Style swag – daring combinations, unusual combination!

Sometimes we all want a fashion experiment: at least then, to feel young, bold and bright! The website “” I’ll tell you now about the trendy direction, which is perfect for young, confident and a little reckless girls style swag.

“The ideology of” style

Swag – style has arisen literally over the past couple of years among the “street” urban youth – his “ideology” were a rap , hip-hop and r-n-b singers, street dancers and just teenagers and young people who wanted to depart from the usual standards of beauty, elegance and taste.

In the end, based on all the pre-existing “street” styles emerged style swag (this word is usually translated roughly as “showing off”, “show”).

The essence of freedom, the rejection of the usual “glamorous” fashion trends, unisex, prioritize the convenience, comfort movements, and at the same time shocking!

Clothes style swag

So what things constitute the “basic wardrobe” in-style swag?

  • Shirts, t-shirts (usually spacious, as if stretched or the wrong size “thing boyfriend”). Plain or with prints, texts, logos.
  • Sweatshirts, “hoodies”, bomber jackets.
  • Shorts (usually denim). They can be ultrashort, with the “ragged” edge, studs, spikes, etc.
  • Short knitted dress tunic.
  • Leggings.
  • Sweatpants. Yes, those “sweatpants”, which in our country is firmly associated with dashing 90-mi, American swag culture has become a fashionable trend decorate their prints, and even rhinestones!
  • Jeans. Where do without them. ?

Prints and colors, style, swag

If you read the previous paragraph and decided that you’re going to look at the above things as deviant in the area – you are mistaken! “Chip” style is that with this selection of things in interesting and creative to combine colors and prints!

Colours, which in different variations are used – black, white, various pure bright colors, and “fluorescent” — yellow, crimson, light green and other. Also widely used “gold plated” and “plating”.

A very interesting point – prints.

Trendy and brand new print won the hearts of even those fashionistas who do not dress in swag-style from head to toe — “space”: imitating photos of distant galaxies in a telescope!

Also often used “animal” prints (leopard, Zebra), often in “unnatural” colors (e.g., Magenta-blue leopard :)).

Widely used big, splashy prints with different texts: slogans, mottos, logos, trademarks, names of musical groups, etc.

Shoes and accessories

What shoes suitable for this flamboyant style born on the streets of cities? Of course, shoes and sneakers in various versions!

Especially advanced admirer of the style I prefer high top sneakers (which also told) with bright elements, drawings and prints. Occasionally (e.g. club night), the girl in the style of swag can wear stilettos, but always bright and quirky, with the decor in the form of spikes or chains, etc.

Bags in this style are usually either backpacksor sport bags-“postulancy”. You can think of and the combination with the clutch-“envelope” — then let him be bright, “fluorescent” colors or with interesting prints.

An interesting feature of the style – hats: girls are encouraged to wear knitted beanie (even in the warm season) and, of course, baseball caps with bright prints, decals, all kinds of décor sequins, rhinestone, etc. Especially interesting it all looks, combined with hair dyed in unusual colors like pink, purple or blue – swag offers these extravagant shades to hairstyles!

The finishing touch – jewelry. Here begins the full expanse for those who are usually afraid to overdo it with the decorations – welcome heavy chain “fool’s gold”, large rings, bracelets, earrings (including the now fashionable cuffs), etc.

A way to wear jewellery highlights the overall “philosophy” of style: a careless, frivolous attitude to the values, but at the same time – a demonstration of their presence. You can easily mix gold (or metal “silver”) with bright plastic jewelry, rhinestones, etc.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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