Syndrome Baba Yaga: how to recognize

“, help me to understand myself. Years go by, and I still can’t build a normal relationship with a man and even more to create a family. Mind and appearance did not seem deprived, not shy, have character, and guys like me don’t notice. So we have to settle for a defective relationship: the love is unrequited, then it faded, and fervent, it is exhausting and tedious, it is tedious to disgust, then I’m jealous and makes a scene, then grovel and beg you not to leave me. Feel flawed. Can yourself make a difference? Thanks in advance, Irina”.

Dear Irina, for this article we dedicate to You and all those women who are unlucky in love, women who do not love themselves! Today we tell about a dangerous illness – the syndrome of Baba Yaga and how to correctly diagnose it.

Women who don’t love themselves

They are easy to find – look them deeply sad, smile — forced, head down, shoulders stooped, the gait is shuffling. These women are not lucky with men, they are often abandoned and betrayed. His dislike for themselves they repel men, through their unbelief in themselves and that they deserve more – they bring tears and humiliation.

Fear leads these women – the fear of losing one (which is why they cling even to unworthy men), the fear that they will betray; the fear that they will be thrown. Therefore, they are humiliated, they beg and overstep selves, they please men, they turn at their nannies and slaves. If only they didn’t leave, not only deprived of their love, but would have been happy with them.

These women are victims, victims of a bad relationship to ourselves, hostage dislike to him. It is because, under the onslaught of emotions and impulses, fears they constantly make mistakes and make their relationship far from perfect.

How to recognize the syndrome of Baba Yaga?

If you are constantly afraid: afraid to lose her man, I’m afraid not to please him and displease, I’m afraid to get bored and become a nuisance, if it’s fear that drives you to all sorts of crazy things, like rolling hysterics (it’s pathetic), or fawn and to try to please all his whims (in order to persuade and to convince him), if you notice clear signs of discontent among his men and the deterioration of these relations, if all your actions cause absolutely opposite of the intended reaction can be sure, you are sick with a terrible syndrome – the syndrome of Baba Yaga.

The experience of one of my closest friends know what it’s like. Fear of losing her beloved, she tried to do for him and their relationship is something “useful” and “necessary”, something that would force him to be with her! She had made a foolish behavior, she broke the relationship and the feelings that the man felt for her. Trying to bring it to a serious conversation perceived another female on a whim, all her questions – a sign of limitless stupidity, all its actions – a desire to annoy and irritate.

And she had tried for him – cooked and cleaned, washed and looked after, waited and worried. But one day, after another scandal and the requests not to get his eternal calling and control, she realized that she is absolutely wrong. She realized that living in constant fear (largely contrived by herself), otraslyam her entire life. And she decided to stop being afraid, because fear does not have to lead the life.

Yeah, it wasn’t easy: to realize, to understand, to overcome, but after she began to just live and enjoy the relationship, she began to do things simply because SHE wanted it, just because she is nice, and it worked. And you know what? Since then, her family reigns harmony and tranquillity, she calmed down, opened love and the beloved opened up a whole new side – confident, self-sufficient, trusting and, most importantly, appreciating it, and not afraid to lose.

Another example of the classic syndrome of Baba Yaga – women not respecting themselves as Women.

Another friend of mine, getting acquainted with men, having with them some pleasant evenings, starts to panic and does everything to deter them – constantly calling, takes questions, insists at the next meeting. Naturally that men are frightening and alarming behavior. They don’t want to be with a woman who so openly imposes itself. And she’s just afraid that any man will disappear…

Ie again fear! Fear attracts negativity and results in life in the most horrific manifestations. After all, what we most fear will happen, if you think about it constantly. Negativity attracts negativity — this is the law, unfortunately.

Another manifestation of the syndrome dislike to him — the problem of personal ineffectiveness — the woman all is well only when with her man. As soon as he appears in her life, all her starts laditsya, she’s prettier, weseley and grief do not know.

But why? What you can do well before the advent of man? The answer is simple – for her to pereodevatsya and straineth there was no reason, there was no need to cook, make repairs, and rest. Because she doesn’t like itself, and sees no reason to improve their lives. The purpose of life is to find a man who can do it all. She is constantly in search. And when he finds “the one”, then trying to keep him and, alas, often loses.

Driven by the fear to lose such a long-awaited goal in life, she is ready for everything in order to HE was beside her. And because do not pay attention to bad feelings about yourself, humiliation, and insults, well, rudeness and dislike.

Another one of my friends for many years waiting for offers of marriage from her boyfriend. She puts up with – and ridiculous excuses and requests to wait, and just plain “frost”. Any attempt to open her eyes to the present state of things it rejects. So we have to watch on the sidelines how bright and confident girl she becomes sederhana and do not believe in the creation.

And this becomes very sad. After all, the guy is just asserting itself at its expense, realizing how important this is to her, he’s pulling her strings, playing and blackmailing. And she you just need to look at ourselves, to understand and to send it!!! Because she deserves more, she deserves love and respect, not the status of “the chief ornaments” of mediocrity and nothing representing a man.


Unfortunately, many women do not pay attention to the bad attitude, they are ready on everything if only there was a man, and let him not good enough and imperfect, the main thing he is there, and there is someone to wash my socks.

These women are deeply unhappy, deep down they are convinced that you deserve the best, and this belief pushes them with worthless creatures.

Not all are able to diagnose in ourselves the syndrome of Baba Yaga, not all have the courage to see him, to recognize and to eradicate. But those who do, fundamentally changing my life. So once it changed I ?


Dear Irina, You and all the other girls suffering because of lack of love to yourself, I can give this advice: make fear your ally. He appeared not just so, and so, the subconscious mind seeks to tell you that something is not right, that life needs to change.

And if you don’t cut it, if you let fear get to its essence – a normal relationship to build and you will not succeed. The man will feel your fear and it will sooner or later force him to leave.

Author – Yulia Maximenko, website – Beautiful and Successful

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