Swollen feet in the heat – causes, prevention, treatment

“Hello, my favorite women’s website. My name is Alina, I’m 29 years old and I, like you, beautiful and successful. I never complained about his health, but I have very often swollen ankles in the heat.

I would like to know why this is happening, whether “summer” swelling of the feet a troubling symptom and how to do so in the summer heat my feet have never been the subject of sympathetic glances. I hope sympaty.net will not leave without attention my letter and explain in detail everything that is associated with edema of the legs in the heat.”

What are the causes of swelling feet?

In the heat legs swell even in completely healthy people. Unfortunately, this problem affects mostly women. Many of them think that swelling of the feet – is a consequence of excessive fluid intake, in fact, causes of swelling of legs much larger and most of them are not so harmless.

The causes of edema can be both medical and non-medical.

The first group of reasons are the following:

  • problems with the heart and the liver. In this case, along with edema of the legs have the discomfort in the sacrum and lower back, swollen veins and distended the stomach. Most often swollen and sore feet in the heat from people “standing” professions such as hairdressers, sellers, surgeons, etc.;
  • problems with the kidneys. Here swelling of the legs accompanied by swelling of the face;
  • problems with blood vessels.

Medical cause swelling of the legs require investigation and treatment.

But for non-medical reasons that swollen feet are:

  • foot fatigue;
  • the habit of sitting with his legs;
  • pregnancy;
  • heat.

Swollen feet in the heat: how does it happen?

In order to understand how heat affects swelling of the legs, you should remember the school course of anatomy. In the process of circulation there is a saturation of all tissues of the human body with oxygen. Efforts of the heart muscle receives blood to the lower limbs.

Back the blood from the extremities flows due to the special structure of the veins. Available to them if the valves push the blood towards the heart. This process is a normal peripheral circulation.

In the heat circulation is modified in such a way as not to allow overheating of the body.

This happens due to the expansion of blood vessels and then expanded under the influence of heat the veins is not so well carry out blood flow, which leads to the fact that heat is often swollen feet.

In addition, in the heat occurs sweating, and together with then the organism is “leave” and salt, which are so necessary veins. The fact that salt helps the veins to “pull” the blood from the tissues, and a sharp decrease in their number as a result of intensive perspiration leads to stagnation of blood in the extremities.

So, why in the heat, swollen feet, of course. Now we need to understand whether “summer” swelling of the legs alarming.

Dangerous swelling of the legs in the heat?

Experts say that puffiness of lower limbs, triggered by high air temperature – the phenomenon is not only dangerous, but also quite natural. After a certain period of time these types of leg edema disappear on their own, so they require no medical care, nor any specific treatment.

However, concerned that swollen feet in the heat, still worth it, because stagnation of fluid in tissues is an indication that the body has a place of poor circulation and water-salt metabolism.

Do not be afraid and uneven swelling feet in the heat when one of the limb swelling is more pronounced than on the other. This phenomenon can be explained as leg veins (e.g. varicose veins), and it is also considered a normal variant.

Swelling of the legs is a serious concern only in the case that even after the measures taken (massage, rest, compression) it will keep for a long time and be accompanied by other symptoms (pain, redness, swelling of other body parts).

And here sympaty.net already strongly encourages you to learn from the experts, why in the heat, swollen feet. You may need to consult a physician, phlebologist, nephrologist or cardiologist.

How to avoid swollen feet in the heat?

With the onset of summer, many are wondering how to survive the heat (by the way, the site “ToKnow365.top” is the answer to this question), this largely applies to the legs swelling.

So, to protect their feet from swelling in the heat it is quite possible, only should adhere to the following rules:

  • every hot evening after work and even weekend day, you should lie down with legs up, about 15 minutes;
  • if swollen feet in the heat, every summer morning and evening is useful to take a contrast shower, paying special attention to feet. This shower improves blood circulation, excellent “trains” the blood vessels;
  • in the hot season, you should reconsider your diet to exclude spicy, salty and smoked food, as it increases thirst and prevents the withdrawal of fluid from the body.
  • if the heat is constantly swollen feet, you need to change your drinking regime. In the summer the body needs up to 3 liters of water daily. You should prefer natural unsweetened juices, water, acidified with lemon, berry fruit drinks and compotes. This drink quenches thirst, restores electrolyte balance in the body compensates the lack of nutrients and is struggling with hunger. But soda and alcohol will have to give.

Also prevent swelling in the summer heat will help such activities as swimming and water aerobics.

For those who have swollen feet in the heat, aquaaerobics is a salvation.

They are useful because the body gets good exercise, and water, putting pressure on the whole body, prevents the blood vessels to expand, which means that your feet don’t swell. Swimming is useful for the same reason, especially good to swim in salt water.

To combat swelling shows all dynamic sports (of course, in the absence of medical contraindications).

How to remove leg edema without medication?

If preventive measures do not help and you still swollen feet in the heat, try some simple but effective exercises.

  • Alternately press your heel to the floor, trying to lift the toes as high as possible, and Vice versa, holding the sock, to raise high the heel. This exercise both while sitting and standing, enough to spend a few minutes a day.
  • One or two minutes to be like the fingers.
  • Shoes toes try to pick up a small ball or a pencil.
  • Shrinking and as widely as possible to spread his toes.
  • Feet rotary motion (from right to left, then Vice versa).

Medicines against swelling of the legs

Creams and gels vs. swelling of the legs should be used if swelling of the legs cannot be removed in other ways (massage, exercise, rest).

However, before using need to see a doctor and make sure swollen feet in the heat, and not due to disease of the kidneys, liver or heart. Otherwise, these drugs are not only useless, but also can impair health.

Pharmacies are many different gels on the basis of rutin and heparin.

Widely known heparin ointment, troxevasin, lioton gel, assawin-gel etc. have good cooling and analgesic effect, improves blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels of the lower extremities, eliminate microthrombuses and even have anti-inflammatory action.

But if you have swollen feet in the heat, it is not necessary to hope that you purchased the gel once and for all, eliminate swelling of the legs. These drugs only temporarily solve the problem, as it does not have a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Before using any of these drugs should always consult with a doctor!

Traditional treatments swelling feet in the heat

We can not talk about the treatment of swelling feet in the heat, which offers traditional medicine, because in its Arsenal there are many means to eliminate swelling in the legs. However, before you begin to use all sorts of concoctions, lotions and rubbing, you need to make sure that you have no contraindications for home treatment of swollen feet in the heat. This is best done at the doctor’s.

  • Therapeutic baths for those who have swollen and sore feet in the heat:
  • with sea salt (60 g of salt per liter of water) for 15 minutes;
  • sodium chloride (60 g of salt per liter of water) for 15 minutes;
  • with pine extract (40-60 g of extract per liter of water) for 15 minutes;
  • with cold water for 5 minutes (after the bath to massage feet light tweaks);
  • dry mustard (20 g per liter of water) for 10 minutes.
  • Note: all of the baths have a number of contraindications – before use, consult your doctor!

    • Diuretics

    If swollen feet in hot weather, the body needs to help get rid of excess fluid. This is good to use decoctions of Linden flowers, birch leaves and buds, the infusion from the berries and bark of elderberry, horsetail extract.

    • Rubbing

    Chopped head of garlic, pour 200 ml of boiling water, to insist to cool and drain. Gruel to RUB the swollen areas, rinse with cool water after half an hour.

    In the ratio of 1:2 to combine the turpentine with warm castor oil and RUB swollen feet. After to put on your feet cotton socks (compression).

    • Massage

    Performed kneading movements, starting with the big toe, over the calf to the knee and thigh. Relieve fatigue and swelling will help and massage ice cubes, made from decoctions of medicinal herbs.

    Sympaty.net hoped that you now know all about why legs swell in the heat and how to deal with it. Can only advise that you do not forget to rest your feet. As strange as it may sound, but the best relaxation for tired and swollen feet – this evening walk in the fresh air.

    The author – Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

    Swollen feet in the heat – causes, prevention, treatment

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