main), cold (additional) color. The most neutral of the three types, in appearance these ladies is dominated by the colors mostly of medium intensity, associated all of us with tenderness and naturalness.
  • cold or real summer (cool summer) – cold (main), soft (additional) color. In appearance, the sophisticated and incredibly elegant — these young ladies dominated by shades with a blue undertone, slightly muffled.

Among the celebrities typical summer type is Maria Sharapova, Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow.

What colors are recommended for women of summer type

Summer girls is incredibly harmonious, and if you dress in the wrong color, unity, and symmetry of the image is lost. Therefore, it is important to choose the right, do not contradict the natural scheme colors:

— Delicate and dainty color “ashes of roses” perfectly sets off the beauty of the Nordic summer type. In contrast to the warm and mouth-watering peach and salmon.

Constance Jablonski (light summer) – selects malonasyshchennye and delicate colors that highlight its subtlety and lightness.

Icy grey-blue of his noble coolness will allow natural shades “summer” tune up in all its glory. And with a deep intense shades of blue should be more careful.

Josephine Skriver (soft summer) choose neutral colors that are particularly well set off her femininity.

— Year-old girls recommended all blue-green cool colors. But the yellow hues and the color of ripe green may Blagnac of the representatives of the color type.

Grey color as a base suitable summer girls much more than brown. Dark brown, yellow, terracotta gives “fly” a painful pallor, and bring discord into its natural harmony.

Lindsey Wixson (cool summer). The model is well suited to the choice of clothes and colors, selecting for themselves only cool colors, slightly softened gray

Delicate rose is a much more suitable choice than a ripe orange.

Advice on the selection of clothing for summer color type

Summer girls by nature gentle and romantic person. Therefore, the clothes should emphasize their natural softness and harmony. Recommended pastel colors — slightly muted, not flashy.

The winning option is a monochrome combination of colors in the ensemble. But the game of contrasts often ends in complete failure.

To avoid mistakes, you can resist the temptation to build an ensemble on the basis of white or black. However, this approach is not as safe as it seems at first glance. Black outfit you will be aged. White — repay your natural colors (of course, if you’re not straight from Turkey, where he managed to get an even Golden tan).

Choosing the colors, follow the rule: the lighter your hair, the lighter it is necessary to choose the tone of the clothes and Vice versa.

If we talk about style, summer complexion recommended romantic look. Although it clearly are not appropriate in every situation and the interior.

Type of tissue also affects the perception of our appearance. Summer virgins are best soft and flowing fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin, velvet, Voile. It is not forbidden linen, cashmere, tweed, Jersey.

Woman-summer exclusively paint a small inconspicuous drawings , pinstripe, herringbone, small peas, gingham or floral print. Also fit a medium size figure. Large bright patterns and ornaments — not the best choice. Especially impressive pictures printed on a background of the same color, but different shade.

Silver, platinum, white gold and more winning options than yellow gold. Stones recommended sapphire, lapis lazuli, turquoise, emerald. And of course, pearls — white, pink and black.

As you can see, women summer type easy enough to pick up a bold look and style — front of them open infinite space of options.

The author – Julia Poison, site

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