Swing: what you need to know and how to decide whether this is for you

Heard that word, I think, are all adults, and a General idea of the swing – the situation, when in bed, there are more than two people. However, this is not true: classic swing is an exchange of partners between married couples. Does the swing rules, how and where to look for partners to swing, and whether it is worth to try “love of four” — read women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

What is the swing?

So, encyclopaedic definition. Swing call-time (irregular) exchange of partners between couples with the aim of joining in an intimate relationship. The definition of swing are also combination “couple+girl”, “couple+kid.”

Swing differs from sex in that it has rules that are negotiated between all partners before the “session”.

Can to mention sexual acts that each of the partners permits in relation to themselves, and a rough “script”. For example, a husband towards his wife is allowed all he wants, but in relation to the second partner – only cunnilingus. Or having sex only with spouse spouse, and the second pair in this moment is only entitled to the petting and observation. And so on, as desired.

Swing is divided into several formats:

  • Soft – sex spouses only, and affiliate pair will participate in foreplay and/or oral caresses.
  • Outdoor – two couples having sex in one room, in one bed, sometimes in close cooperation with changing partners.
  • Closed – swapping partners, couples diverge in different rooms (sometimes even in different apartments!) at the appointed time (sometimes even a whole weekend).

Is it worth to try?

The main purpose of the swing to make the relationship in a pair, to get new sexual experience, while not committing adultery and not lying to a loved one. If this sounds interesting to you, and your man – why not?

By the way, sex with two girls – it is the ultimate erotic dream of almost every man, and if you offer the option of “You+He+She”, the favorite will probably regard it as a luxurious gift on your part! In this case, almost eliminated the unmotivated male jealousy – the main thing not to be jealous.

Somewhat complicated with a combination of “You+It+the Other man” — voluntarily agree only very pravdivye men, and it is possible that after a voluntary experiment will not start the accusations…

As for the classical variant “a Couple of+a Couple” — both of you are in equal situation. Better “insufficient salting” than “perepechai”.

For example, if you ideologically agree to the exchange of partners, but do not want to see loved one with another woman — choose private swing then you will be able to tell each other about what happened behind closed doors, only to the extent that you see fit.

Want something spicy but don’t want to afford much other man – then you have a soft swing that does not assume traditional sex with another partner. The most risky option – “open” the swing, when everything happens in front of each other. But, according to many experienced Swingers, it’s an opportunity to show each other the greatest confidence, it is best to understand and get to know each other.

Let’s just say it’s not the best option for the first time, but once in my life, it’s worth a try!

Who will be the best partner for swing?

It depends on the specific situation – how much you are willing to experiment you and your husband, what would you like from the partners swing, etc. But I want to warn those women who appreciate the relationship with their man and don’t want to ruin them with one experiment in a “foursome”:

  • Better not to talk to swing a married couple with whom you are friends or close contact. It is not excluded that someone something they don’t like and friendship apart, and, God forbid, the adventure of know people in common… besides sometimes difficult to relax and enjoy a piquant situation with people you’ve known and with whom you are going to subsequently resume normal communication.
  • Don’t mess with their former and their new girls/guys. This is certainly cause jealousy is hard to look at her husband in the arms of his ex-girlfriend and to understand that they were doing more than one experiment!

It is clear that the street to meet another couple with the goal of swing experiment is problematic, so you should go the other way.

There are (in America and Europe for a long time, and we have recently) special swing clubs – there turn couples Swingers who want to find partners addresses and contact details can be easily found on the Internet.

There are organized swing parties in different formats, and also gather a database of people who are looking for partners according to certain parameters just like in marriage agencies. That is completely anonymous to come and try what you would like, and to leave those with whom you engaged in swinging, you may never meet!

Plus swing clubs- the opportunity to choose partners and format of events, anonymity (usually such associations are quite strict, and this is followed).

You can also try to find partners on sites for Swingers, Dating sites etc. the Risks are the same as for any virtual Dating – a real meeting can not get what expected, and the public is not excluded!

And another tip from the “Beautiful and Successful”. If you’re really, really, really want to try the swing, and your husband or young man opposed – don’t force him, it is unlikely that this will come something good, and relations will be added for sure!

Better meet the ready for such an adventure man and/or married couple – so that after receiving this experience, not to see them never to tell this incident to your loved one. Treason? Perhaps, Yes. But if it is-very-very want, to spoil a serious relationship you’re not going to.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Swing: what you need to know and how to decide whether this is for you

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