Sweet and diet, healthy sweets

Many of us anxiously fond of sweets. Give up sweets on a diet – is this not torture?

But it turns out you can afford a sweet tooth when dieting! What healthy sweets will not harm the figure and will enhance the mood, says women’s website sympaty.net.

Sweets in the diet is necessary!

Any one of us knows that glucose is necessary for brain work, and without the sweet, as they say, “the head does not cook”. Sweet useful for the whole organism. No wonder after eat some sweets, improves mood and there is courage.

“But I’m on a diet!” — you will object. Indeed, the diet imposes its own limitations, in particular it is for dessert.

However, if you desire to eat something sweet or fatty unbearable, you can and SHOULD afford a little sweet… But not just any sweet. Try healthy sweets, “good”. Them you will remove the unbearable cravings for sweets and increase your mood and calories in them… however, let’s look at each sweetness separately!

What healthy sweets can afford?

Yes, it is much better to afford such a sweet tooth when dieting, than to break, ate half of a huge cake with cream, plus everything you can find in the fridge! That’s why sitting on a diet, keep at hand…


Marmalade is a truly useful sweetness! In the marmalade fat no, but a lot of pectin – and he, as you know, lowers the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

In some cases, marmalade does not contain pectin, but contains agar is a natural product derived from seaweed. It is also useful because it helps excrete the toxins that can improve the absorption by the liver of harmful substances.

Read the label carefully and buy this healthy candies but without the sugar content, otherwise it’s all sweet in the diet will do harm. However, the caloric content, the presence or absence of sugar does not affect – in both cases the caloric content of the marmalade is 330 kcal per 100 grams.

Granola bars

These muesli bars is the perfect solution not only to treat yourself to a sweet useful when dieting, but for a quick and healthy snack. Usually granola bars are sold in pharmacies. The composition is quite nutritious and not too high in calories: flakes cereal, supplemented with nuts and fruit and syrup glued. Muesli give a feeling of satiety, simultaneously lowering cholesterol and improving digestion. Besides, they contain a lot of minerals!

Dried fruits

Dried fruit is the same fruit, but without water. Of course, dried fruit is not as many nutrients as fresh fruit, but it is not the cake and not the sugar cubes: the use of them, undoubtedly, more!

Unlike fruit, dried fruit is much sweeter — sweet makes them fructose.

Dried fruits are not only saturate the body with minerals — among them calcium, magnesium, and iron, and sodium. They help to cleanse the bowel due to the large amount of fiber.

Of course, the dried fruits should be used as a sweet in the diet. But what fruits to choose?

  • Raisins — almost as useful as fresh grapes. Able to calm the nervous system. Useful for osteoporosis.
  • Dried apricots is beneficial for the heart because it contains a lot of potassium. It will protect you from cancer.
  • Prunes — known for its beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Normalizes intestinal motility thus relieving constipation. Little lowers blood pressure. Useful for those who often sits behind the computer, because it contains vitamins that improve vision.
  • Figs — also a good prevention of cancer. Able to expel parasites from the intestines and normalize the activity of the thyroid gland.
  • Figs. This useful sweetness increases the energy level of the body, so is irreplaceable, if you in the morning can’t Wake up and feel defeated the whole day. Dates help with colds and headaches.
  • Papaya is able to increase sexuality. Strengthens the body, increases immunity and stimulates the metabolism. In short, the papaya is a useful dessert when dieting!


Yes, honey is the same calories as sugar, but it is incomparably greater. Judge for yourself: enzymes, lots of vitamins and minerals. And colds can help, and depression will be saved, and the body’s need for vitamins will satisfy. Undoubtedly, a spoon of honey in warm tea will boost your mood and immunity.


Candy obtained by mixing molasses, marmalade mass, syrup and agar (or pectin — as decided by the manufacturer). By itself, the marshmallows — a wonderful dessert.

The doctors say that in small quantities it is very useful for hair, nails and nerves, and nutritionists recommend to choose Apple candy among other things range.


Qualities of a marshmallow resembles the marmalade — it also contains no fat and is composed of agar or pectin. In addition, marshmallow is useful protein, iron and phosphorus.

A couple of marshmallows a day will not harm your diet, but still, nutritionists recommend to eat the marshmallows from 16 to 18.00, to cheer the body, because as you know, at this time, the blood sugar is lowered.

And finally…

Yes, sweet in a diet are allowed to eat, BUT first, within reasonable limits (still described above products have caloric content). And secondly, nutritionists recommend to eat healthy sweets only an hour after eating. So eat the sweet with the mind — and don’t forget about the benefit for the body ?

The author — Olga Sympaty, site www.sympaty.net – ToKnow365.top

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Sweet and diet, healthy sweets

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