Sugaring at home: how to do the procedure, recipe sugar paste + reviews

Sugaring, also known as caramel or sugar waxing, is a method of removing body and facial unwanted hair with a thick sweet paste. The procedure is familiar to the fair sex from time immemorial: even beauties of Ancient Egypt, where flourished the cult of pure body used sugar way to get rid of excess hairs. Since invented many other solutions to the problem: machines, creams, wax, laser… So why do modern girls continue to do sugaring at home?

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  • 1 Advantages and disadvantages of the method
  • 2 Technology
  • 3 Paste purchase…
  • 4 … and home
    • 4.1 Recipes without lemon
    • 4.2 Pros and cons
  • 5 What else do you need
  • 6 Sugaring at home: practice
    • 6.1 tips from the pros
    • 6.2 the procedure
    • 6.3 Possible “trouble”
    • 6.4 About pain
    • 6.5 skin Care after
  • 7 Contraindications
  • 8 Reviews: “the paste is Poured in silicon molds”

The essence of the procedure is that the parts that need to be free from unnecessary “vegetation”, the sweet paste is applied. Dense structure envelops the hair, and then abruptly removed from the skin along with them.

The advantages and disadvantages of the method

The main advantage of the procedure — lasting result. As the hairs are removed together with the root, a new grow only after two or three weeks. The table below will tell you about other benefits of the method and its shortcomings.

Table — Home sugaring “for” and “against”

— Environmentally friendly and safe for the skin (natural ingredients);
— with each procedure newly growing hair is less and less, they become lighter and thinner;
— there is no risk of cuts and burns;
— affordable price;
— the possibility of exercising at home;
effect of mechanical peeling (along with the paste from the skin removes dead skin particles and impurities);
— reduced the probability of occurrence of ingrown hairs
— Pain;
— remove only the hairs, length of which is not less than 5 mm;
— to do the procedure yourself, you need some skill

Waxing or sugaring — which is better? The procedure is very similar, only the first one is not sugar paste and wax. There are other differences: the wax is applied on the skin along the hair growth and removed against it. Therefore, with this method of hair removal pain is somewhat stronger than with sugaring, and the probability of occurrence of ingrown hairs above.Equipment

Sugar paste can be applied and removed in different ways, which are used as a separate, but often combined. There are three basic techniques shugaring. Each method has its own specificity, to deal with which will help table below.

Table — Techniques shugaring

TechniqueDescriptionFeatures of use
ManualThe paste is applied and removed by hand— Mainly used for arms and legs;
— experienced master can work with armpits and bikini area
BandageThe warmed paste is applied on the skin with a spatula, and then the composition is covered with a paper or fabric strip whereby and removedCannot be used in the underarm area, bikini, facial and male breast
SatelinaThe paste is applied and removed with a spatulaApplies to all areas of the body

In addition to the manual, patelinage and bandage shugaring, experienced craftsmen familiar with other techniques. For example, “the Italian cover”, “Tree”, but without special training to do sugaring at home by these methods difficult.Pasta purchase…

Sugar paste, also known as caramel, can be purchased in a specialty store or make your own. What to choose?

Ready paste, depending on consistency are classified into three types. Professionals recommend to have all of them in order to provide variability of use and ease of use. The table below will help determine the choice of caramel.

Table — specific use of different types of pasta

PastaTechniqueFeatures hairsOther conditions
Soft— Bandage;
— satelina
— Thin;
— the tuft of hair on the body
Not suitable for hot areas
Medium hardness— Manual;
— satelina
Any, except too hard— Not suitable for hot areas;
— do not use in high humidity conditions;
— not suitable for people with hot hands (with a manual technique)
The hard (dense)ManualDark and hardMore effective in hot environments with high humidity (bath, bathroom after a hot shower)

Getting started, the pasta you need to prepare. Each variety requires a special approach:

  • soft — warmed to body temperature;
  • average — heated to 37-38 °C in the microwave or to help melting wax faster;
  • hard — heated in the microwave or to help melting wax faster, then kneaded between the fingers to the pearl color.

When buying pasta, it is important to carefully read the composition. Some inexpensive products are made of synthetic resins, these drugs are damaging to the epidermis and are especially dangerous for people with sensitive, Allergy-prone skin. Judging by the reviews, have a decent quality pasta, produced under the brands Aravia, Gloria, Cannaan…. and home

For those who want to avoid unnecessary expenses, the best option is a homemade sugar paste shugaring in house conditions to make it easy. Most importantly, strictly adhere to the recommended proportions, to obtain a product easy to use. The process is carried out in three phases and below it is described step by step.

  • Mix ingredients. To connect sugar (ten tablespoons no slides), water (tablespoon), lemon juice (squeezed from half of the fruit).
  • Heated. Over low heat, bring mixture to a boil, stirring constantly.
  • Cook until cooked. Do not stop stirring. After boiling, transparent mass will begin to darken when it becomes a caramel color and thickens — the structure is ready. Usually, to cook pasta, it takes five to seven minutes.
  • After cooling the mixture shugaring, prepared at home, to a comfortable (warm) temperature can, tearing a piece, to start the procedure. If the pasta is not going to the ball and greatly sticky, it still needs a little boil. Over time, the composition hardens, for further use it will need to be reheated in the microwave. That is, home-made pasta is used just like hard purchase.

    Recipes without lemon

    In addition to the classic, there are other options of homemade caramel. For example, you can make sugar paste shugaring, no lemon. It is the same as traditional, but the ingredients used are different. When introduced into the composition of the vinegar, the ingredient is added to the total mixture after heating. The table below describes the most popular recipes.

    Table Homemade pasta

    With citric acid— 6 tablespoons of sugar;
    — 2 tablespoons of boiling water;
    — 0,5 tablespoon of citric acid
    With honey— 4 tablespoons of sugar;
    — tablespoon liquid honey;
    — 2 tablespoons of water
    With vinegar— 0.5 cups of sugar;
    — 2 tablespoons liquid honey;
    — tablespoon of water;
    — 0.5 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar

    The pros and cons

    Use for hair removal homemade pasta has its advantages and disadvantages, which will acquaint you with the table below.

    Table — Pros and cons of home product

    — Efficiency;
    — Security and “openness” of the
    — Not as convenient to use as purchase;
    — it is impossible to make the product the right softness without losing epidermisa properties;
    cooking requires time and skill

    Initially, “sweet” hair removal used honey. In Persia this product for the first time replaced with sugar, so sugaring is sometimes called “Persian waxing”.What else do you need

    In addition to the paste for sugar waxing at home will require other cosmetic products and tools:

    • disinfectant — special lotion or “Chlorhexidine”;
    • sterile wipes — wet and dry with a neutral pH;
    • talc — a special shugaring or regular baby powder;
    • spatulas, strips — if you use appropriate techniques.

    To avoid contact of skin and the paste, some prefer to carry out the procedure in gloves. For other such “equipment” was inconvenient. To use house gloves or not — everyone decides for himself. But in the salons of their presence the master is a prerequisite.Sugaring at home: practice

    The first procedure is recommended in the salon to get a General impression, to see the master at work. This will help to avoid many mistakes. In addition, the first procedure is the most painful, is much easier psychologically to make the necessary manipulations produced the other person.

    Tips from the pros

    If the hard paste is too hard to knead, you can add in the composition a little soft caramel. Or simply wet hands and then dry, but not dry (the effect of sweaty palms). Here’s another four tips to know which is useful for those who decided to do sugaring at home.

  • Technique. Before the procedure you should be familiar with the technology shugaring, to practice on the least sensitive areas (feet, hands). The inept handling of the sugar paste is fraught with unpleasant, painful sensation. Methodological errors can cause unwanted effects: swelling and irritation of the skin, broken but not torn hair, black and blue.
  • The optimal length. Hair must be no shorter than 3-5 mm, otherwise the pasta will not capture. However, the removal of long hair very painful, so too grown “vegetation” needs to be shorter with a trimmer.
  • Convenient position and comfortable temperature. During the procedure, it is necessary to expose certain areas of the body, so you need to keep the room warm. How to be when epilating the underarms and legs, problems usually arise. But what if you need to work out the area of deep bikini? “Experienced” is recommended to get on the bathroom floor, armed with a mirror with a handle to see the scope of study from all angles.
  • The rest of the skin. If the first attempt to free a certain area of unwanted hair it did not work, you need to go to the next, and to the area to return after some time. This method avoids injury to the skin. If during the procedure the pain becomes too strong, you need to take a break, it is best to lie back and relax at least a few minutes.
  • The procedure

    For a day or a few hours before the session you need to treat the skin areas that are subjected to hair removal, scrub. Recipe shugaring in house conditions it is possible to present semisavage algorithm.

  • Degreasing and disinfection. A small area of skin, covered with unwanted hairs, wipe with antiseptic. Blot dry with sterile cloth.
  • Powder. To preporuciti skin talc: this pasta will stick to the hairs but not to the epidermis.
  • Pasta. Heated to the desired temperature, the composition applied to the skin against the hair growth.
  • Removal. Sharply to remove the composition along the growth, pulling the skin between the toes. The direction of movement must be parallel to the surface of the body. If the arm goes up, you can injure the skin and cause yourself pain.
  • Repetition. To wax another part of the body, repeating steps one through four. Continue until all unwanted “vegetation” will not be deleted.
  • Cleansing and disinfection. Take a warm shower to remove the body from the rest of the paste. Wipe with skin disinfectant.
  • Peace. Apply on the treated area with a soothing lotion, it is desirable that the product contain moisturizing ingredients.
  • After the session it is better to wear loose clothing made of natural materials.Possible “trouble”

    When working with pasta beginners can face several problems. The table below reveals the reasons for and solutions to the most common ones.

    Table — Challenges faced by girls at home sugaring

    The problemReasonsThe decision
    Sticky paste— Error in the technique;
    — too strong pressure on the paste before tearing;
    — uneven application;
    too wide strip of sugar paste;
    — the skin wasn’t dusted with talc, or the amount was insufficient;
    — no tension of the skin
    — Wash the part with warm water, dry the skin and continue the procedure;
    — use the bandage to remove stuck paste;
    — on top add the fresh pasta, just pull it against the hair growth and a sharp movement to remove in a traditional direction;
    processing talc area a little further Saliba, pull the caramel and pull
    The solidification of the compositionNot enough skill to carry out the procedure quickly— Buy heating equipment;
    — use water bath or microwave
    Unruly hairs— Insufficient length;
    — error in the technology;
    — incorrectly matched paste consistency
    — Remove single hairs with tweezers disinfected;
    — try to repeat the procedure on the same plot;
    — to change the pasta

    About pain

    To completely avoid pain during shugaring impossible. But there are three ways to make the procedure more comfortable.

  • Thoughts. Before the procedure and during the session, try to think about the imminent result: smooth and delicate skin, the ability to forget about the problem of unwanted “vegetation” for a few weeks, feel well-groomed and confident.
  • Hot tub. Before sugar waxing soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes, you can light candles. Warm water to steam your skin to open the pores and make the removal process less painful hairs. Pleasant procedure will also help to relax and calm down and get in a good mood.
  • Painkillers. Applied to the skin analgesic drug. Usually on Internet forums it is recommended to anesthetize the skin “Lidocaine” and “Amlou”. “Lidocaine” is available in the form of a spray, which is commonly used in gynecology. The action of the drug spreads to the mucous membranes, the skin, as practice shows, weakly expressed, it is rather self-hypnosis. Cream “EMLA” is stronger in terms of pain relief skin preparation, but since the tearing of the follicle is the impact on the deep nerve endings, completely pain remedy eliminates.
  • With regular epilation sugar paste with each treatment the pain become less pronounced, the body gets used to such effects.

    Skin care after

    Sunbathing in the Solarium or on the beach, a day after the procedure. During this period, it is not necessary to use deodorant (after shugaring armpits), to visit the baths and saunas, gymnasiums and a swimming pool.

    Between waxing skin needs special care. It is recommended to use moisturizing lotions and creams for the body with a natural composition, one to two times a week to treat the epidermis scrub.

    The scrub can be done by hand. Dissolve a quarter Cup of ground coffee beans and olive oil or shower gel to the consistency of porridge.Contraindications

    During pregnancy to resort to sugaring possible, but only if this method of hair removal uses not for the first time. If a woman bears a child, has never used the “sweet” method, better to wait for the birth of the baby. Sugaring is also contraindicated if:

    • cuts, wounds and other open lesions of the skin;
    • dermatological pathologies;
    • rosacea;
    • varicose veins;
    • excessively dry, irritated skin;
    • increased pain sensitivity;
    • individual intolerance of the components of the paste.

    Resorting to the procedure is recommended every four to seven weeks, depending on the intensity of hair growth. Knowing how to do sugaring at home, you can avoid unnecessary spending on campaigns in beauty salons.

    Reviews: “the pasta is Poured in silicon molds”

    With sugaring I met about a year ago. I can not say that is so wonderful and painless to remove unwanted hair in this way. The most successful pasta I got this recipe: 10 tablespoons of sugar you need 2 tbsp water and 3 tbsp of lemon juice. First, to properly cook pasta you need patience because right the pasta turned out, in my case 4 times I got sugaring, which is rolled into a ball, it can be applied to the skin and it did remove the hair, although, of course, not all.
    Secondly, to remove the hair needs a certain skill and this procedure is for me personally quite painful. And the most insulting that the problem of ingrown hairs after using shugaring has not changed at all.

    And yet there are a few nice moments in this waxing — there is little irritation, even on a sensitive skin like me, and the hairs that are still left are not so quickly grow. So I do not leave attempts to remove unwanted hair in this way.


    I want to say that sugaring at home is really. The first time she did, it was not perfect (there were hairs in some places and not removed). Had to remove the remaining shaggy epilator. The second time turned out much better — I removed most of the hair. Did his feet for the entire length, arms and armpits. While I have on both feet takes approximately 1 hour. Enough 2 balls of paste the size of a walnut. Very satisfied. The pain is much less than with the epilator. But, of course, all sticky. But the extra “sladosti” easy to wash off using lukewarm water.


    I am cooking, with different recipes. Usually it’s 6 tablespoons of sugar and 0.6 CT tablespoons of citric acid. By the way, with citric acid works better than that, it is easier to calculate the proportions, because lemons come in different sizes and different acidity. And another life hack is ready the pasta I poured into small silicone moulds. Then don’t have to otkolupyvat the desired amount from the frozen mass, just remove the mold and all) and you can pour pasta in various stages, i.e., different density.


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