Sweating – what to do with excessive sweating?

“Hello! I sweat a lot. What I don’t know. Especially annoying wet spots under the arms that appear on the clothes of bright colors. In my wardrobe is dominated by black and grey stains are not so noticeable.

I’m so afraid to get into an awkward position. Each time before you lift your arm up, even someone to say Hello, every time I worried that no one noticed. I’m a teacher, you often have to write on the Board. I don’t know what to do if you sweat a lot. I hope sympaty.net help me to cope with this problem. Kristina

The excessive secretion of sweat in certain parts of the body, local hyperhidrosis, so call this a problem in medicine – that worries many today.

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will help those who are facing such trouble, and how to overcome it.

We have been told what to do, if sweaty feet. If sweating armpits what to do in this case — we will advise in this article. You will learn how to cope with these traditional methods, special means and modern cosmetology.

From what the person is sweating?

Sweat all the people. In some, this function of the body is widespread: moist palms, feet, face, back and armpits. Others this does not cause noticeable problems.

In order to answer the question of what to do if you sweat heavily, you first need to understand a little physiology.

You certainly noticed that when a person is sick, sweating heavily. Sweating is a natural process in the body, which regulates normal body temperature. Sweat does not smell. It has no smell.

But there are some places – hands, feet, underarms, where going bacteria and germs. They, connecting with then start giving bad smell. The person begins to notice the sweating in the palms, armpits, feet. What to do?

Deodorants and antiperspirants

In order to get rid of the smell of sweat, there is a lot of money. The most popular of them are considered deodorants – their function is limited to removing the smell of sweat.

In contrast, antiperspirants contain in its composition of minerals, salts of zinc and aluminum which narrows the sweat ducts, thereby blocking the time to “outputs” from the body. So for those of you who don’t know what to do if you sweat a lot armpits, and doubts whether to choose a deodorant or antiperspirant, the answer is clear — antiperspirant.

Only made by our reader, conventional antiperspirants only for a short time will help to solve the problem of axillary hyperhidrosis and, in practice, eliminate the smell of sweat, but not get rid of the circles on clothes.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the special treatment and antiperspirants Crystal, Maxim, Odaban, fuel type: petrol, No-sweat. We describe the principle of their action on the example of Dry Dry antiperspirant.

Purax spray and Dry Dry: benefit or harm?

A real lifesaver for those who sweats a lot and doesn’t know what to do in this case, – Dry Dry antiperspirant.

Active components included in its composition (hydrate of aluminium chloride, and butyl alcohol), do not impair the function of perspiration, and only create “block” for the release of sweat as antiperspirants. Sweat begins to seek out” in places that were not treated with antiperspirant. So, for example, starts to sweat back, not so noticeable on clothes. Those sites which is applied to Dry Dry, remain completely dry.

Spray Purax developed from excessive sweating of the feet, but our resourceful creative compatriots successfully practiced its use to the armpits. The composition is similar to the famous Dry Dry, it is used not only as deodorant, and as a spray. Don’t forget about careful using it near an open flame.

How to use Dry Dry?

The drug is expensive compared to other, less effective antiperspirants, but it is quite worth the price.

Firstly, it lasts for a very long time judging from the feedback, almost six months.

Secondly, you need to use one every 4 – 7 days, depending on the severity of your problem – it is on a number of days have action lock.

Third, if the problem of sweating is solved, the cost will already be justified by your good mood and the ability to not wear something that will make the traces of sweat is less visible, but that your soul desires.

  • “I really sweat a lot. What to do? Went to the pharmacy to buy deodorant Vichy, who praised the friend and back with Dry Dry. In the evening I applied a thin layer on dry clean skin of armpits. He stings! Even at night woke up from the discomfort. But then a week went and was not afraid that the sweat will show through. No damp traces. Dry. Even doing sports. Back was wet, and armpits dry. I decided my problem, suggested friends. All have helped. I just read in the Internet negative reviews, but all my friends love it. Now we know what to do if you sweat a lot – buy the Dry Dry. Anya

Sweaty face and palms. What to do?

For those who suffer from sweating in the area of the nose wings, forehead, above the lip, effective antiperspirant “No Sweat MAX-F -15%” (“Maxim”). The developers release a series for all areas of hyperhidrosis: armpits, legs, back, neck, face.

Those who are looking for what to do if a person sweats, you need to choose a 15% liquid antiperspirant for sensitive skin, it provides symptomatic — “fast” – effect. Pot is much smaller, but there are side effects from maxima can appear greasy glow on his forehead.

For those who are looking for options of what to do if you sweat in order to resolve this problem permanently, you can try a comprehensive treatment offered by this series. The treatment will be slower, but more efficient.

One of the manifestations hyperhidrosis refers to sweating of the palms.

Help in this case, cheap pharmacy funds – Formagel and Formedon. They need to moisten a cotton pad and wipe on the night palm. In the morning all washed and smeared with cream. Popular this method is that the procedure enough to do 1 – 2 times per week, in contrast to the folk remedies.

You should be careful with drugs as the main active substance in them – formaldehyde – a colorless toxic gas, which is unsafe for the body. For this reason, in Ukraine Formagel discontinued, although its substitute Formedon is freely available.

Among folk remedies common Council brewing plants with tannins. What to do? If you sweat, you will have to brew every night.

Economy version

If you still don’t trust antiperspirants, which are composed of chemical substances that or can’t afford to buy a vehicle for 50 – 60 dollars, we’ll show you other, that is to say, low cost options.

Pasta Teymurova and Lassara

These two tools can be easily found in pharmacies. Many think their counterparts expensive “advanced” means. In the composition, as well as in Dry Dry, includes substances that block the release of sweat: boric acid, salicylic acid, lead, zinc oxide , etc. Pasta Teymurova is prescribed for those who have excessive sweating of the feet, but it is successfully applied by those who have sweaty armpits. Also, a paste lassara.

Scented soap

“Very much sweat. Don’t know what to do?” If you addressed this question to our grandparents, they would advise to use baby soap dry: slightly moisten it and wipe the underarm area. It turns out the protective layer.

Baking soda

You can prepare a thick paste of soda and water. To put everything on dry underarms, allow to dry. This method is more suitable for cases when wear is long sleeve. Soda may be sprinkled.


The website sympaty.net will tell you what to do if you sweat a lot before the exciting event — a date, for example. For such emergency cases, it is better to stock up on wet wipes and lemon. Wipe your armpits with a cloth, and then lemon — this you will remove the smell.

Massage spoons and douches

Hygiene and preventive procedures also play an important role in this matter. You can improve the sweat glands, if you do systematically douche to these areas of the body.

You can also try to do massage with spoons. In detail about it read here. It is not difficult and will not bring harm. For it you need to take two tablespoons a bowl of hot and cold water. Spoon drop first in hot water, put the back in the armpits for a few minutes, lightly presses. Then the same procedure is done with a cold spoon.

Sweating what to do: radical methods

Radical techniques include:

  • injection drugs, “Botox”, “Kseomin”, “Dysport”;
  • curettage;
  • iontophoresis;
  • liposuction;

When injections in the underarms are administered drugs that completely block sweat glands. The question of what to do if you sweat a lot armpits, resolved for six months. Moreover, the skin becomes so dry that the need to buy beauty products to remove the smell of sweat disappears for 6 months while acting injected.

When performing curettage removes the sweat glands and with a liposuction adipose subcutaneous tissue and the nerve associated with sweat glands.

The technique of iontophoresis is that through the area of skin is very sweaty, weak flow of electric current which reduces the activity of cells that produce sweat.

This question: “How are you sweating?” in our time would have caused at best puzzled and kind of confused, but in Ancient Rome, the phenomenon of normal perspiration, testified to good health. That was the greeting the Romans, greeting meant something like our: “don’t get sick?”

Today, given the changed environmental conditions, local hyperhidrosis may be one of the symptoms of the disease.

So, if you are pressing the question: “What to do if you sweat a lot?” — should first be checked by a doctor to eliminate the possibility of thyroid disease, chronic lung disease, dystonia, kidney and diabetes. Remember, the pot only eliminate the smell, but not the cause, if it is connected with health.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

Sweating – what to do with excessive sweating?

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