Syoss syoss: what to do with unruly curls

““, I need your help. The fact that my hair pushatsya. In winter the head is similar to dandelion. And when the outside humidity is high, if not a lot to be desired: curly messy strands sticking out in different directions.

Teach me how to properly care for fluffy hair and how to style it. I’d like to get straight and smooth hair without using irons and without resorting to chemical straightening ? thanks in Advance, World.”

Dear Light, we are unable to circumvent your request party. First, a similar problem applies to many girls. And secondly, at the time, personally I successfully solved it ? that is why today all of us women’s website the answer to your question “hair pushatsya: what to do?”

How to remove fly-away hair?

First, a little theory. In fact, the shape of the hair (wavy/curly and smooth) depends on their internal structure. The same structure also affects the distribution of moisture hair. And if it is not evenly distributed, there is a notorious nasty fuzz.

Another reason excessive of fluffy hair is Curling hair. And all hair types (even the most direct) are twisted during the growth.

And, therefore, our paramount task is to:

  • wet the hair,
  • relaxation of relations in their core
  • the achievement of uniformity.

Thus, we can remove fly-away hair, taking away the Shine from our hair and gives them extra volume (not always desired). As well as enlarging small curls or even get away from them if it’s unkempt waves or very large unruly curl.

If you are not fundamental, absolute smoothness, or if your hair type allows you not to use to align the irons, it will be enough to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Good and competent care (well-chosen cosmetics: shampoos, conditioners, masks, conditioners, rinses).
  • Natural drying instead of the dryer.
  • The use of indelible means (leave-in): creams, fluids, gels, potions and lotions, — their selection is huge.
  • It is important to focus on your hair type — the finer the hair, the easier it should be product.

    We can’t recommend you any particular tool, because on different hair these products behave differently. To name just a few: leave-in serum Super Skinny Serum smoothes lines from Paul Mitchell, smoothing care for dry hair out of the line Liss Ultime L’oreal Professionnel, Straightening and polishing lotion Sexy Hair, Serum from Paul Mitchell.

    If you have the most common hair texture (not curly, but not straight), then such product should not be much (otherwise he is either not fit, or just poor quality). Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the weight of the hair. Because you need light and neat curlsand not greasy drooping icicles.

    Note: do not forget about the rules of application of means on care of hair: on pressed or slightly damp hair, only on the length of the hair with indentations from the roots of not less than 2 cm.

    4. Selection of the air conditioner, masks, shampoo. If for some reason you do not want to use a permanent remedy, then you will approach the conditioning (Keune Ultimate Control Conditioner, and Matrix smoothing conditioner, Smoothing Conditioner Lanza) and smoothing mask (Revlon Lisso Look, Oleo-relax from Kerastase, Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat).

    Note: If you are using a rinse-off hair treatments, then the most important thing – time. Highlight on his head a couple of minutes after shampooing, otherwise it will have absolutely no meaning.

    Important: before applying wash means you need a good squeeze hair or dry them with a towel.

    And don’t push too high hopes for the shampoo. He first must match the type of the scalp, not the hair. Therefore smoothing shampoo (Revlon Lissolook, shampoo, bath Oleo-Relax, Goldwell Kerasilk Ultra Rich Care Kerastase) can be applied only in cases, if you have no problems (excessive sensitivity of the scalp, oiliness, dandruff).

    Note: advice on the selection of means on care of hair is only one — to try. Only by experience you’ll be able to find a suitable your hair product.

    Hair pushatsya. Little tricks from

    And now a couple of tips on drying and hair care:

    • Use a wooden comb
    • After washing, just lightly blot hair with a towel.
    • Dry your hair naturally. In extreme cases (when you need very quickly to meet) – the dryer only cold air, not swinging them, but simply lifting the curls and drying with the very roots of the hair.
    • Not raschesyvaemost after drying. In an extreme case, a rare comb.
    • In the case of using indelible means with silicone periodically wash your hair the deep cleansing shampoos, the silicone is not accumulated in the hair scales.

    The order of execution of the styling is this:

  • drying the hair.
  • the application of the primary product for smoothing (cream styling Wella Professionals Leave it long, two-phase cocktail styling Silky sunrise L’oreal Professionnnel, Osis Magic anti-frizz serum Schwarzkopf Professional, Finest oil non oil by Davines).
  • brushing (blow dry with round brush),
  • smoothing dry lush hair with special products for Shine (easy care Paul Mitchell Gloss drops, cream mousse L’oreal Professionnel Pearl splash, gloss spray “Shine” Davines, elixir Oleo relax from Kerastase).
  • additional fixation with protection from moisture (Spray Redken Headset 25, Sexy Hair Frizz Eliminator from the line of Silky Hair, Paul Mitchell Finishing Spray, Veil-lock Oleo-relax Kerastase).
  • The stages can be interchanged or completely ignore. For example, if you use a leave-in product, most likely we can do this without applying basic styling.

    Your care — this is the basis for smoothing.

    Less, of course, possible to dispense with the smoothing already dried hair. And fixation are often needed in the wet season.

    So, ladies, beware of scams, it is not necessary to invent required in the performance of daily rituals ?

    Syoss syoss: what to do. Folk remedies
    Lemon mask

    Perfectly removes frizz to leave your hair smooth and shiny, and, most importantly, treats (loss, dehydration, fading).

    Ingredients: lemon, water.

    Method of preparation: squeeze the juice of one lemon into a glass, drain it. Then add to juice equal amount of plain water.

    Method of application: wash your hair (shampoo, conditioner/balm), gently apply the mask (avoid eyes) for the whole length of the hair. Do not rinse.

    Honey mask

    Another remedy for fluffy hair. Hair becomes smooth as silk after the first use.

    Composition: honey.

    Method of use: in the evening, wash your hair, apply a honey (throughout the length), cover your head with cellophane and towel, then go to bed . For the full effect mask should be kept on the hair for at least 8 hours.

    In the morning, rinse honey.

    Mask based on burdock oil

    Method of application: please RUB the head, gently massage, heated in a water bath burdock (10-15 minutes), then comb to distribute the mask throughout the hair, cover your head with cellophane and towel (to keep 1-2 hours), wash and rinse hair with the lemon water (so the hair will not pagernet quickly).

    You can also rinse hair with a decoction of hops or burdock.

    And finally

    I really hope that our recommendations will help You Light and also the other girls suffering from excessive splendor of the hair. Remember, the main thing is proper care, timely problem solving, and self-love. After all, if nature given you curly hair, it is foolish to fight it (realized this on my own experience ? ).

    Learn to capitalize on their hair. It’s cool, when today, you can straighten the hair, and the next day curl them elastic and beautiful curls. Our head primarily valued tidiness. And then color, smoothness and length.

    Beautiful, healthy and naukasana ? you hair!

    Author – Yulia Maximenko, site

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