Sun-dried tomatoes at home: step-by-step recipes in the microwave, the electric dryer and oven + reviews

Pomodori secchi – so the Italians call tomatoes, which we persistently referred to jerky. Although, if you look, sun-dried tomatoes at home is a “family” of dried fruit. Tomatoes are actually dried at a low temperature for several hours. And then transforms into a universal cooking bar, which can be found in almost all Italian dishes.

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The content of the article

  • 1 About the benefits and harms of sun-dried tomatoes
  • 2 3 criteria of a competent choice
  • 3 5 rules for the perfect drying
  • 4 How to do
  • 5 sun-Dried tomatoes at home: 4 recipe
    • 5.1 In Italian with garlic
    • 5.2 rosemary from Yulia Vysotskaya
    • 5.3 With Basil and hot peppers from Vincenzo Barba
    • 5.4 With cheese and peppers from Hector Jimenez Bravo
  • 6 storage flavored snacks
  • 7 what to eat and where to add
    • 7.1 Preparing for use
    • 7.2 Sent to the salad
  • 8 Reviews: “the Process is labor intensive, but the result is worth it”

The first mention of sun-dried tomatoes refers to the beginning of the XVIII century. But really wide popularity dried tomatoes found only in the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1856 Francesco Cheerio is a resident of Turin – began canning tomatoes by the method of Upper, opened for these purposes, own factory.

Italians and Greeks can not imagine my culinary life without this product. They add dried tomatoes to the dough, make them a stuffing for pies, put on sandwiches, complement the pizza and turn into a pasta sauce. Yes, that much to say, if only one sun-dried tomato, impaled on a skewer and eaten with a slice of fresh bread, capable of delivering a real gastronomic delight.

Nicolas Francois Appert, a French cook, who proposed in the late eighteenth century to store already cooked food in airtight containers and tanks. For this discovery, cook was awarded the state prize, and the distinguished title of “Benefactor of humanity”.About the benefits and harms of sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes belong to the category of products, use of which is unlimited, and the damage is minimal. To cause damage to human health, this delicacy can only with overeating. Dried tomatoes contain a lot of oxalic acid, which if consumed in large quantities can be harmful to the liver. This is probably the only disadvantage of the product. Throughout the rest of the sundried tomatoes – is a solid benefit. Energy value of the product is 258 kcal per 100 g. the Balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (PFC) is presented in the table.

Table – Balance BDIM sun-dried tomatoes

Organic matterContent, g/100g
FatsOf 2.98
CarbohydratesOf 43.50

Sun – dried tomatoes provide an average calorie. So a small amount of delicacy can be eaten even the guardians of the figure and those who for health reasons sits on a strict diet. Below are the four main utility.

  • Rough fiber. The value for this substance is that it to facilitate smooth and quality work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Antidepressants. Implementing in practice a step by step recipe of sun-dried tomatoes, you will end up with dish-depressant. Dried tomatoes improve the functioning of the nervous system and save the body from the damaging effects of stress.
  • Serotonin. Another plus meals with high concentration of serotonin. The hormone of happiness, which many in chocolate. Having filled his mouth with a couple of tomatoes, you’ll feel like improving your mood and overall well-being.
  • Potassium. Without this trace element the human heart is not able to function continuously. In addition, due to the lack of potassium in a person may experience excessive swelling.
  • Sun – dried tomatoes are an effective tool to fight against eye ailments and tasty “medicine” that improves the brain.3 criteria of a competent choice

    The answer to the question how to make sun-dried tomatoes starts with the right selection of the fruit for subsequent heat treatment. The inhabitants of Sunny Italy prefer the variety San Marzano. You can use the following three rules.

  • Weight. It is believed that the weight of the tomato should not exceed 130 g and should not be less than 100 g.
  • The degree of maturity. The optimal choice of the slightly unripe fruit. If you send in the oven or bought a Mature tomato in the drying process it gets too dark and will look like a lump of coal. However, estetichnost appearance no effect on the taste will have. The tomato will remain the same fragrant and spicy as it more pretty to look at counterparts.
  • Grade. If you went to jerk tomatoes, pay attention to the grade. Moderately juicy “plum”, perfect for drying. While the cherry tomatoes for this is not good. The last contains a huge amount of sugar, which can boast far not every fruit.
  • 5 rules for the perfect drying

    Ripe tomatoes are 90% water. It gives the moisture is not rosy fruit stored for a long time. So your task is to make the water in the tomatoes has remained low, not more than 15%. If the moisture content exceeds this figure, then cooked treats are not going to last long. Done correctly will help the following five recommendations.

  • Cleaning. Jerk made only “walls” of tomatoes. Therefore, the inside of the fruit – seeds and partitions – you need to eliminate.
  • Cutting. The fruits should be cut into three or four parts depending on the mass.
  • Ambassador. Lay out slices of “belly” top and sprinkle with salt – to the process of heat treatment the moisture to evaporate as soon as possible. It is desirable that the salt was not common food, sea and coarse.
  • Temperature. The drying process occurs at a temperature of from 40 to 100 °C – depending on the selected method of preparation.
  • Duration. For the duration of the process affected by humidity, drying temperature, size and initial mass of tomatoes, as well as other factors. So, for example, drying in the oven is just over six hours. And drying in natural conditions will last much longer.
  • To understand that the dish is ready, pretty simple. Of the original weight of the fruit will be no more than 25%. The edges of the slices shrinks up. And the place where was made the incision the fetus will become white. By the way, don’t discard the core, is removed from the ripe fruit. Use it to make a dressing for soup or tomato soup.How to do

    Today, when an impressive hostess kitchen Arsenal, it’s silly to jerk tomatoes in a natural way – in the sun. The process can be optimized and speed up, to do the same in the oven, microwave or electric driers. Reviews home cooks indicate that the oven is the most popular method. In a microwave oven, and even more so in a specially created for this machine to make it equally convenient and simple. The nuances of preparation are described in the table.

    Table way of cooking sun-dried tomatoes at home

    MethodTemperatureDurationEspecially cooking
    Oven100°C6-8 hours– Bake it in the oven until tender;
    – do not close until the end of the oven door
    Microwave100°C7 minutes– Send to 2 minutes
    – set the highest power;
    – take it out and drain the separated liquid;
    – allow to cool;
    – send in the microwave for another 5 minutes
    Electric dryer for fruit and vegetables70°C7-9 hours– Tomatoes put the core up so that the juice doesn’t hit the engine;
    periodically change places for pallets and uniform drying

    Sun-dried tomatoes at home: 4 recipe

    Hard to call the most delicious and the best recipe of sun-dried tomatoes in the oven. So you to choose from – classic Italian and several ways of drying from a famous culinary guru.

    In Italian with garlic

    Description. In different regions of Italian tomatoes are prepared in different ways. In their sun-dried tomatoes in Italian you can add any favorite spices and herbs – dried or fresh, giving the dish a unique taste and aroma.

    You will need:

    • tomatoes of the variety “plum” – 1.5 kg;
    • large sea salt;
    • black pepper;
    • olive oil;
    • garlic – three cloves.

    A guide to action

  • My fruits, dry them using tissue paper and cut into four pieces.
  • Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper, slightly greased with oil and spread on the surface of cut vegetables.
  • Sprinkle slices with coarse salt and a little pepper.
  • On each slice put literally a drop of olive oil.
  • Send a baking sheet in a preheated 100°C oven, leaving the door slightly ajar. This will allow moisture as possible to evaporate from the pulp.
  • Ready sun-dried tomatoes leave inside until cool.
  • On the bottom of the jar, pour a little oil, gently spread dried slices, slowly pouring olive oil over each layer and adding your favorite spices.
  • Tomatoes should drown in the oil, otherwise they will spoil. In the Bank they should be tight, but tamping them not worth it. Hermetically closing the lid glass container, you can store sun-dried tomatoes for about six months, choosing to procure a dark cool place. Refrigerator fits these criteria.Rosemary from Yulia Vysotskaya

    Description. Rosemary makes dried tomatoes are very flavorful and tender. In the future, when you get a jar of tomatoes and decide to cook sandwiches, pizza or sauce, you will feel how juicy and expressive sounds in the dish this ingredient.

    You will need:

    • tomatoes – 2 kg;
    • salt;
    • rosemary – five or six branches;
    • thyme – to taste.

    A guide to action

  • My tomatoes, cut in half and using a dessert spoon, without damaging the walls, remove the core.
  • Salt each half and pour inside a little olive oil.
  • Spread on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and put in a preheated 100°C oven.
  • Ready the cooled tomatoes neatly spread in a glass container for storage, sandwiching the sprigs of rosemary and chopped thyme.
  • After the process is over, pour the fruits with herbs with oil up to the top and tightly close the lid.
  • Title seasoning – rosemary – literally means “sea freshness”.

    With Basil and hot peppers from Vincenzo Barba

    Description. The chef and owner of two Michelin stars, offers to prepare spicy sun-dried tomatoes with Basil, chilli and walnuts. If you do not like spicy, reduce the amount of chilli in the recipe. But if, on the contrary, is not against to taste a burning treat – promote its content.

    You will need:

    • tomatoes – 1 kg;
    • walnuts – 100 g;
    • vinegar – two tablespoons;
    • chili pepper two pods;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • parsley – beam;
    • butter – dessert spoon;
    • oregano and Basil – to taste;
    • large sea salt – teaspoon;
    • water or five teaspoons.

    A guide to action

  • Valim tomatoes according to a traditional scheme.
  • Send in a blender peeled walnuts, chilli, garlic, Basil and oregano. Grind. Squeeze the juice, pouring it into a separate container.
  • In the extracted juice and add vinegar and water, throw a piece of butter, boil and pour into a jar for procurement.
  • Put in the same container sun-dried tomatoes, pereslava them with a mixture of nuts, peppers and herbs.
  • On top pour olive oil so that it cover the fruits.
  • With cheese and bell peppers from Hector Jimenez Bravo

    Description. Recipe sun-dried tomatoes with cheese will come in handy if the tomatoes on the baking sheet will be very little. This delicacy is filling, layered with cheese and olives, flavored with olive or sunflower oil. But for long-term storage, such a blank will not do.

    You will need:

    • tomatoes – 0,5 kg;
    • hard cheese – 200 g;
    • black olives pitted – 100 g;
    • bell peppers – two pieces;
    • sunflower or olive oil;
    • salt;
    • oregano.

    A guide to action

  • Valim tomatoes in the oven as usual.
  • Spread the cooled fruit into the jar in layers.
  • Between each layer of tomatoes, put a layer of cheese, sprinkled with herbs, a layer of sliced bell pepper slices and layer cut into rings olives.
  • Top the finished dish pour the oil.
  • Olive oil in the recipe can be replaced by more traditional places for our sunflower. However, this will reduce the shelf life of food. Sun-dried tomatoes with cheese and olive oil can be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks. While a similar snack with sunflower dressing will have to eat for the week.

    Storage flavored snacks

    The question of how to store sun-dried tomatoes, one of the most urgent. Indeed, despite the short lifetime of delicacy, I want to keep it longer than that. To and came unexpectedly to surprise guests, and myself on family holidays to indulge. The following three tips will allow you to save your favorite treat for six months.

  • In the storage room. Home pantry is great for storing hermetically sealed jars with sun-dried tomatoes. In many guides and write: “…to put in a cool dark place.” But in a room temperature shelf life outdoor tomato delicacy is reduced two times and is not more than three months.
  • In the fridge. It is best to have a jar of dried tomatoes in the bottom compartment of the fridge where you usually fold for storage greens and fresh vegetables. The optimum temperature varies from 0 to 10°C.
  • In the cellar. No cold storage, but there is a cellar? Great. These two methods of storage are absolutely equivalent in their effectiveness.
  • But in the freezer it’s Italian food store is not worth it. Low temperature will affect the taste of the tomatoes and the integrity of their structure.What is and where to add

    Another question – what to eat sun-dried tomatoes. Ask you to his Italian, he bulging eyes on you, and frankly surprised. And all because this treat the inhabitants of Sunny Italy is added to everything – from the banal sandwiches and canapés to traditional pizza and pasta. Exactly the same can do you.

    Prepare to eat

    If you bought the fruit in oil, just dried and vacuum-Packed, remember to first prepare the vegetables to eat, using one of three methods.

  • To soak in the water. If tasting a delicacy suffers as tomorrow, put the tomatoes in a deep plate and pour water at room temperature. After standing overnight in water, next morning the product is ready for use.
  • Boil water with vinegar. The fastest way to saturate the tomatoes with moisture to boil them in water with the addition of a small amount of acetic acid. A couple of minutes – and sun-dried treat can be used.
  • Boil water without vinegar. There is no vinegar or you can’t use it? In this case, just slightly boil the tomatoes in water. It takes two minutes, and five to seven, but the result is the same.
  • Sent to the salad

    Features. Even simple meals with the addition of sun-dried tomatoes become juicy and flavorful culinary masterpieces. Tomatoes perfectly combined with other vegetables, whether potato gnocchi or the Ratatouille, Frittata or moussaka. Sun-dried tomatoes improves the taste of chickpeas and decorate a boring color hummus. You can prepare salad with dried tomatoes and tuna and make sure once again: dried tomatoes – this thing.

    You will need:

    • dried tomatoes – 100 g;
    • baked Bulgarian pepper – one thing;
    • olives, pitted – 50 g;
    • anchovies – 50 g;
    • canned tuna is one of the Bank;
    • arugula – ½ bunch;
    • olive oil.

    A guide to action

  • Tear the arugula in a bowl and add to it chopped tuna with a fork.
  • There also send the anchovies and finely chopped peppers and sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Stir, season with butter and enjoy.
  • For sandwiches you can kill in a blender pre-boiled dried tomatoes and adding a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Smear the paste on bruschetta – and the perfect snack is ready.

    As you can see, recipes sun-dried tomatoes and methods for their use in home cooking is quite diverse. By the way, you can harvest the tomatoes without oil. It will extend the shelf life of the product in two times – up to 12 months and allows you to enjoy ripened under the sun of the delicacy until the next tomato harvest. Just fold the dried fruit into plastic or glass container and tightly close the lid so none of the insects did not dare to share a meal together.

    Reviews: “a laborious Process, but the result is worth it”

    I’ve navalia, naturally, in the shade)) of cherry tomatoes. And they happen to be absolutely not suitable for this, because they’re sweeter than the sweetest dried fruit. But still oil filled, pripravki was popereklyuchat, can stand up and be less sweet?)) But even very sweet, they are delicious. All the advice, I mean jerk)))


    Dried at 55 degrees, I think everything happened as it should. But at a measly 4 pounds of fresh tomatoes it took me a few days. Don’t even imagine how much time would have gone, the sushi I have them in the sun.


    Of course a laborious process, but the results are worth it. Like tomatoes on a pizza like home, just enjoy!!!! But the store certainly will not for one order of magnitude higher in cost, so it pays to try to prepare such beautiful tomatoes.


    Mom was in Italy and brought from there sun-dried tomatoes. They were sealed in the cellophane package. was cut in half and those long, long our tomato-cream. The taste was so salty, just horror. But they said that they need a good soak, and then transfer to a jar with herbs , spices and pour the HOT oil. When we did all of this… Mmmmm what was yummy.


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