Sunscreen reviews – how to choose the perfect tool

Readers of women’s website “” already know how to choose sunscreen: examine the package to take into account various factors such as skin phototype, the time of exposure to the sun, in the water and so Today we want to continue the theme and to understand the issue, how best to choose a sunscreen — reviews of real users will help us not to be mistaken with the purchase.

Sunscreen: reviews of products for dry and oily skin

For dry skin, suitable cream with moisturizing effect. The composition should contain glycerin, aloe, etc.

Well established sunscreen reviews this is confirmed by the following manufacturers: Avene Mineral cream (moisturizing), Amway ARTISTRY (tone sunscreen (SPF 20) with moisturizing effect), Nivea and others.

For oily skin not suitable creams with mineral oils. Pay attention to sunscreen for the face (which reviews you’ll find below) with the fluid.

  • “I am attentive to the selection of protective equipment from the sun. All my hopes were pinned on Dr favorite brand. Sebagh Sun-City Protection. But in terms of sun protection, this cream is terrible. It’s sticky, unpleasant isn’t something that you’ll want to put on the face. I discovered the perfect cream with sunscreen fluid from La Mer, which has SPF 30. Easily absorbed and reliably protects. Verochka”
  • “I advise everyone not cream, sunscreen fluid for face from Vichy (Vichy Capital soleil spf 50 protective micro-fluid face). The tool is well protected, ideal for problematic oily skin. Karina”
  • “I like the Avene cream (SPF 30) with thermal water. Ritulya”
  • “I use myself and would recommend sunscreen reviews of which I heard only positive from Lancaster. That is expensive, I agree. But the result is worth the money that you spend. Maria”
  • “Smeared baby sun cream green Mama, and my face. It fits me perfectly. Greta”.

Sun protection for the face and for sensitive skin

As the skin more sensitive to sun, often burns the nose, cheeks, forehead, and emerges pigmentation. Specially designed sunscreens for the face have a higher filter protectionthan those that are designed for the entire body.

Remember: the higher the level of protection (on the package the letters SPF), the longer you can stay in the sun. The figure shows how long you can sunbathe without harm to health. For example, if the SPF 30 in the sun can be up to 450 minutes, with SPF 20 — 300 minutes (1 step = 15 minutes).

Choosing sunscreen for the face, always keep in mind that it needs to be labeled SPF from 30 to 50. It must be applied 20-30 minutes before sun exposure. If you use other cosmetic products, sunscreen is used as a makeup base.

Be guided when choosing the creams, specifically designed for the face.

In sun face cream, reviews and tips often mention this, must necessarily be substances that protect the skin from rays: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone. Names may be written in English: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone.

  • “When I was choosing sunscreen sun cream for face reviews all read, defined, and decided to order Manager. Then all of a sudden the pharmacy I heard that the girl was offered a pencil to the face from Vichy, with a 50 factor of sun protection. It is the perfect solution for individuals: to apply, spread and protects. Now I will only use it. Lily”

For sensitive skin, as well as for the face, choose a sunscreen SPF 50, reviews suggest to buy the creams without fragrances – they will protect your skin from burns and will not cause irritation.

  • “I live in the South of Ukraine, so the sun I have at the end of April and lasts until October. Of course, I always take care to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Me sunscreen SPF 50 Clinics attracted a high degree of protection. Among the shortcomings, I note that he’s fat, but plus the fact that the skin does not dry. After his regular use in the hot season I noticed that lost small rashes and other blemishes on the skin. Kept it 6 months in the refrigerator. Apply it every 3 hours if you are on the beach. Recommend. Of the world”.

In addition to sunscreen SPF 50 from Clinics, reviews recommend for sensitive skin baby cream Mustela, kodali (Caudalie), Bioderma (Photoderm AR Biotherm cream SPF 50+), Avon with SPF 50, Eva Sun (a small economical package that lasts for a long time, the cream has good protection, has a positive feedback), Oriflame, etc.

Reviews of other popular brands

The website advises choosing a sunscreen, be sure to read the reviews about the brand, which you are interested in the opinions of real people will help not to be mistaken with a choice.

Most interesting is that the rule “the more, the better“, not always justified in the choice of cosmetic products from UV radiation. One suitable only expensive brands, others are budget options and remain very pleased. Convince us some feedback:

  • “In the evening, when bags to the South it was collected, I realized that I didn’t buy sunscreen, reviews of before this read was the best, according to people, brands, and in the experience of Vichy were already (by the way, positive). I grabbed the list and ran to the nearest pharmacy. But, to my regret, neither Vichy nor something from my “recommended list”, carefully selected from the Internet: Super Creme Solaire Visage SPF 30 Sisley and Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 50 – I are unable to offer. I reluctantly bought the Floor sunscreen (Sun Block for Face, Pola), reviews in 2008 about it, I have not seen anywhere else. It turned out that this is the perfect cream. All happy, even the price is lower than advertised in the products of leading companies (about 720 rubles). It not only protects your skin from the sun, but cares for her. Skin all day matte, not shiny. And in the water it does not roll and does not go away after you soak up the sun. Natalia”.
  • “Got my hands sunscreen series “beauty Secrets” — “the Spring”. Inexpensive, with a small degree of protection, only 5 SPF. I decided that the early spring sun, just what you need, and no mistake. The skin was protected from the sun. Svetlana”
  • “Sunscreen Aven feedback often has a positive. Praise the entire line. Personally I take SPF 20 for the body and the most reliable (SPF 50) for face. There are special creams for dry and normal skin. Larissa”
  • “Sunscreen Aven, the opinion about which you will read below, fits my whole family. I only use this firm for the duration of their stay. First, I have children smear Aven SPF 40, then after 5 days, turn on SPF 20. No other remedy will not look. For the face I also suitable for the body enough twenty. Eleanor”.
  • “I use the soufflé cream SPF 30 Caribbean Breeze. It is sold in a small jar, has a delicate structure, hydrates the skin and protects. Most importantly, it is compact and convenient. Olga Sergeevna”

Be extremely careful with sunscreen, negative reviews, which are sometimes found in the Internet: Premium (SPF 30), Savoli (Savoly SPF 60), Floresan, Cliven etc.

Due to the fact that we have introduced you with only real assessments of the quality of products of specific firms that you are able to decide which sunscreen has positive reviews, is popular with consumers and will be perfect for you. Also I want to tell you that in some cosmetic stores, you can get testers that you can try, how goes the cream on your skin and there are no allergic reactions to composite components.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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